How To Remove Black Burn Marks From Carpet?

In a life full of stress and rush, it’s normal to have accidents, whether it be a small one, such as spilling coffee on a carpet, or a big one that includes black burn marks on your rug. But if such a mishap comes off, it’s important to know how to deal with it. And how to remove black burn marks from carpet?

Such accidents can be caused by anything, such as a dropped iron, a burning candle, or a mishap in the kitchen. But while you come across one, tackling these marks promptly and effectively is crucial.

Don’t worry because we’ve brought a complete guide on how you can fix it and restore your carpet to its former glory.

How To Remove Black Burn Marks From Carpet

Points To Remember

Before jumping into what you should do, let’s first discuss what you should avoid the most. Because whether you do it by yourself or call professionals for this burn fixing, your ultimate goal is to return your carpet to its former good condition. Keeping this in your mind,

  1. Don’t rub the mark repeatedly, as you can call a more serious mishap, such as ripping the carpet’s fiber off or protruding the soot along nearby regions.
  2. Do not let your children or pets over the burned area, especially if your carpet is made up of synthetic fiber such as nylon. Because once such fabric ignites, the fabric starts melting.
  3. Do not deluge your carpet with water or solution because whether you fix your carpet burn or not, you will give rise to another big trouble, that is, unnecessary carpet brimming, which is hard to clean.

How To Remove Black Burn Marks From Carpet?

How To Remove Black Burn Marks From Carpet

Such accidents can be a big deal while trying to pull out all the stops and maintain a work-life balance because it is predicted that fixing such burn is an exhausting and excessively time-consuming assignment.

But it’s better late than never, especially when you can’t lose the aesthetic and warm feel of your flooring, right? So, to put your rug back into good shape, you can use a quick fix and permanent professional fix method.

Let’s look at them one by one!

Tools Required

  • Scissor or Razor
  • Tweezer
  • Super Glue
  • Comb
  • Fabric Paint

Quick Way To Restore Carpet Burns

Quick Way To Restore Carpet Burns

When you tend to modify a few minor burns, and you don’t have spare time to get down to the last detail, then instead of goofing off, you can use this quick-fix method. For this,

  1. Loosen up the burnt fibers with the help of tweezers, and then take a small scissor to cut away scorched carpet fibers.
  2. Pull a small fragment of charred fiber to its maximum extent for this cutaway.
  3. Make sure to start from the corner of the burnt region.
  4. Apply contact cement or super glue to the base of the burned spot.
  5. Now, snip the same fabric from the inconspicuous part of the carpet and paste it over in a way that covers the opening well.
  6. If the burn is too small, then compress the replacement fibers together and press them firmly along the gap.
  7. Put a heavy weight on the repair for 24 hours or more until the glue does not dry completely.
  8. Remove the wight and recheck the region; if it has extra exposed or unpicked fibers, chop it with scissors to finish.
  9. You can also use fabric paint if the repaired part does not match the carpet satisfactorily.


  1. During the chopping process, make sure not to cut un-effected fibers.
  2. Do not use extra sharp equipment to loose the carpet.

Methods That Works Best On Every Carpet Burns

Methods That Works Best On Every Carpet Burns

A permanent fix is always better than a temporary one, and to make it a one for your carpet:

  1. Cut out the burned area with a sharp scissor or a razor or use a Stanley knife to cut the carpet in a square or rectangular shape. 
  2. Slash out a section of carpet from a hidden area having the same shape as the burnt template. 
  3. You can use the carpet region behind or under the furniture, such as a couch, closet, etc.
  4. You can also buy a similar sample from the market if you can’t find any in an inconspicuous region easily.
  5. Paste glue on the slashed region and new cut out, then fix it neatly over the gap.
  6. Leave the patch for 24 hours to fix it tightly in its place.
  7. Once fixed, use a comb to blend the fibers well and then rip off loose or extra large fiber with a small scissor.

Method To Fix Slash Heater Or Iron Burn From Carpet

You might be wondering, if the method mentioned above can fix all burning marks from your rug well, then why are we discussing another hack? This is because the burn sometimes leaves the carpet fiber stiffened, and you can’t lose all such fibers easily. In a case like this,

  1. Rub the scorched carpet fibers gently with sandpaper.
  2. After this, vacuum the region rigorously to get rid of parched remains.
  3. Use tweezers to loosen up the burnt fibers and pierce them with scissors.
  4. Make a solution that contains 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water to remove any stubborn dark remains. 
  5. After this, rinse the region with lukewarm water and bloat it with a damp towel.

How To Remove Black Burn Marks From Carpet? | Conclusion:

Before understanding how to remove black burn marks from the carpet, you first have to stop the igniting remains from the carpet. You can use a fire extinguisher or sand instead of water because some fabrics flame even more after getting moisture.

After this, you can go for a complete fixing process to get the same aesthetic look back without burning marks.

How To Remove Black Burn Marks From Carpet? | FAQs:

How to fix a fictional burn on the carpet?

Any first-degree burn, such as a fictional burn, can be fixed by pouring lukewarm water over the affected region and then covering it with an antibacterial topical cream.

What can burn by carpet easily?

Most of the time, carpet burning is caused by a candle, slash heater, cigarette, hair straightener, or hot iron. To fix such a burn, you can use a scissor to cut away scorched fiber and then paste the same fabric to cover the black patch.

How to fix cigarette burns on the carpet?

Cigarette burns are usually minor, so you don’t have to put extra effort into the fixing process. Instead, you can just lose the burnt fibers and cut them out with scissors. After this, compress the replacement fibers together by pasting them to hide the patch.

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