How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work?

Carpet chaos signifies an extremely soiled rug that can only be flossed with deep cleaning. And for this, the traditional hand cleaning method was used, but with the emergence of carpet cleaners, the ancient method vanished with time. Now the question is- How well do carpet cleaners work? And was it really worth replacing a traditional hand cleaner?

It is typically recommended that carpets and rugs should be cleaned professionally once a year. This professional cleaning can be led by anyone, you or an expert. But if it’s a DIY project, you need to know about the impact of a carpet cleaner and the way to use it professionally.

How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work

To guide you on this, we’ll discuss features and a few aspects of cleaning so that you can better understand if carpet shampooing is good for your wall-to-wall or not.

Features Of Carpet Cleaner

Ironically, carpet cleaners do the same work as your hand, but what makes it better is its less time consumption and more sparkling results. Other than this, a carpet eradicator maintain the rug’s fibers from ripping and sustain them from discoloration.

If we elaborate further to point out a few more features, carpet cleaner is facilitated with:

Power Supply

Power Supply

Carpet cleaners are equipped with a 25-foot-long cord. This cord manages the cleaning process with its power supply and maintains the level of electric sourcing so that your carpet does not end up with short-circuit.

It’s not like all carpet cleaners run on a power supply. Some also run on battery, which makes them way more productive. However, you have to charge the battery very often and repair it in case of high battery consumption.

Solution & Recovery Tank

Solution & Recovery Tank

Now, talking about the tanks, one holds rinse water while the other holds extracted dirt. These tanks may range from 4.5 to 17 gallons, and as per this size range, the water and filth carrying capacity also varies. Hence, you can purchase a large tank cleaner for a fully carpeted home.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

For the temperature control facet, some carpet cleaners allow the use of warm water, while some have an inbuilt heater. In both cases, your carpet can get deep cleaning and, at the same time, get rid of horrible germs and bacteria.

Also, spraying the hot cleaning solution on the carpet can ameliorate the cleaning result and reduce the cleaning time and effort with several strokes. However, as all carpets are not heat-tolerant, you need to determine your carpet type before buying a cleaner.



A suction motor is the most significant part of carpet cleaning as it is assigned to do the main cleaning with the help of electric power. Most of the carpet cleaners have two or three-stage motors that can control airflow in the machines.

The more powerful the motor is, the better cleaning it will give! So, to get a cleaner that is highly effective and does better suction, inquire about the top available cleaners and check which has the best suction capacity.

Water Pressure

Water Pressure To Know How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work?

Usually, a normal carpet cleaner has a water pressure of about 100 to 500 psi, but a few have a high-pressure technology up to 1200 psi. Hence, it’s better to get a cleaner with a higher pressure capacity because such a cleaner can be highly effective for your rug and its fabric.

Professional Cleaning vs DIY

Professional Cleaning vs DIY

In the battle of cleaning, professional cleaning is always considered of the highest grand. This is because self-carpet cleaning machines have weaker vacuum and water pressure in comparison to professional equipment.

With this, the poured solution and water are not vacuumed up thoroughly to dry as professional ones, and consequently, it leaves a soggy rug with a lingering smell.

Still, if you prepare your cleaner in advance and go for cleaning at a normal pace, you can nullify the bad impact of the cleaner.

Is Carpet Cleaning Better Than Hand Cleaning?

Is Carpet Cleaning Better Than Hand Cleaning

Professional-grade cleaners often yield better results than home-use alternatives, but when it comes to choosing the best, hand cleaning also gives an uphill battle.

Still, what makes carpet cleaner a step ahead is its less time consumption and complete removal of greasy residue. With this, you don’t have to mess up your hands with disgusting filth.

Is Carpet Cleaner Worth It?

Is Carpet Cleaner Worth It

As discussed above, carpet cleaners are equipped with several cleaning segments, and to get the best out of it, you have to use the cleaner at least once every 12 to 18 months. This is what professionals mostly suggest!

Regular carpet cleaning can be tremendously beneficial for eliminating germs, molds, mildew, and other allergens that may be trapped on account of irregular vacuum cleaning and spills of food, pet pee, accidents, etc.

If your carpet is in a high-traffic region, try to disinfect it once a week and wash it with cleaner within 6 to 8 months. That way, you can get germs and stubborn stains at arm’s length. They can also be used to get rid of the carpet beetles from your precious carpet.

How To Choose A Carpet Cleaner?

How To Choose A Carpet Cleaner

The rate of carpet cleaners may vary from $75 to $300 depending on its quality and power. But sometimes, it’s not necessary that the amount you are paying is for the high power or cleaning capacity. In fact, it is the charge of the brand. 

If you don’t want to fool yourself, check these features in a cleaner:

Check The Accessories

Check The Accessories To Know How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work?
  1. Check the accessories, cord & hose length, dials, and ordering pattern. If it is way too complicated, then avoid buying that cleaner because you have to make the same back-backing efforts before a single cleaning.
  2. The cleaner must be equipped with at least 20 to 25 feet cord, and the hoses tend to be 8 to 9 feet long. However, a few models come with even larger cords and hoses. Hence, it’s a matter of your choice whether to pick such big cord cleaners or not.

Examine The Capacity Of Water Tank

Examine The Capacity Of Water Tank

Some carpet cleaners have a single tank with a chamber for the fresh solution, and some have two separate tanks, one for water and the other for the cleaning solution. With this, a few modern cleaners possess automatic dispensers that add solution mechanically into water.

You have a number of options, right? To choose one suitable for you, inspect if adding solutions to different chambers is a big hustle for you or not. If it is, then get a cleaner model with a 2-chambered tank or automatic dispenser.

Weight Of Cleaner

Weight Of Cleaner To Know How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work?

Ideally, a cleaner should not weigh more than 65 pounds with solution because a heavy cleaner is way hard to carry and glide on the carpet. Additionally, you cannot arrange a hefty eradicator and defragment after cleaning.

Hence, you can buy BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Deep Cleaner or Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Machine and Upright Shampooer weighing 8.6 pounds and 18.49 pounds.

Avoid Loud Cleaners

Avoid Loud Cleaners To Know How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work?

An average carpet cleaner produces upto 80-82 decibels of noise. If you buy a cleaner over this decibel level, you have to wear noise-cancellation headsets or earplugs, especially when you are opting to clean a fully carpeted room or the whole home with rugs.

Tips For Professional Cleaning

Tips For Professional Cleaning To Know How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work?

Before using the carpet cleaner, vacuum the carpet thoroughly and then apply a cleaning solution or DIY cleaning agent made of vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

By this, the cleaning formula will dissolve grease and grime and make your carpet ready for final cleaning. Warm water improves the cleaning performance, but wait, don’t use boiling water above 60°C if you don’t want a faded, stiff result.

Also, avoid using heated water on natural fibers, like wool, because it is at high risk of shrinkage and discoloration.

How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work? | Conclusion:

How well do carpet cleaners work totally depends upon the quality and power of the cleaner. So, to buy the right carpet shampooer, check all the available brands in the market and compare their tank’s capacity for holding water and filth. Also, evaluate the suction motor power so that you can give proper wet and dry strokes without any chaos.

We hope you found this article on: “How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work” useful.

How Well Do Carpet Cleaners Work? | FAQ’S:

Is it worth buying a carpet cleaner?

A professional carpet cleaning service charges anywhere from $89-$109 on the low end and $300-$400 on the high end, and a self-owned cleaner may range from $175 to $500. Hence, it is worth getting your own cleaner as a one-time investment.

Why do my carpets become dirty after cleaning?

Most of the time, the prime ground of filthy carpet after sweeping is unrolling a wet carpet. That way, the moisture attracts allergens and dust and causes severe issues like wicking.

What time of year is perfect for carpet cleaning?

Spring and summer seasons are best for carpet cleaners because that’s the time when cold breezes or hot glare can dry the carpet quickly after cleaning.

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