Why Do Dogs Lick The Carpet?

Dogs love to lick their paws and, sometimes, their owner’s face. But have you ever wondered why do dogs lick the carpet? why do dogs rub themselves on the carpet? Maybe this is their way of showing happiness or this is due to some unknown health issues. Okay! Don’t Panic! Because if you find any licking situation like this, you can use the insights we are going to discuss in the article.

Let’s get into and first discuss the possible reasons for your pet’s licking behavior and then find the measures to solve it.

Why Do Dogs Lick The Carpet

Do Dogs Loves To Lick Carpet?

Do Dogs Loves To Lick Carpet

Typically, dogs use their tongue to explore and gather information, but sometimes, this is the way they seek attention. Additionally, it can be an indication of their anxiety, stress, and sickness.

Dogs lick several objects, from your hands to furniture, and sometimes get well into the carpet. In such a case, you may suspect that your pet loves licking the carpets.

Well, dogs usually lick a carpet to investigate scents and taste. And if they find a homely fragrance from a rug’s corner, they start licking it and using that place as their comfort zone.

Does Dogs Licking Carpet Mean They Are Sick?

Does Dogs Licking Carpet Mean They Are Sick

Licking is a self-soothing behavior of pets that helps them distract from any pain or stress. Hence, if your dog is continuously licking the floor or carpet, then you can suspect that your furry pet is suffering from restlessness.

In such a case, check your pet’s behavior and regular routine, such as shifting of their focus or uneasy communication. If you find any unusual changes in their living pattern, then you must consult a vet as soon as possible.

However, sometimes, this licking nature of dogs is as normal as their regular playing or rolling on the carpet. So, if the licking frequency is in the expected amount, you can completely ignore it.

Why Do Dogs Lick The Carpet?

Why Do Dogs Lick The Carpet

Dogs are habitual to do so many strange things, but sometimes they even shock their owners. If your pet also behaves in a strange way and licks the carpet frequently, then it can be a sign of some serious health problem.

Because, of course, dogs can’t talk! So, licking and showing restlessness is their only way to express their feelings. In such a case, it is your duty to notice the problem and treat it with a proper medical checkup or change the diet plan.

There could be many reasons why your dog is licking the carpet; let’s check them one by one:



Dogs suffering from anxiety may pace, drool, tremble, withdraw, or hide from their owner. Other than this, they may appear a bit more aggressive than usual.

When the dogs are anxious, they lick themselves and the others, including the carpet. Alternatively, their tail may be low or tucked, and their eyes will be enlarged. If you find these behavioral changes in your pet, report to a specialist and tell him about all the changes you have noticed.

If your pet has any previous medical condition, then report that to the vet as well so that you can get a clear brief of what your furry companion is suffering from. The anxiety can also cause your dog to scratch the carpet.

Neurological Disorder

Neurological Disorder

Neurological disorder is an issue that includes a group of conditions that affect the central nervous system. It can be due to disorientation, seizures, tremors, or cervical disc disease that instigates unexpected movements in the body.

A dog suffering from limbic epilepsy or seizure, the area that controls behavior, may undergo several sudden changes from their likes and dislikes to their regular routine. All of these neurological problems can surely trigger uncontrolled licking of your dog.

Esophagus Or Throat Issue

Esophagus Or Throat Issue

An uncontrolled licking can also be triggered if your pet has swallowed grass awn. This is an old and common problem with every dog! Because as soon as the awn stuck into the esophagus the dogs become restless and lick themselves or the carpet in order to get it out of its throat.

Excessive licking can also underline problems like tooth or gum ach or some food stuck, causing it to drool. Check your pet’s mouth, and if there is any swollen redness in its gum, then you should take your dog to a vet.



Nausea and/or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a feeling of urge to vomit. If your dog has swallowed any grass awn or gulped a fibrous part of the carpet while licking, then your furry pet might lead to vomit and feel sick.

As a result, this gulping will play one of the major roles in your dog’s excessive licking behaviors. If your dog is touching or smacking its lips, swallowing repeatedly, and licking the floor of the carpet, then it might be possible that your dog is suffering from nausea.

In such a case, self-examine your dog or take it to a vet to inform them about the condition. Because in several medical conditions, this can lead to liver disease, pancreatic problems, adrenal disorder, or sometimes cancer.

A Case Of Pica

A Case Of Pica

Pica is a mental health condition when someone eats non-food ingredients which can be hazardous to them. Surprisingly, this mental disorder is the common hobby of dogs! Because this furry friend can lick anything around them, from a carpet to a curtain or sometimes a filthy old spill.

That is why it is important to take your pet to a vet for a regular checkup and investigate if it has grown any threat due to its non-nutritive eating or licking.

Additionally, clean your room rug and your pet’s sitting area from time to time so that the dog does not lick any harmful grime or filth.



Have you ever learned about the ravenous appetite of dogs? That indicates a common condition of your pet where you give any foodstuff with maximal quantity, and your furry pet will consume it altogether.

Polyphagia (hyperphagia) is a term depicting the same kind of insatiable hunger. That is why it is suggested to feed the skosh amount of food and ensure that your pet is not suffering from obesity.

Because too much eating can affect the intestine or pancreas of your pet and can lead to diabetes or hyperadrenocorticism. Your pet may also feel uneasy all the time, which may cause them to lick the carpet excessively.

Will Licking Carpet Make Your Dog Sick?

Will Licking Carpet Make Your Dog Sick

A carpet contains a number of allergens, bacteria, mites, molds, and mildew, and if your furry companion grows a habit of licking it, then these harmful larvae and bacteria will get into their intestine.

This will impact your pet’s health negatively, leading to diarrhea, vomiting, tummy aches, and a few notable exceptions, such as rabies. Hence, it is your duty to keep your pet away from the carpet and train him not to lick everything he comes across.

Tips To Control The Licking Habit Of Dogs

Tips To Control The Licking Habit Of Dogs

To control your dog’s licking habit, you can either train it or distract it with some other amusements. Other than this, you can see your vet to rule out the medical condition of your furry companion.

There are a few other tips that can help you control the licking habit of your dog, such as:

  • Vacuum your carpet every day and deep clean it once every 12 to 18 months. By this, if your pet is attracted to lick due to some food spill or fragrance, then it will wash out the area.
  • Inspect if some grass awn is stuck in your pet’s throat. If any, then feed him some bread or other food to push the awn down of the esophagus.
  • If your dog has some anxiety or stress, then it may be due to environmental modification or scare of any outdoor animal. You can calm your pet by playing with him. Also, you can scold the animal in front of your dog. By this, your pet will be notified of its safety, and his anxiety will be released.
  • Make your dog exercise at least twice a week by taking it to a park or on your lawn.
  • If your dog is airsick because of acid reflux, then feeding a small portion of bread at a time may help it absorb the acid. If the condition is way too serious, then visit a vet and tell him about your pet’s condition.
  • Dogs can also lick carpets or walls to seek your attention. You can ignore their behavior by leaving the place for a moment. It will indicate to them that licking is not the right way to show their affection.
  • Make some dietary changes in your dog to increase the nutrition level. For this, you can feed your pet with dairy products, fish, meat, peanut butter, green beans, etc., to keep its intestines healthy.

Wrap Up:

Dogs lick anything and everything they come across. This is due to their urge to explore and taste everything around them, but if this licking is too frequent than usual and you think, “Why Do Dogs Lick The Carpet?” then visit a vet to examine your dog. But if this licking is low, you can neglect it, assuming your dog’s normal behavior.


Why does my dog lick the floor?

Normally, dogs lick anything if the scent of food draws them. Hence, if your dog is licking the floor, then perhaps any scent of food spill has attracted it.

Can I Let my dog lick grass?

Licking grass is not harmful, but if the frass awn gets into the esophagus of your god, then it may feel restlessness and nausea. That is why it’s better to keep your beloved pet away from grass.

What dogs hate to lick?

Generally, dogs do not like citric and bitter tastes, and they avoid liking things that are sour. If your dog likes to lick any filthy place or carpet again and again, then you can use a citric solution to keep your beloved pet away from it.

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