Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is all clean and efficient until you have to wait over 6 hours for the carpet to dry. Not only can this be inconvenient, but it can also cause the carpet to become discolored or stiff.

Fortunately, there is 2 fantastic solutions to this problem the first one is using rotovac carpet cleaning (which can be a little expensive) and the second is dry carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning that uses little or no water, allowing carpets to be cleaned in a fraction of the time.

Learn all about dry carpet cleaning, including the cost, time taken to complete the job, and benefits in this article.

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as low-moisture or no-moisture carpet cleaning, is a method of professional carpet cleaning that uses little or no water.

Instead of steam and hot water, dry methods use special solutions with revolutionary compounds to break down dirt particles in the carpet fibers.

After that, a machine is used to push the particles into the carpet. Once there, the particles immediately begin their task of removing odors and absorbing dirt from the carpet.

This process takes a fraction of the time it takes when using steam or hot water cleaning.

The best thing about dry carpet cleaning is that it’s perfect for businesses that operate 24 hours a day.

With steam and hot water methods, the carpet must be completely dry before anyone can walk on it. This is not an option when customers are coming in and out at all hours.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Demonstration

Time Required for Dry Carpet Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, dry carpet cleaning takes a fraction of the time required for steam or hot water cleaning.

Depending on the size of the area to be cleaned and the type of equipment used, most jobs can be completed in an hour or two. This is great news for business owners who need a quick solution to their dirty carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning can also take as less as 30 minutes, which is perfect for a quick touch-up between regular steam or hot water cleanings.

Plus, since there’s no moisture involved, there’s no need to wait for the carpets to dry before customers or house members can walk on them.

How Much Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Cost?

The cost of dry carpet cleaning varies depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of cleaning solution used, and the equipment being used.

In general, it is less expensive to have your carpets cleaned using dry methods than steam or hot water extraction.

You can expect to pay around $80 to $120 to have a 10×12 foot area cleaned using dry carpet cleaning. This cost excludes any additional fees for matching or removing stubborn stains.

Some dry carpet cleaners may charge on an hourly basis or offer a flat fee for the job, so it’s best to ask prior to booking an appointment.

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Carpet Cleaning?

There are many benefits of dry carpet cleaning, including the following:

1. Virtually No Drying Time

Virtually No Drying Time

One of the biggest advantages of dry carpet cleaning is that there’s virtually no drying time involved.

This means carpets can be walked on almost immediately after cleaning, which is great for business owners who need to minimize downtime.

Traditional carpet cleaning can take upwards of 6 hours to thoroughly dry, requiring the fencing off or complete closure of certain areas until the carpets are dry.

This can be incredibly inconvenient for business owners and homeowners alike.

2. No Water Marks or Sticky Residue

No Water Marks or Sticky Residue

Traditional carpet cleaning requires large amounts of water in order to work effectively, which can lead to watermarks and sticky residues being left behind.

Dry carpet cleaning avoids this issue completely as it relies on chemical processes rather than water.

While cleaning carpets the traditional way is also highly effective and rarely causes any issues, dry carpet cleaning offers an additional level of assurance that residues or water marks simply won’t be left behind.

3. No Expansion or Shrinkage

No Expansion or Shrinkage

Some types of carpets are at risk of shrinkage or expansion, which is caused by sudden dramatic changes to their temperature and moisture content.

Dry carpet cleaning adds very little extra moisture to a carpet and is always at room temperature, so the risk of any type of shrinkage or expansion is minimal.

In contrast, traditional steam or hot water carpet cleaning can cause carpets to expand or shrink, as well as leave behind residues that attract dirt and dust. This can cause carpets to look dull and dingy very quickly.

4. Avoid Mold and Mildew

Avoid Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can become an issue in environments that have an abundance of moisture, inadequate ventilation, and poor drying conditions.

Not only can this result in financial losses, but it also puts both workers and customers at risk of developing health issues.

Dry carpet cleaning avoids this problem completely, as it does not require any large amounts of water, and you can walk on the carpets pretty much right away.

This means there’s no risk of an environment becoming damp or humid, as would be the case with traditional carpet cleaning methods.

5. Compatible With Any Kind of Carpeting

Compatible With Any Kind of Carpeting

Dry carpet cleaning can be used on a wide range of different types of carpets.

Whether it’s woolen, synthetic, or natural fiber carpets – dry carpet cleaning can work safely and effectively to remove dirt and grime.

This makes dry carpet cleaning an ideal solution for businesses that have multiple kinds of carpets on their premises, as they won’t need to worry about using different cleaning methods depending on the type of carpets they have in a certain area.

Overall, dry carpet cleaning offers a range of advantages over traditional steam or hot water extraction methods.

It is generally more cost-effective and far quicker to complete, and it doesn’t involve any large amounts of water or the risk of residual dampness.

How Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Actually Work?

The process of dry carpet cleaning is largely the same from company to company.

Generally, it involves a combination of vacuuming and chemical treatments, which are designed to break down dirt and other residues that have built up over time in carpets.

The technicians usually use special equipment that is designed for dry carpet cleaning, such as a rotary brush machine.

This is used to agitate the carpets and remove debris while also applying a cleaning agent to break down any stubborn stains or residues.

After this, the technicians will then use either a handheld vacuum cleaner or a truck-mounted vacuum system to extract any dust, dirt, and chemicals from the carpets.

Once this is done, the carpets are then left to completely dry and can be walked on almost immediately.

Preparing for a Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Every dry carpet cleaning service is different, but there are certain things that you can do to prepare your premises before the technicians arrive.

This will help to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible, and you’ll get the best results from your dry carpet cleaning service.

Here are some tips for preparing for a dry carpet cleaning service:

1. Remove All Furniture From the Room

Remove All Furniture From the Room

Before the carpet cleaning team arrives, you should ensure that all furniture is cleared from the room. This will give them plenty of space to work and will make sure that they can move around freely.

If you’re unable to move the furniture yourself, you should let the carpet cleaning company know in advance. Some companies may be able to provide assistance with this.

2. Vacuum the Carpet Beforehand

Vacuum the Carpet Beforehand

Vacuuming your carpets beforehand is a great way to help prepare them for the dry carpet cleaning service.

This will help to remove any large particles of dirt and debris, as well as fluff up the fibers of your carpets.

Doing this can also ensure that your technicians are able to identify any heavily soiled areas that need extra attention during the cleaning process.

3. Have Any Necessary Supplies on Hand

Have Any Necessary Supplies on Hand

It’s also important to make sure that you have any necessary supplies on hand before the technicians arrive.

This includes things like protective mats and boot covers, as well as any special cleaning solutions or treatments that may need to be used during the process.

Having these supplies on hand can help to make the process much smoother and faster for everyone involved.

While most technicians come prepared with the necessary supplies, having extras on hand can help to ensure that your carpets are cleaned correctly and efficiently.

These are just a few tips that you should keep in mind when preparing for your dry carpet cleaning service.

By taking the time to prepare beforehand, you can ensure that your carpets get the best possible clean and that you’re able to get the best results from your service.

What Happens During the Dry Carpet Cleaning Process?

Once the technicians arrive, there are several steps that they will take to ensure your carpets get an effective clean. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect during the dry carpet cleaning process:

1. Pre-Inspection


When the carpet cleaning team arrives, they will first perform a pre-inspection. This is to assess the condition of your carpets and determine any problem areas that require more attention.

Pre-inspection typically involves the technician examining the carpets for any visible signs of wear and tear, such as stains or discoloration.

When this is done, they can determine the best approach to tackle any problem areas.

2. Vacuuming and Pre-Treatment

Vacuuming and Pre-Treatment

The team will then vacuum your carpets to remove any dirt or debris. This helps prepare the carpet for the cleaning process and also helps reduce allergens that may be present in the air.

After vacuuming, the team will pre-treat any areas that require special attention. This helps loosen any stains or dirt before the main cleaning process begins.

This combination of vacuuming and pre-treatment ensures that the carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

3. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning process involves using a special machine that applies a dry cleaning powder to the carpet.

This powder is either made from natural ingredients, such as corn starch, or synthetic materials, such as polymers.

The dry cleaning powder is then agitated with a brush, which helps remove any dirt or debris. This process also helps restore the color of your carpets and leave them looking refreshed and clean.

4. Post-Cleaning


Once the dry carpet cleaning process is complete, the team will perform a post-cleaning inspection.

This is to ensure that the carpets have been adequately cleaned and that any problem areas have been taken care of.

The team will also vacuum the carpets a second time to remove any remaining dry cleaning powder. This helps ensure that the carpets are not left with any residue that could damage the fibers.

5. Carpet Protection

Carpet Protection

If you choose, the team can also apply a carpet protector to your carpets.

This helps protect your carpets from dirt and stains in the future, making them easier to clean. It also helps restore the color of your carpets and make them look fresh for longer.

A carpet protector is essentially a solution that is sprayed onto your carpets and helps create a barrier between the fibers and dirt. This helps keep them looking their best for longer.

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Best For?

Dry cleaning is best for carpets that are made of natural fibers and synthetic textures. This includes carpets made from wool, nylon, and polyester.

It’s also a great option if you have pets or children in your home, as it helps create an effective barrier between the dirt and your carpets.

And finally, dry carpet cleaning is a great choice if you want to avoid using harsh chemicals on your carpets.

Wrapping Up

Dry carpet cleaning is an effective alternative to traditional steam or wet cleaning methods and helps keep your carpets looking their best for longer.

By taking the time to prepare beforehand and understanding the process, you can ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and protected.

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