Can You Clean Grout With A Carpet Cleaner?

You might have wondered if you can use carpet cleaners on different floorings or not, then here is a demonstration for it. Because today, we are going to check that. Can you clean grout with a carpet cleaner? Or will it end up damaging the machine?

It’s a complicated question to ask for, isn’t it? Because no matter what part of the room it is, grout is everywhere on a floor with tile. So what can be done?

To find it out, let’s dig into the topic!

Can You Clean Grout With A Carpet Cleaner

What Is Grout?

What Is Grout

Grout is a dense fluid adhesive that is used to fill gaps between flooring, such as tile. It generally comprises water, sand, and cement, which all together form highly water-resistant and uniform-colored material.

So, if it is prepared to fill the void only, why do we need to clean it?

This is because of the high porosity of grout, due to which it quickly absorbs dirt, spills, and grease. So, by cleaning it, you are keeping the gaps of your tiles looking the same as the color of the whole flooring and preventing it from colored patches or staining.

Can You Clean Grout With A Carpet Cleaner?

Can You Clean Grout With A Carpet Cleaner

You might have used vinegar, baking soda, detergent, or dishwashing liquid to rub on grout. Because technically, this is the only way that can unsoil the tile and grout without damaging it.

But what if I tell you that there is a more robust and easy way than rubbing?

Well, yes, you read that right. And that way is using a carpet cleaner because it not only banishes pet stains or spills but can also clean other surfaces including grout.

Can All Carpet Cleaners Clean Grout?

Can All Carpet Cleaners Clean Grout

Both carpets and tiles are different from each other and are even more different in terms of material. So, it is not valid to say if all carpet cleaners can clean grout without causing damage. However, to experiment you can try vacuuming with the Bissell Crosswave machine.

This is because carpet cleaners are specially designed to unsoil rugs by flushing high-pressure water with a solution over them and have a rotating brush to lift the filth and grime from its place.

While this is great for carpets, it can be too harsh for grout and tile floors. So, instead of using that, you can opt for some portable units, such as truck-mount cleaners with high pressure of around 550 psi or more.


The answer to “Can You Clean Grout With A Carpet Cleaner?” totally depends upon the quality of cleaner you are using. So snap up a Resolve Foam Carpet Cleaner Solution for a thorough cleaning and make your tiles look glossy and lustrous.

However, if you are skeptical about using chemicals on your carpet, then you can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean the grout. But you have to be extra careful while using the solution as hydrogen has bleaching properties. This leads us to a million-dollar question: Does Hydrogen peroxide Bleach Carpet?


What solution should I use in a carpet cleaner to clean grout?

You can use your regular carpet solution on grout, and if you find it too filthy, then add two parts of baking soda into one part of water for cleaning.

Can carpet cleaners rip off grout from the tile's intersections?

Ripping off of grout totally depends upon what cleaner you are using on it. For safe cleaning, you can use a truck mount cleaner with a resolve foam solution.

What should I avoid on grout?

You should avoid harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleaching powder on grout, as they can lead to discoloration and could also remove the grout from its place.

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