How To Get Red Kool Aid Out Of Carpet?

Who doesn’t love a bright-red beverage filled with bracing cherries, grapes, oranges, and lemons? Sounds refreshing, right? One such delicious refreshment is Red Kool Aid, which refills energy on lazy summer days. But what if this delicious beverage spills onto your carpet? In such a situation, you may think: “How To Get Red Kool Aid Out Of Carpet?” that too in no time.

How To Get Red Kool Aid Out Of Carpet

In this guide, we’ll provide you with detailed insight into how you can get rid of the stubborn marks of Red Kool Aid and provide you with a few cleaning tips that will help during the stain-cleaning process.

So, let’s delve into it!

Does Red Kool Aid Stain The Carpet?

Does Red Kool Aid Stain The Carpet

Yes, Red Kool Aid definitely stains the carpet, especially if it is light in color. However, it does not harm the rug because its formulation process involves some popular fruits. But surprisingly, these fruits have dying scopes that can provide a vibrant shade to your rug.

Also, the spill of Red Kool Aid can call upon bacteria, allergens, molds, mites, and mildew. It can also lead to the development of larvae of carpet beetles and lice.

That is why it is better to act quickly as soon as you encounter a red beverage spill on your beloved wall-to-wall.

Is This Stain Permanent?

Is This Stain Permanent

As discussed above, Red Kool Aid has the ability to stain a carpet, but if you treat it faster with a cleaning routine, then the stain will not get deep into your carpet fibers and backing. Also, it will not give a permanent red stain mark!

However, you cannot use any simple stain-cleaning solution like Stainmaster or technique for its removal. Also, the effectiveness of some selective solutions depends on the level of staining. For example, water can simply dilute the stain, but it cannot eradicate it. Similarly, vinegar and baking soda can only work on medium-stained carpets.

Hence, think before using any stain remover on your rug. After using any method, check your carpet fabric to make sure the red stain has completely gone or not.

How To Get Red Kool Aid Out Of Carpet?

How To Get Red Kool Aid Out Of Carpet

Just after noticing a spill of Red Kool Aid, run to grab a white microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe the liquid spill. Aways, start wiping from the outward portion while moving your hands in the inward direction. By this, the enormous amount of spill will be socked up by towels, and the beverage will not get deep into fibers, backing, and padding.

You can also use a wet carpet cleaner, directing on stains. However, a regular cleaner is incapable of cleaning the Red Cool Aid stain completely, but it can blast out the spill to minimize the damage.

We suggest you to avoid tossing your carpet into the laundry because machine washing will not clean a beverage stain. On the other hand, its drying power will deepen the mark.

Here are a few tips on how you can effectively clean Red Kool Aid from the carpet. Let’s check them one by one!

Method 1: Use Dishwashing Liquid / Soap

Use Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Dishwashing liquid is highly efficient in stain, grime, and grease removal. It is a non-toxic cleaning method! Hence, you can be assured that you are not going to damage your rug while cleaning. To use it on Red Kool Aid stain removal, first prepare a solution. For this,

  1. Add 1/2 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing liquid or soap in 1 cup of warm water.
  2. Sponge the mixture into a stain and wipe it a bit in an inward direction.
  3. If you have a light-colored rug, then be more attentive so that the stain does not spread to the nearby regions of the stain.
  4. Rinse the carpet with clean water and squeeze out the solution and beverage remains with a damp towel.
  5. Dry the carpet under the sun after your carpet is completely un-stained.

Method 2: Use White Vinegar Solution

Use White Vinegar Solution

White vinegar typically consists of 4–7% acetic acid, which helps it eliminate any stains, grime, and filth. The acetic property also dissolves the most stubborn grease deposits and stains like red beverages. To use it for your Red Kool Aid stain-cleaning strategy,

  1. Mix 1 cut of white vinegar in 2 cups of lukewarm water.
  2. Dip a clean towel or sponge into the solution and apply it over the stain with a light hand.
  3. Dab the stain for some time and then apply cold water to rinse the area.
  4. If there is still any visible mark of Red Kool Aid then reapply the solution and do the same bloating process again.
  5. After cleaning, dry your carpet under the sun for 6 to 10 hours or ventilate the room to allow air inflow.

Method 3: Use Ammonia Solution

Use Ammonia Solution

Ammonia is an alkaline cleaning agent significantly used as a household cleaner. It can eliminate any stubborn grime and stains and, at the same time, fix foul odors.

Ammonia acts as a lubricant for spills, whether it is of a red wine or Red Kool-Aid. Hence, you can surely use this cleaning agent in your spill-cleaning process. For this,

  1. Mix 2 cups of ammonia in 2 cups of warm water and sponge it in the stain.
  2. Dab the stain for some time and then rinse it with clean, cold water.
  3. Wipe the stain with a damp towel to eliminate the solution, and the beverage remains.

Point To Remember: Do not over-wet your carpet, as it will take several hours or even days to dry.

Method 4: Use Vinegar & Dishwashing Liquid Solution

Use Vinegar & Dishwashing Liquid Solution

Most people have doubt about can you use vinegar to clean the carpet or not but as discussed above, you can prepare a separate solution of both vinegar and dishwashing liquid, but if your rug is too stained with Red Kool-Aid, then you can prepare a special anti-beverage solution by adding both these cleaning agents.

To make this solution,

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid.
  2. Wet a white cloth with this mixture and sponge it over the stain.
  3. Before applying it directly on your carpet, first test it in an inconspicuous part of your rug to check if it causes any discoloration or stiffness.
  4. After testing, blot the stain with the solution until the liquid is absorbed into the fabric.
  5. Rinse your carpet with clean, cold water and wipe it with a clean, damp towel to remove any remaining solution.
  6. Now, dry your carpet under big fans or the sun to evaporate the excess water.

Method 5: Use Commercial Stain Remover

Use Commercial Stain Remover

Commercial stain removers are designed to clean any kind of stain effectively. But the condition is that you have to first check it in an inconspicuous part of your rug before using it for un-staining.

If your carpet is stained with Red Kool-Aid, which is tougher than you expected, then buy a special cleaning spray or solution that can lift this red stain from the fabric. In case, you can’t decide which solution to buy, then consult a professional carpet cleaning service.

The Verdict:

Any red stain on the carpet can give a permanent spot, and if this stain is of a red beverage, then it can also bring a call to molds and mildew. In such a case, if you assume “How To Get Red Kool Aid Out Of Carpet?” then first check the amount of staining because if the beverage has socked up to the backing, then your regular carpet cleaning treatment will not work.


Can dishwashing liquid clean old stains of Red Kool Aid?

Yes, dishwashing liquid can definitely clean old red stains of any beverage. You just need to prepare its solution by adding 1/2 teaspoon of liquid into 1 cup of warm water.

Can baking soda remove the Red Kool Aid stain?

Baking soda is capable of eliminating any stain and, at the same time, neutralizing foul odor. Hence, you can definitely use this all-purpose cleaner on Red Kool Aid stain. For the best result, you have to wait for a few hours or overnight.

What is the best carpet stain remover?

Suppose you are planning to clean old stubborn spots of your pet pee, wine spill, Red Kool-Aid, etc.. In that case, you can use Puracy Natural Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo, Bissell Pro Max Clean + Protect, or Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator.

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