How To Get Hot Sauce Out Of Carpet?

Hot sauce can be a spicy touch for any happy meal. But if it spills on the carpet, it can be the biggest nightmare, just like BBQ sauce or ketchup, leaving stubborn stains and unpleasant odors behind it. However, with the right approach to cleaning, you can deal with such a spill, but once it is dried in its place, then perhaps it may need your blood, sweat, and tears to clean. Now the question is, “How To Get Hot Sauce Out Of Carpet?” especially when it’s dry.

Let’s find out!

How To Get Hot Sauce Out Of Carpet

Tips To Follow Before You Start Cleaning

Tips To Follow Before You Start Cleaning

Hot sauce can leave a dark stain. And if you have a light-colored rug, then this stain can be worse than your expectation. That is why you need to follow a systematic cleaning routine, whether you use a professional cleaner or a DIY cleaning solution.

If you are opting for any DIY cleaning method, make sure that the solution you use does not harm your rug fibers. For this, you can first check the mixture in an inconspicuous part of the rug and then move further for cleaning.

Also, follow the complete instructions while preparing the solution so that you do not end up leaving a colorful patch even after cleaning.

Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need

Cleaning Supplies You'll Need

Before you start your hot sauce cleanup project, collect all the cleaning equipment in advance. By doing this, you can save yourself from creating a mess or running to the market to grab any particular tools during the cleaning process.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vacuum
  • A Dull Knife, or Spoon
  • Microfiber Cloth, Paper Towel, or Sponge
  • Soft-Bristled Brush
  • Stain Remover Solution

How To Get Hot Sauce Out Of Carpet?

The first step for cleaning the hot sauce from the carpet is addressing it immediately. This is because the longer the sauce sits, the deeper it will get into carpet fibers and backing spores. Also, once it is sucked up by backing, then it will be more challenging for you to deal with it without the help of professionals.

Here’s what you need to do!

Step 1: Remove The Hot Sauce Excess

Remove The Hot Sauce Excess

Scoop up the sauce and the solid spilled on the carpet and gently rinse it with cold water. Make sure to use a spoon or any loose knife for this step because a sharp one can rip off your rug fibers.

To rinse the stained portion, you can use a damp microfiber towel and blot the stain with it. Be gentle while doing this, and remember to work in the inward direction so that you do not spread the sauce marks in nearby sections of your wall-to-wall.

One of the biggest advantages of this step is that blotting the red sauce stain will squeeze out excess hot sauce even if it is attached to the backing.

Step 2: Apply The Solution

For this step, you can either buy a commercial carpet cleaning solution or prepare one as a DIY project. Commercial carpet cleaning solutions may contain some harmful chemicals, which is why you should check their composition and ask the retailer to know if it is safe for your rug material or not.

If you are opting for a homemade solution, then be precise about the quantity of the mixture. This is because a few cleaning agents have acetic properties, which can give dull or stiff patches on your wall-to-wall.

Solution 1: Apply Dishwashing Liquid

Apply Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid is the most common cleaning essential for every household. This is due to its non-toxic nature, which is gentle both on the skin and the material on which you use it.

However, it is designed for dish cleaning, but this highly efficient product can eliminate any grime or stain, whether it is on soft flooring like carpet. To get the perfect clean result,

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in 2 cups of warm water.
  2. Grab a sponge or microfiber towel and soak it up in the solution.
  3. Now, blot the hot sauce stain with the towel.
  4. Apply a little pressure while blotting so that the solution sets deep into fibers and blasts out hot sauce.
  5. Check the stain. If it’s still there, then repeat the sponging step until the hot sauce mark disappears.
  6. Rinse the towel with clean water to remove the solution and sauce excess. You can use a clean, damp towel for this step to avoid over-wetting the rug.

Solution 2: Apply Vinegar Solution

Apply Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a colorless organic compound that can loose any dirt, grime, or grease from a base. This is due to the acetic nature of vinegar! But due to this property, you should be attentive while creating a vinegar solution and apply it to a hidden part of your rug first.

If the solution causes any discoloration, then perhaps this method is not suitable for your rug type. If not, then you are definitely good to go with a DIY vinegar solution!

Here’s how you can prepare this all-purpose cleaners solution:

  1. Add 50% vinegar to 50% of water and pour it into a spray bottle.
  2. Shake the bottle to mix the solution well and sprinkle it on the stained part of the carpet.
  3. Wait for a few minutes to let vinegar sit, and then blot it with a damp towel.
  4. Apply a little pressure while blotting to blast out the solution, and hot sauce remains.
  5. Wipe the stain with a clean towel and check if the stain has vanished or not.
  6. If not, then repeat the process until the stain gradually starts to disappear.

Solution 3: Use Cornstarch

Use Cornstarch

Corn starch is typically used for cleaning windows and glasses and polishing silver, but surprisingly, it can also be used to remove a greasy and stinky stain, such as hot sauce, from the carpet.

Cornstarch will not only eliminate the hot sauce marks but also neutralize the foul odor that came along with the spill. To use this cleaner on your carpet,

  1. Sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch directly on the carpet to cover the stained part completely.
  2. Let the starch sit for 20 to 30 minutes, and then wipe it up with a clean microfiber cloth.
  3. Rinse the carpet with a damp, clean towel and squeeze it a bit to remove stains from the baking.
  4. Wipe the rug with a clean towel and check if the hot sauce stain has been completely removed or not. If not, then repeat the complete cleaning procedure again.

Step 3: Dry And Deodorize The Carpet

Dry And Deodorize The Carpet

Once the stain vanishes, let the carpet dry under the sun or ventilate your room to allow the air to flow inside. Also, ensure that your carpet is completely dried before walking over it. This is because a wet rug traps dirt easily and grows molds and mildew over time.

Even after cleaning, if you smell the hot sauce left behind, then use a commercial deodorizing spray or sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda and let it sit for a few hours or overnight.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly after deodorizing so that the baking soda remains swept up and you get your carpet in pristine condition.

Can A Professional Cleaner Remove Hot Sauce Stains?

Can A Professional Cleaner Remove Hot Sauce Stains

If you have a busy household where you can’t make time for DIY cleaning, then you can definitely hire a carpet cleaning professional.

An expert will employ a carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner in the stubborn hot sauce stain and apply deodorizing treatments if needed.

You can also rent a carpet or steam cleaner or use one if you already have it in your home. If you are opting for stain cleaning with any of these cleaners, then remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so that you do not mess up the cleaning project by spreading sauce marks on other parts of the rug.

Wrapping Up

Do not let a spill spoil your carpet, whether it is of ketchup, wine, or hot sauce!

So, if you have spilled hot sauce on your beloved wall-to-wall and wonder, “How To Get Hot Sauce Out Of Carpet?” then take a moment and check the amount of spill.

Also, find out a carpet cleaning solution that can help you in a hot sauce cleaning project, or contact a professional if you are unsure about the safety of your wall-to-wall fibers.


Is the stain of the hot sauce permanent on the carpet?

No, the hot sauce stain is not permanent on the carpet if you act fast for its clean-up. However, this sauce can leave a light patch even after cleaning, but if you use the right procedure and cleaning agents like vinegar solution or dishwashing liquid, then the stain will vanish in no time.

Is a hot sauce spill harmful to the carpet?

Any stain can be harmful to the carpet if not cleared on time. So, if you have spilled hot sauce on your beloved wall-to-wall, then act quickly to apply a cleaning procedure before the spill develops allergens and attracts carpet beetles and pests.

How do you clean dried hot sauce stains from the carpet?

To clean the dried hot sauce stain, you can apply a vinegar solution after adding it to an equal amount of water. Also, you can use dishwashing liquid if you are not sure about the safety of the vinegar solution.

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