Are Carpet Beetles Common In Homes?

Have you recently spotted black bugs on your carpet, having an irregular pattern of white, brown, and dark yellow scales on wing covers? That is carpet beetles! But are carpet beetles common in homes? Or is it your carelessness that has invited these little pests to infest? Also, do carpet beetles bite?

Let’s find out!

Are Carpet Beetles Common In Homes

What Are Carpet Beetles?

What Are Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are small, oval-shaped pests belonging to the Dermestidae family. They are known to be fed on natural fibers like wool, silk, fur, and feathers. And one such flurry feather is carpet!

They get into your house from any opening, such as through vents, windows, doors, and eaves, and settle beneath the whirling fabric.

This occurs especially when your favorite soft flooring has any moisture or spill. Hence, the bugs do not infest suddenly on a well-polished rug unnecessarily.

Are Carpet Beetles Harmful?

Are Carpet Beetles Harmful

The adult carpet beetles are relatively smaller in size, but their larvae can cause damage by consuming organic materials in homes, including carpets, clothing, and furniture.

However, these little pests are not harmful to humans but can cause some skin irritation and rashes. Hence, you need to get rid of their contagion as soon as you notice them on your rug. And for this, you can take the help of proper cleaning methods and proper storage of susceptible items.

Why Are Carpet Beetles On Carpet?

Why Are Carpet Beetles Are On Carpet

As discussed above, carpet beetles or any little larvae thrive on a soft fabric if they find food or any other spill to feed themselves. Then, these bugs lay white or cream-colored eggs that are less than 1mm long.

Generally, an adult beetle lays 100 or more eggs at once which further takes around 10 days and a month to hatch. And at this stage, it is extremely difficult to eliminate them completely.

Hence, it’s better to remove these black bugs immediately after you find them scrolling on your carpet!

Signs Of Carpet Beetles

Signs Of Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles cause significant damage to various household items and loosen the carpet fibers; that is why it’s important to identify their presence.

There are several signs that will give a clear indication of their existence, such as:

  • Thinning of wool-blend rugs
  • Patch creation in the different regions of the rug
  • Sudden damage to cloth, cushion, and blankets.
  • Hair falling out of flurry carpets.
  • Tiny dark stools on the rug
  • Small beetles scrolling or climbing on walls or found dead near vents
  • Remains of skin sheds

With this, they have a tendency to damage large areas at a time, such as drilling deep into the wood and creating holes all over upholstery, flooring, and furniture.

Apart from the visible damage, there are a few other signs of a carpet beetle infestation, such as sudden skin irritation whenever you get on your carpet. Although this is not common for every individual, if you have this, you can surely suspect bugs’ presence.

Are Carpet Beetles Common In Homes?

Are Carpet Beetles Common In Homes

Carpet beetles are usual household pests, but they are not common for every home that vacuums their rug regularly or deep cleans it once every 12 to 18 months.

So, if you are finding any pests on your rug scrolling, then this simply indicates that you do not have a proper cleaning routine for your rug. To avoid their infestation, sweep your carpet regularly and wipe with a damp towel whenever you come across any spill.

Also, deep clean your carpet by employing a professional cleaner or a rented one. You can also use some DIY cleaning solutions such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda. It will not only grime out your rug but also deodorize it.

How to get rid of carpet beetles?

How to get rid of carpet beetles

The first and foremost way to remove carpet beetles is vacuuming, followed by steam cleaning. The hot water extraction kills the bugs and flushes them out with its powerful suction and extraction.

Ensure that the water you are hoovering for steam cleaning is not more than 160°F to 180°F (71-82 °C). Otherwise, your rug fibers will lose their original texture or get stiffened just after use.

Pay deep attention to the corners or rug and the region underneath furniture because these places are untouched for cleaning and have the most chances to captivate carpet beetles on them.

There are a few more methods, such as:

Use Vinegar Solution For Cleaning

Use Vinegar Solution For Cleaning

Vinegar has over 5% acetic acid, which helps break down grime and grease and eradicate harmful allergens and pests, such as carpet beetles. To use this, you can make a paste or a solution depending on how much soiled your carpet is.

You can also glue its paste near the vent, windows, and doors so that the most obvious entrance of carpet beetles gets blocked. To make its solution,

  1. Add 1/4 cup white vinegar in 1 gallon of warm water.
  2. Pour 2 to 3 drops of essential oil to deodorize your rug with cleaning.
  3. Pour the solution evenly on your carpet so no region is left untouched.
  4. To prepare a paste, add 1 cup of vinegar in ¼ cup of flour and sprinkle 1 teaspoon salt in it.
  5. Stir well and use it on the stained or infested region.

Inspect The Plants

Inspect The Plants

If your room is attacked by enormous numbers of bugs, then perhaps your outdoor environment and plants are the reason.

Check your garden and wipe down the leaves of the plants. Water them regularly to keep them healthy. You can also clean your garden in spring (when the temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit). By this, you will easily avoid beetle attacks and protect your home from infestation!

Seal The Gaps

Seal The Gaps

Ensure that the gaps in your doors, windows, vents, and outdoor walls are sealed properly because that is the extensive reason why you are finding beetles on your floor, walls, and rug.

If it’s not sealed, then you can call pest control and ask to inspect your home and find the signs of pests first. They will eradicate unwanted pests and bugs and make your rooms secure.

After this, buy a waterproof stain & sealant from your nearby hardware store and apply it evenly on all the gaps and vents. This sealant will last for more than 10 to 12 years and avoid infestation for a long time.

Wrap Up:

If you are unsure “Are Carpet Beetles Common In Homes?” then first look for the reason for their infestation. By this, you will clearly get an idea that only your home is in danger or beetles are common in every household.

Moreover, while using a carpet cleaner to get rid of the carpet beetles, question how well the carpet cleaner works on the carpet and then use it. As using an ineffective carpet cleaner will only waste your time.


Can carpet beetles attack your bed?

Carpet beetles can attack any soft fabric and furniture, including beds. So, if you find some of them scrolling, don’t be surprised! They will stick to the corners of your bed and lay eggs without getting noticed much.

How do I find the source of attack of carpet beetles?

Generally, carpet beetles enter a home through a vent, door, and windows. If you want to check the source of their attack, then look for the gaps present on the corners of your walls, door, and other gaps and seal them properly.

Do carpet beetles spread easily?

If your home is infested by carpet beetles, then you can doubt that they might have laid 100 or more eggs. These eggs will contribute to the growth of larvae, which will convert into adult bugs called carpet beetles.

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