Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Carpet?

Dogs are notorious and fun-loving pets that roll all over the floor and rub themselves on the carpet. This is a common behavior of these furry friends! But sometimes, this behavior leads to some serious issues, such as fur shedding of fur and scraping of rug fibers. In a case like this, you may think- “Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Carpet?” Another question that raises suspicion is, “Why do dogs lick the carpet?”

To find out this, we’ll walk you through a detailed guide on its reasons and solutions. So, let’s delve into the details!

Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Carpet

Do Dogs Love To Rub Themselves On Carpet?

Do Dogs Love To Rub Themselves On Carpet

Whenever a dog is in a good mood and cheered up by you for playing, then you might have noticed that your pet would run and rub itself all over the floor.

This is a usual habit that dog owners come across, but if it turns into digging, clawing, or rolling for a long time, then it is your duty to look after your pet’s condition once.

However, this habit is only visible in case of excessive rubbing or clawing, but it is essential that you don’t neglect it and visit a vet to find out the reason.

Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Carpet?

Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Carpet

Generally, there are two reasons associated with pet rubbing: one is to relieve the itching sensation, and another is to mark a place that scents comfortable.

But if your dog is rubbing frequently and unnecessarily on the carpet or on other soft surfaces, then you may suspect this behavior is a health emergency. In such a case, you may look deeply at your furry companion and notice the changes in its routine.

If your dog is clawing or rubbing its head along the carpet, it may be suffering from pain or irritation. Also, if your pet is rubbing his tail area and back, then it might be suffering from an anal sac problem or inflammation.

There are a few more reasons why your dog may act in such a way. Let’s look at them one by one!



Carpets hold several allergens, molds, mites, and mildew, which can trigger allergic reactions to your furry companion. With this, any wrong food intake or lice can also lead to itchiness or reddish inflammation.

In such a case, your dog will show restlessness and frequent scratching and rubbing along the wall and the carpet.

Parasite Or Grass Awns

Parasite Or Grass Awns

Sometimes, while playing in the garden or yarn, a few things could get stuck in their skin or ears and cause them distress. This could lead to rubbing the objects aggressively and removing their fur.

If you notice such behavior in your furry friend, then check their nose and ears to see if there are any grass awns. Also, check your pet’s hair to see if any pests, lice, or fleas are scrolling, causing distress.

Because many dogs are allergic to flea bites and saliva, which causes them to have an itching sensation or rubbing of their face.

Eye Infection

Eye Infection

Pink running eyes are common in dogs, which is why it is important to take good care of their eye hygiene by wiping them with clean water from time to time.

Even after your care, if you notice your dog frequently scratching his face and rubbing his eye on the carpet, then you can call a vet to give the dog good treatment.

Ear Infection

Ear Infection

If your dog has an ear infection, then you will notice restlessness and continuous head shakes. Your dog will also try to rub his head and ear corners on a smooth surface like a cushion or carpet.

In such a case, you can examine your dog’s canal discharge and swelling in the ear region. If there are any of these problems, then call a vet and give your pet the best course of treatment.

What Symptoms Alarm The Emergency To Dog’s Health?

What Symptoms Alarm The Emergency To Dog's Health

Dogs can’t speak! The only method of their communication is their expression and behavior. If you find any behavioral change in your playful campaign, such as showing too much aggression or restlessness, it indicates that your pet has some health issues.

So, as soon as you find any behavioral abnormality, check thoroughly if your dog has any of these symptoms:

  1. Bad breath or foul odor of body
  2. Decrease in appetite
  3. Sudden weight loss 
  4. Lethargy
  5. Excessive thirst
  6. Respiratory problems
  7. Sudden aggressive behavior
  8. Trouble walking or running
  9. Abnormal whining, crying
  10. Improper Urination
  11. Vomiting or diarrhea 

How Do You Stop Dogs From Rubbing On Carpet?

How Do You Stop Dogs From Rubbing On Carpet

A dog with a serious medical emergency can only be cured by a vet, but there are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that your furry pet does not suffer from a problem like this in the future.

Always keep in mind that rolling or rubbing is normal for pets, so you can ignore this if your pet is completely fine.

But if you notice dark urine, diarrhea, anxiety, skin irritation, vomiting, or any of the health emergencies listed above, then you should take some expert advice and make a regular visit to a vet once a year.

Maintain the Proper Hygiene

Maintain the Proper Hygiene

Most of the health emergencies are triggered inside the home due to improper cleaning. Make your dog bath at least once in three months and groom his nails and paws once in 2 weeks.

Also, clean their playing or laying area from time to time with a cleaning agent available in the market or vinegar and baking soda solution. By making these hygienic changes, you will definitely see major positive changes in the health of your pet.

If you feel that you take care of your dog, but it still has some skin rashes or itchiness, then maybe the concentrated dog shampoo you are using is way too harsh for your pet.

Some shampoo manufacturing units use artificial color, formaldehyde, paraben, synthetic fragrance, and several other chemicals. You should check the manual and ingredient list before buying any shampoo, and use coconut oil to treat your dog’s itchiness at home.

Clean The Carpet

Clean The Carpet

A filthy carpet is tremendously harmful to your pet’s health as it traps pollens, dirt, grime, mites, molds, and mildew. That is why you should prepare a regular cleaning routine to ensure the cleanliness.

For this, you can vacuum the carpet every day or once every three days, and in case of a spill, you should un-stain the rug immediately before it dries. Also, ensure to deep clean your carpet with a carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner once every 12 to 18 months to disinfect the rug.

If your dog visits the same place on the carpet, then maybe it is attracted to some smell. To fix such a problem, you can scrub the rug’s region with soap, detergent, or dishwashing liquid and spray a deodorizer.

Even after these efforts, if your dog still visits the same place again and again, then you can use a fragrance that has a bitter, citric smell, such as apple cider vinegar. You can directly spray the product on the carpet or place a bowl filled with vinegar near the rubbing region.

Train Your Pet

Train Your Pet

Training is an excellent method to teach pets how to behave and what not to do. Instruct your dog with commands like “Stop,” “No,” or “Move.” By this, they will easily understand what activities they should avoid inside the home.

Additionally, play with your dogs for at least one hour a day to release their stress. Help him socialize with other dogs and neighbors, and make him exercise at least twice a week. This method will be beneficial for your pet’s health and help you keep him away from the carpet.

Wrap Up:

If your dog is showing restlessness and rolling all over the carpet, then you may think, “Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Carpet?”

This can be due to their notorious nature or any health emergency. Inspect your pet thoroughly and check if he has any health issues. If he has any, then make a call to a vet near you to give your pet a proper treatment.


Why do the dogs roll on the carpet and wiggle?

If your dog rolls on the carpet after finding you nearby, then perhaps he wants to call you to play with him and love him by scratching its belly area. A dog may also behave in such a manner is he feels itchiness around his back.

Why do dogs wipe their feet on the carpet?

Scratching, rubbing, and wiping are favorite activities for many pets like dogs. And if your furry friend wipes his feet on the carpet, then it might be releasing his stress or anxiety or trimming their nails.

Why do dogs love to sit in the same spot on the carpet?

If your dog sits on the same carpet spot, then maybe it gets a homely smell from that region. Other than this, it might feel like owning the area due to extra comfort and warmth on that particular rug region.

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