20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024

Embracing the charm of yesteryears, these 20 vintage bathroom ideas offer a journey back in time, blending classic elegance with modern comfort.

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024

Whether it’s incorporating a pedestal sink to evoke early 20th-century grace, or using subway tiles, each idea is curated to infuse your bathroom with a nostalgic allure.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin the guide to explore vintage bathroom ideas. Keep Reading!

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas

1. Art Nouveau Wallpaper

Art Nouveau Wallpaper

This design period, known for its flowing lines and organic forms, offers a plethora of wallpaper options featuring stylized floral patterns, sinuous vines, and delicate forms. 

Choosing an Art Nouveau wallpaper for a bathroom not only adds a touch of sophistication and historical charm but also creates a unique and inviting atmosphere.

2. Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs, with their timeless elegance and distinctive charm, have become a coveted feature. Originating in the late 19th century, these freestanding bathtubs are renowned for their unique shape, often characterized by a deep basin and gracefully curved edges, supported by four decorative feet. 

The iconic design serves as a focal point of aesthetic appeal and also offers a luxurious soaking experience. So, incorporating a clawfoot tub into a bathroom elevates the space’s style.

3. Neutral Palette

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024- Neutral Palette

The nude tones of beige, gray, and white serve as a perfect backdrop for highlighting the intricate details and craftsmanship of vintage fixtures, such as clawfoot tubs.

Opting for a neutral palette ensures that the vintage charm remains the focal point while offering a modern twist that keeps the space feeling fresh and inviting.

4. Architectural Detail

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024- Architectural Details

One unique idea is repurposing a vintage cupboard as a focal point in the bathroom. Not only does it add an element of surprise and charm, but it also serves a functional purpose. 

By selecting a cupboard with intricate woodwork or unique hardware, you can introduce a piece that speaks volumes about craftsmanship and history. 

5. Antique Vanities

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Antique Vanities

Antique vanities serve as a stunning centerpiece in any vintage-themed bathroom. Their intricate designs, often featuring ornate woodwork and aged metal fixtures, evoke a sense of nostalgia and elegance. 

An antique vanity, especially when paired with a period-style mirror and classic brass or porcelain hardware, can anchor the bathroom’s decor, offering both visual appeal and practical storage solutions. 

The patina that comes with age adds character, making each piece a unique testament to the past. 

6. Fireplaces In The Bathroom

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024- Fireplaces In The Bathroom

A bathroom fireplace, whether it’s an original feature in an older home or a carefully selected addition, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

It provides warmth, making it the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath or a serene spa-like experience at home. 

 This element of classic luxury elevates the bathroom from a mere functional area to a personal sanctuary.

7. Hand-Painted Wallpaper

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-hand-Painted Wallpaper

Hand-painted wallpaper gives a unique blend of artistry and elegance that can transform any room into a masterpiece.

The intricate designs, often inspired by nature, historical themes, or abstract art, can be customized to suit personal tastes, ensuring that each piece is as unique as the individual who cherishes it.

This personalized touch adds a sense of luxury and exclusivity in your bathroom.

8. Infuse Pops Of Color

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Infuse Pops Of Color

Infusing pops of color into a vintage bathroom decor can breathe new life into the space, creating a vibrant yet harmonious blend of old and new.

Consider adding a colorful, vintage-inspired vanity or bright, retro tiles to serve as lively accents against a more muted backdrop.

Accessories like plush towels in bold hues, a patterned shower curtain, or even a statement piece of art can inject personality and warmth into the room. 

9. Opt For Pedestal Sink

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Opt For Pedestal Sink

The pedestal sink saves space, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, and with its elegant design, it also adds a timeless grace to the room. 

These sinks come in a variety of styles, from ornate antique designs to more streamlined, minimalist options, allowing them to complement a wide range of vintage themes. 

10. Shiplap Walls

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Shiplap Walls

When used in a bathroom, shiplap walls can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that blends seamlessly with a variety of decor styles, from modern farmhouse to coastal chic. 

The horizontal lines of the shiplap can visually widen the space, making it feel larger and more open. This feature, combined with its simple, clean aesthetic makes it an excellent choice for your vintage bathroom.

11. Colored Appliances

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Colored Appliances

Going beyond the traditional white, introducing appliances in bold colors like turquoise, mint green, or even sunny yellow can transform the bathroom into a lively and engaging space. 

These pop of colors act as a focal point in the bathroom, drawing attention and also adding an element of surprise.

12. Embrace Partially Pink

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Embrace Partially Pink

Introduce a soft, vintage charm that’s both comforting and stylish by embracing partially pink elements in a bathroom.

Subtle incorporations, like a pink clawfoot bathtub or rose-tinted tiles, can serve as a nod to retro styles while maintaining a modern sensibility. 

This gentle infusion of color can make the bathroom feel warm and inviting, creating a space that’s both functional and a joy to spend time in.

13. Trip To 70s

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Trip To 70s

The 1970s-style bathroom is a nostalgic nod to a vibrant era, characterized by its bold use of colors, patterns, and textures.

Avocado green, harvest gold, and bright orange were among the iconic color choices for bathroom suites, reflecting the era’s penchant for earthy and warm tones.

Incorporating terrazzo flooring or adding a shag bath mat could also capture the essence of the ’70s.

14. Vintage Artwork

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Vintage Artwork

Framed paintings in bathroom decor can add a sophisticated and personalized touch, especially when aiming for a vintage aesthetic.

Choose artwork with frames that match the era you’re paying homage to—be it ornate gold for a Victorian vibe. The simple, bold colors for a mid-century look—can also tie the room together beautifully. 

15. Tap Into Monochrome

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas 2024-Tap Into Monochrome

Embracing a monochrome theme for your bathroom decor can infuse a timeless elegance that never goes out of style. 

Black and white wallpapers featuring geometric patterns or classic motifs can elevate the space, giving it a sophisticated and cohesive look. 

This minimalist approach allows for bold contrasts and a dramatic flair, turning the bathroom into a stunning vintage-inspired sanctuary.

16. Pastel Tone Wallpapers

Pastel Tone Wallpapers

Pastel-tone wallpapers offer a softer, more serene approach to vintage bathroom decor.

Gentle hues such as baby blue, soft pink, mint green, or lavender can transform the bathroom into a tranquil retreat, reminiscent of the mid-20th century’s charm. Floral or subtle abstract patterns in pastel tones add a depth of warmth.

17. Tap Into Metallic Finish

Tap Into Metallic Finish

Metallic accents, whether in the form of fixtures, fittings, or decorative elements, can beautifully contrast with both light and dark color schemes, adding a layer of sophistication. 

The reflective properties of metallic finishes also help to bounce light around the room, making the bathroom appear brighter and more inviting. 

18. Install Floor-To-Ceiling Black Tiles

Install Floor-To-Ceiling Black Tiles

Installing floor-to-ceiling black tiles in a bathroom can create a striking and sophisticated look. This design choice brings an element of luxury and modernity. 

Black tiles, with their sleek and elegant appearance, can serve as a stunning backdrop to both classic and contemporary bathroom fixtures and accessories. 

Additionally, floor-to-ceiling tiling enhances the sense of height and space, making the bathroom feel more expansive. 

19. Checkered Tiles

Checkerboard tiles are a quintessential element of vintage bathroom decor, bringing a timeless charm and visual interest.

This classic pattern, often rendered in black and white, evokes nostalgia yet a bold look that can complement a wide range of design styles.

The high contrast of checkerboard tiles can serve as a striking foundation for the bathroom, allowing other vintage elements to stand out.

20. Add Fluted Accents

Fluted accents are making a remarkable comeback in the realm of vintage bathroom decor, offering a touch of classic elegance and texture to the space. 

This design element, characterized by its grooved or ribbed details, adds a visually interesting and tactile dimension to bathroom vanities, cabinetry, or even glass shower doors.

The subtle shadows and highlights created by the fluted design can bring depth and sophistication, making the bathroom feel more curated and bespoke. 


The vintage bathroom decor ideas in your home offer a unique combination of nostalgia and elegance. 

Remember, the best vintage bathrooms are those that reflect your personal taste while maintaining functionality for modern living.

With these 20 vintage bathroom decor ideas 2024, you have a wealth of inspiration to start crafting a bathroom that’s as beautiful as it is practical, proving that what’s old can indeed be made new again.

Moreover, you can also add bathroom plants that grow in low light to enhance the look of your bathroom. It will not only give it a vintage vibe but will also purify the air.


Where can I find vintage bathroom fixtures and decor?

Vintage bathroom fixtures and decor can be found at antique shops, flea markets, estate sales, and online marketplaces that specialize in vintage or reclaimed items. Some home improvement stores also offer reproduction fixtures that mimic the vintage style.

Can modern amenities be included in a vintage bathroom design?

Absolutely! Incorporating modern amenities into a vintage bathroom design is not only possible but also practical.

Modern plumbing, efficient lighting, and updated heating can be seamlessly integrated without detracting from the vintage charm. You can opt for vintage-styled fixtures that offer modern functionality.

Is it expensive to create a vintage-style bathroom?

The cost can vary widely depending on whether you opt for genuine antique pieces or reproduction items.

While sourcing authentic vintage items can be costly, so you can go for reproduction fixtures, second-hand finds, and DIY projects.

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