Are Vax Carpet Cleaners Any Good?

You surely have gone for a complete home cleaning compilation once in your life and have noticed how difficult it is to remove dirt or stains from untouched regions. The same goes for carpet because most of its area is covered with furniture. But, are Vax carpet cleaners any good to make this task simple?

Let’s find out!

Are Vax Carpet Cleaners Any Good

About Vax Carpet Cleaner

About Vax Carpet Cleaner

According to the official site, the story of Vax began in 1977, when Droitwich native Alan Brazier created the first domestic vacuum cleaner. After this, they maintained their 40-year legacy with a wide range of upright, cordless, and cylinder vacuum cleaners.

Now, Vax carpet cleaner has become a leading floorcare specialist in Britain and has gained the trust of its customers with its perfect cleaning result.

Vax Cleaner Products Review

Vax Cleaner Products Review

The Vac Carper Cleaner company claims that the Vax Compact Power Carpet Cleaner can treat most high-traffic areas and everyday stains well with its light and compact carpet washing system.

Another prominent product of the Vax range is the VAX Platinum Power Max Carpet Washer, which is equipped with an XL Antimicrobial Aqua Spin Brushbar. It gives antimicrobial treatment to a rug and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi while eradicating stains.

If you are looking for a cleaner that can disinfect your home, then Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner is your destination. It is the most effective carpet cleaner, which can remove over 99% of bacteria from the carpet fibers. 

And if you are considerate about your budget, then the Vax Platinum SpotWasher Carpet Cleaner is your best choice. It can kill bacterial and small spills effectively, leaving a spotless rug.

All these qualities of Vax have made it a favorite choice for many consumers and given it a place among irreplaceable household cleaning equipment.

Are Vax Carpet Cleaners Any Good?

Are Vax Carpet Cleaners Any Good

Vax carpet cleaner is known for providing technologically advance products that can obliterate the most significant messy moments with ease.

Now, considering the situation we discussed at the start of this article, is Vax carpet cleaner qualified to clean the toughest stain aggregated underneath furniture?

Then the answer is yes: Vax carpet cleaner can eliminate any stain, whether it be a small stain or the toughest one. Due to this, you can give it a space in your cleaning routine, as it is a good choice in all aspects.

Are Vax Carpet Cleaners Easy To Use?

Are Vax Carpet Cleaners Easy To Use

Banishing stubborn stains is a time-consuming mission, and when it comes to its execution, it’s evident that people turn a deaf ear to it. But what if you can achieve the same spotless result with less effort?

Well, this is possible if you have a Vax carpet cleaner!

Because this cleaner has simple execution features that automatically mix and dispense water and solution and is easy to handle while giving wet and dry strokes to your carpet. Hence, you don’t have to make several settings to prepare the cleaner before using it.

How To Use Vax Carpet Cleaner?

While talking about the execution of spotless cleaning, it’s important to consider the method of how to use Vax cleaner. But, before getting into that, let’s first discuss how you can make some initial arrangements and then make your cleaner ready to wash.

Make Initial Arrangements

Make Initial Arrangements

Initial arrangements will clean your carpet from dry debris, so take your time with it, and don’t skip it at any cost. To execute this,

  1. Clean the carpet thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dry filths and food remains.
  2. After this, remove all the small furniture to another room and glide the large one from one corner to another while cleaning.
  3. Do not switch on the fans while vacuuming, as air blows will make it difficult to remove all dry debris in one go.

Prepare Vax carpet cleaner

Prepare Vax carpet cleaner

You can’t directly jump into cleaning, right? First, you have to arrange every part of your cleaner and fill in the solution before plugging it on. So, to accomplish this arrangement,

  1. Remove the clean water tank from the cleaner by pressing the release button.
  2. Now, open the solution cap in an anti-clockwise direction and fill in the Vax carpet cleaner solution.
  3. Place the solution cap back into place and then twist the water tank cap in a clockwise direction to remove it.
  4. Fill the clean water tank with warm water upto the mark in the tank.
  5. While filling, ensure water is not more than 40 degrees Celsius.
  6. Now, twist the cap back into place tightly and fit the tank back onto the cleaner.
  7. You will hear a clicking sound when the tank is fixed in its place.
  8. After this, twist the wash & rinse dial and set it to wash.
  9. Plug in the cleaner and step on the pedal to switch on the cleaner. 
  10. Now, turn the dial present along the pedal to deep or quick wash.

Clean your carpet

Clean your carpet

During your cleaning process, remember to go at a normal pace so you don’t spill too much water in a single stroke. For this,

  1. Press the recline pedal to lean the handle backward and then move forward while squizzing the trigger to give wet strokes.
  2. After this, release the trigger and move backward to give a dry stroke to the same place.
  3. If your carpet has a few tough stains, press the boost and solution trigger together to release more water and solution.
  4. Continue the process until you cover the whole carpet, and then remove the dirty water tank to empty it in the sink.
  5. Now, turn the carpet dial to rinse mode and give clean water strokes to your carpet without a solution.
  6. By this, you will easily blast out filth and solution while leaving your carpet completely clean.
  7. Dry your carpet for a few hours under the sun and then place it back in its place.

Can Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner Eradicate Pet Hairs?

Can Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner Eradicate Pet Hairs

This is a valid question because while taking the UK’s best carpet cleaner into note, it’s essential to consider the most challenging cleaning situation, such as pet hairs.

Those who have pets in their home suffer from this problem a lot. So, choosing the right carpet cleaner is essential for them because a single wrong choice can leave their home filthy until they replace their cleaner completely.

Surprisingly, the Vax Platinum Carpet Cleaner can effectively eradicate pet hairs too without leaving entangled remains in the vacuum section of the cleaner.

But it does not mean you can leave the cleaner without worrying about the hairs after cleaning because they are still in the cleaner until you remove them.

For this, remove the front panel of the cleaner and clean it thoroughly. After this, clean the dirty water tank and other parts of the cleaner and store it in a pristine place.


It’s only possible to get the correct answer to “Are Vax Carpet Cleaners Any Good?” after using it and seeing the results. Because every household suffers from different levels of filth, to know if it meets all your requirements or not, you have to give it a try by adding it to your home cleaning products.

Cleaning a carpet is not an easy process, and ‘Is carpet better than hardwood‘ might have crossed your mind, too. However, using a few right tools can solve this of your problem.


How long does the carpet take to dry after cleaning with Vax carpet cleaner?

Normally, a carpet takes 6 to 10 hours to dry after cleaning. But if you use Vax carpet cleaner over it, then your rug will be utterly unmoistened within 1 to 2 hours.

Can I put cold water in the Vax carpet cleaner?

According to Vax carpet cleaner user instructions, you can only use warm water (max 40 degrees Celsius) in the clean water tank of Vax cleaner.

Can I use detergent in the Vax carpet cleaner?

You can use detergent in the Vax carpet cleaner, but for an immaculate result, we suggest you to use the Vax carpet cleaner solution for cleaning.

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