Shampooing Carpet Cleaning – How Does It Work, Cost, Benefits?

Enlisting the services of a professional carpet cleaner is a great way to keep your carpets looking their best and extend their life. After all, your vacuum cleaner can only do so much for your carpets.

Shampooing is one of the most common carpet cleaning methods used by professionals, and it’s worth looking into if your carpets need a deep cleaning.

Using a commercial shampoo and machine, the cleaner works the shampoo into your carpets, and the result is a deep clean, which lifts dirt, dust, and bacteria from deep within the fibers.

But what exactly is shampooing, and how does it work? In this article, we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of shampooing – from what machine to use to the cost, drying time, and when it should be used.

What Is Shampooing?

What Is Shampooing

Shampoo washing has always been the preferred cleaning method for homeowners, be it for furniture, curtains, or carpets. It is a simple and effective method for getting rid of everyday dirt and grime.

In the same way that you shampoo your hair, shampooing a carpet uses the same principles – a machine applying water and shampoo to the fibers of the carpet and removing any dirt or soil that is trapped.

The mixture is then extracted from the carpets with a vacuum leaving them clean and fresh.

This technique uses a rotating floor machine with solution containers and shower feed brushes.

The carpet is scrubbed after a thorough vacuuming, whereas a shampoo solution is passed through the shower feed brush.

This machine is reasonably priced, and its agitation and deep cleaning action make it perfect for restoring the carpet’s original look.

However, shampooing requires a high level of skill because pile distortion and over-wetting can occur if it is done incorrectly. This is why you should always consider hiring professional carpet cleaners for this job.

While many alternate carpet cleaning methods have emerged over the years, shampooing remains one of the most effective deep cleaning methods.

How Does Shampooing Work?

How Does Shampooing Work

The working mechanism of shampooing is quite simple. A cleaning solution, typically a commercial carpet shampoo, is applied to the carpets in order to break down and lift dirt and soil particles from deep within the fibers.

The machine has two parts – a rotating floor machine with solution containers and shower feed brushes that pass through the carpet, brushing it thoroughly.

When the brushes pass over the carpet, they scrub it and loosen embedded dirt and debris.

This is followed by a high-powered vacuum that extracts all of the shampoo, dirt, and debris from the carpets.

This high-powered vacuum usually consists of two tanks – one for clean water and the other for collecting dirt and debris.

The vacuum sucks up all the dirt, grime, shampoo, and water from the carpets, leaving them completely dry.

The result is carpets that are not only deep cleaned but also sanitized and deodorized. You can also use shampoo to remove the highlighter stain from the carpet.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about over-wetting and pile distortion as the shampoo is extracted along with the dirt, allowing your carpets to dry much faster than other methods.

However, some extent of water that remains in the carpet can result in building mold. To avoid this situation, you can always use dry carpet cleaning method, which is equally effective in cleaning the carpet.

The Best Machine for Shampooing

Best Machine for Shampooing

As mentioned earlier, shampooing requires a special machine with solution containers and shower feed brushes to clean carpets successfully.

These machines range in price from $100 to over $1000 depending on the size and power of the machine.

It is best to choose a machine that has powerful suction and strong scrubbing action.

Professional machines typically have high-powered motors, larger tanks, and more features such as variable speed control, adjustable wands, and heated cleaning solution.

High-end machines are equipped with a feature called ‘floating brushes,’ which are designed to keep the bristles in contact with the carpets at all times, ensuring maximum dirt and soil removal.

The Vax Platinum Smartwash Carpet Cleaner is one of the best machines for shampooing carpets. It has stronger suction than most standard machines, and its rotating brushes help to loosen dirt and debris.

Additionally, its motion sense technology automatically washes the carpet as you push the machine forward and dries it as you pull it back, meaning there is no need to worry about over-wetting.

Overall, the Vax Platinum Smartwash Carpet Cleaner is a lightweight and easy-to-use machine that is sure to give you great results.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Carpets After Shampooing?

How Long Does It Take To Dry Carpets After Shampooing

Giving your carpets enough time to dry out properly is the key to restoring them back to their original condition.

It can take anywhere from 4-10 hours for carpets to completely dry out after shampooing, although depending on the type of carpet and the amount of moisture present, it can take longer.

You can speed up the drying process in a variety of ways, such as by running a fan in the room, opening the windows, or moving the carpet outside (if it’s safe to do so).

The amount of time it takes for a carpet to dry depends on factors such as the material it is made of, the thickness of the carpet, and the dimensions of the room.

The importance of having enough ventilation cannot be overstated. If your carpet takes too long to dry, it may start to develop mold and mildew, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Just be patient and wait until the surface has finished drying before placing any furniture on it. If you place furniture on a damp carpet, it can cause discoloration and permanent damage to the carpet.

You should give the carpet one more thorough vacuuming just before you start allowing people to walk around in the area again. This will eliminate any dirt or soap residue that may have been present.

How Much Does Shampooing Cost?

The cost of shampooing a carpet depends on a few factors, including the size of the area being cleaned and the type of machine being used.

Professional services typically charge between $150-300 for a basic cleaning job with standard equipment.

Going the DIY route may seem like the more cost-effective option, but this often requires you to purchase a machine and all of the additional supplies.

Sometimes, it can be cheaper to hire a professional than buy all the necessary equipment yourself.

Some carpet cleaning services may also have an hourly rate, so you should check with the company before making any commitments. Others offer all-in-one packages at a set price.

In addition to the cost of shampooing, you should also be prepared to pay for any additional services that may be necessary, such as stain removal or deodorizing.

These additional services can significantly increase the overall cost of your carpet cleaning job.

Shampooing Pros and Cons

Shampooing is an effective way to deep clean a carpet, but there are both pros and cons that should be weighed before starting the process.

Pros of Shampooing

Here are some of the benefits of shampooing your carpets:

1. Removal of Allergens

Removal of Allergens

Shampooing can effectively remove allergens such as dust mites and pet dander that are often trapped in carpets.

Thousands of allergens can be trapped in carpets, so it’s important to periodically deep-clean them to keep the air clean.

If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, shampooing carpets regularly is a great way to reduce their symptoms.

2. Improved Air Quality

Improved Air Quality

When carpets are shampooed, the detergents break down dirt and debris, which can improve the air quality in the room. This can be especially beneficial for those with asthma or other respiratory issues.

Although air quality may not seem like a big deal, it can greatly impact your overall health.

For example, dirty carpets can lead to an accumulation of dust particles, which can make allergies and asthma worse.

3. Elimination of Odors

Elimination of Odors

Pet accidents or other sources of odors can often seep into carpet fibers, making it difficult to get rid of them with vacuuming alone. These odors can make a room feel stale and unpleasant.

However, shampooing carpets with the right detergents can help to eliminate odors from the fibers and leave your home smelling fresh.

4. Long-Lasting Freshness

Long-Lasting Freshness

Since shampooing carpets penetrates deep into the fibers, it can help to keep them looking and feeling fresh for much longer.

Vacuuming alone is simply not enough to see a significant difference in your carpets’ appearance or longevity.

This can be especially helpful in high-traffic areas of the home that receive a lot of wear and tear.

5. Improved Appearance

Improved Appearance

Shampooing carpets can help to restore the original color and patterns of your carpet, as well as refresh any faded areas.

This can completely transform the look of a room, making it feel more inviting and comfortable.

Whether the festive season is just around the corner or you’re preparing for a special occasion, shampooing your carpets is a great way to give your home a fresh and inviting look.

Cons of Shampooing

Although shampooing carpets is a great way to clean them, there are some drawbacks as well. Consider the following:

1. Time-Consuming Process

Time-Consuming Process

Shampooing carpets can be a time-consuming process, as it often requires several steps, including pre-treating stains, shampooing, and then drying the carpet.

If you’re in a hurry or have to attend to other tasks, hiring a professional carpet cleaner may be more practical than tackling this job yourself.

This way, you can rest assured that the job will be done quickly and thoroughly.

2. Costly Equipment

Costly Equipment

If you’re planning to shampoo your carpets yourself, you’ll need to invest in the necessary equipment, such as a carpet cleaner or shampooer. This equipment can be expensive, not to mention difficult to use.

A high-end shampooing machine can cost upwards of several hundred dollars.

It’s also worth noting that these machines are often heavy and difficult to maneuver, so you may need help lifting and moving them around your home.

3. Potential for Damage

Potential for Damage

If carpets are not shampooed properly, there is a high potential for damage, like discoloration or fading.

This can be especially problematic if you are shampooing a delicate fabric such as silk or wool.

Additionally, carpets that are not dried properly can grow mold and mildew, damaging your carpets and creating an unhealthy environment.

Overall, shampooing carpets may involve a bit of an investment and time commitment, but it can help extend your carpets’ life while improving their appearance.

With proper care and maintenance, your carpets can look and feel like new for years to come.

When Should You Go For Shampooing?

When Should You Go For Shampooing

Shampooing is a great way to deep clean carpets and restore their original look, extending their life and helping keep them in the best condition possible. But when is the right time to go for shampooing?

The most common scenario when you should consider having a professional carpet cleaner come in to shampoo your carpets is after they have been exposed to a lot of dirt and dust, or if they are showing signs of wear and tear.

Shampooing will help lift dirt and debris from deep within the fibers that your vacuum cleaner can’t reach.

This deep clean can also help remove odors, so if you have pets or you’ve had an accident on the carpet, shampooing should be at the top of your list.

On top of this, it’s worth considering shampooing if you want to restore an old or damaged carpet to its original state.

If your carpets are starting to show signs of age such as fading or flattened piles, shampooing can help bring back some life into them.

It’s not just about cleaning either – if you’re looking for an effective treatment for pests such as fleas or mites, then shampooing is a good option.

The deep cleaning action will help flush out any pests living in your carpets and prevent future infestations.


Shampooing is a tested and proven method of deep-cleaning carpets that can help to restore their original color and texture, as well as eliminate odors and improve the air quality in your home.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of shampooing your carpets, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

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