Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave?

Bissell Crosswave is an all-in-one multi-floor cleaner that can immaculately clean hardwood, tiles, vinyl, laminate, etc. But can you vacuum the carpet with Bissell Crosswave?

You may not know, but the Bissell Crossway is the most versatile cleaner that can be used both as a vacuum and a mop. Also, all its significant features come at a meager cost, so if you are planning to go for a multi-purpose cleaner at a very affordable price, then this is the best option present in the market.

But wait, you are unsure if it is safe for your carpet, right? To know that and many such questions, we will provide you with a detailed analysis here, one by one.

So, let’s get started!

Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave

What Is Bissell Crosswave?

What Is Bissell Crosswave And Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave?

Bissell Crosswave is a two-in-one dual tank cleaner that helps sweep and wash the floor with its wet and dry cleaning. With this, it is capable of handling several floors at a time with a single spin of the mode button.

That means, now, you don’t have to buy different vacuums and mop as the cleaner itself can do these tasks at very short time that you might not think of!

If you think we are done with its features counting, then you are wrong, as it’s not over yet. So, sit back and learn about the other features of Bissell Crosswave.

  1. The Bissell Crosswave cleaner strings the water when it glides across the floor.
  2. Its brush roller can clean every stubborn stain out of the flooring.
  3. It is lightweight and easier to handle than other cleaner options.
  4. BISSELL® CrossWave® Cordless has a Battery LED light display that shows the status of the cleaner.
  5. You can easily handle the dials present in this cleaner.
  6. Bissell Crosswave is super flexible and can be easily cleaned after your sweeping process is over.

Considering all these amazing features, you can surely make Bissell Crosswave part of your cleaning routine.

Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave?

Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave

The answer to this question is simply yes!

This resourceful machine is made for both hard and soft floors, so you just have to switch the mode while you are shifting from one flooring to another.

If you are assuming how it works on the rug, then here is a brief about it!

While using Bissell Crosswave on the carpets, the brush roll present in it lifts the dirt and grime, and at the same time, the vacuum suction removes that grime from the rug. Doesn’t it sound great?

Hence, we can say that it’s a great choice for you and every household which has an extra busy environment.

Can You Use Bissell Crosswave For Deep Cleaning?

Can You Use Bissell Crosswave For Deep Cleaning

We have already discussed that you can use Bissell Crosswave cleaner as a vacuum and a mop. And this simply means that you can use this cleaner to give a deep clean to any flooring.

Now, you might think whether this deep cleaning would be safe for my carpet or not. Then the answer is a big yes because its rollers are as gentle on the carpet’s fiber as a mop you use.

Besides this, this cleaner tackles even the toughest pet spills and stains, like spilled food and muddy paw prints, with its power HydroSteam® Technology.

How To Use Bissell Crosswave?

How To Use Bissell Crosswave

It is the most straightforward task to use the Bissell Crosswave cleaner, and it’s even easier to assemble it. Because surprisingly, Bissell Crosswave comes with its parts assembled, so you just need to fit a few parts together to get it ready for use. And for this, you have to apply three simple steps:

  1. Slide the handle towards the cleaner’s body until you hear a clicking sound.
  2. Fill the clean water tank with water and Bissell solution, considering the mark given in the container.
  3. Slide the tank to the back of the machine to fix it in its place.

Now, coming to the main step, and that is using the Bissell Crosswave to clean the carpet. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Plug in the cleaner and choose the rug setting in the mode dial.
  2. After this, press the power button and recline the machine to start it.
  3. To your knowledge, the roller will start spinning when your cleaner is switched on.
  4. Hold the trigger up for 10 seconds to prime your machine.
  5. After this, pull the trigger to disperse the Bissell solution with water on the rug.
  6. Then, hold the trigger down to give simultaneous wet and dry strokes to your carpet.
  7. By this, you can vacuum and wash the carpet at the same time.
  8. After cleaning, set your machine for a self-cleaning cycle and then empty the dirty water into the sink.
  9. Clean the Bissell Crosswave tanks and roller and let it dry for a few minutes before assembling again.

How To Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave?

How To Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave

For this, you just have to avoid adding water and solution to the clean water tank. Because the machine roller will automatically detach all the dirt from the carpet when you pass over the rug by keeping it on. To get this powerful cleaning,

  1. First, check the condition of the roller; if it is highly soiled, then grab the front part of the roll and pull it up to remove it. After this, clean the roller with fresh water and use the Bissell solution or the homemade Bissell carpet cleaner solution.
  2. Set back the roller and place the cleaner on the rug before starting it to clean.
  3. Switch to the rug mode and press the power button to turn on the machine.
  4. Drag the cleaner in forward and backward directions until the carpet is completely clean.
  5. Stop the brush rollers and stand the machine when the cleaning is over.

Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave? | Conclusion:

Bissell Crosswave is a multi-functional cleaner, so it’s right to ask, “Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave?” if you don’t want to spoil the soft and delicate fabric of your rug.

But after knowing the answer to it, make this a part of your home cleaning equipment and reduce your time & effort while cleaning. People even tried to clean grout using this tool, but can you clean grout using carpet cleaner?

Can You Vacuum Carpet With Bissell Crosswave? | FAQ’S:

How long does it take to dry the carpet after using Bissell Crosswave?

Your carpet will take 2 to 4 hours to dry after giving a deep clean with Bissell Crosswave. To fasten this drying, hang the carpet under the sun or switch on big fans while giving ventilation to your room.

Can I use Fabuloso in Bissell Crosswave?

Yes, you can use Fabuloso in Bissel Crosswave by pouring it into the clean water tank determining the maximum line.

How many times should I go over stains while cleaning the carpet?

You can trigger up the cleaner and then leave it to give two wet and dry strokes simultaneously. After this, check your rug once; if it is still not clean then repeat the same until you see the results.

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