What Size Carpet For Bedroom 2024?

What Area You Want To Carpet In Your Bedroom?

People have different perceptions and ideas about what area they want to cover in their bedroom. Some of them like to carpet wall-to-wall, while a few want to rug up the floor above the bed or furniture.

What Size Carpet For Bedroom?

The carpet's size totally depends upon the size of your room and bed. With this, the quantity and size of furniture also make a huge difference.

Carpeting A Small Area Of The Bedroom

The only thumb rule you have to follow is to buy at least 1 to 3-foot extra large carpet so that you can easily leave space between the rug and the wall and extend the rug's area beyond the foot of the bed.

Carpeting A Large Area Of The Bedroom

A large bedroom allows you to play with the texture and color as per the room's decor. But remember to choose the right rug size because a more spacious room brings attention to a non-fixed, extra large, or extra-small carpet placement.

How To Carpet Children's Room?

For this, – Place a 5ft x 8ft rug for a crib bed (for infants or children under 3 years) of dimension 52″ long and 28″ wide. – Unroll a 6ft x 9ft rug for a Twin XL bed of 38″ x 80″ inches in length.

Tips To Place Carpet In Your Bedroom

– Always buy a 2ft to 3ft extra large carpet according to the size of your bed. – Always choose neutral or muted pastel colors for the rug.

How Do You Fix Carpet Size Issues Without Replacing Them?

If you have chosen a smaller rug, then layer the rug on top of a different texture, such as jute, sisal, etc. And if your rug is larger than your expectation, then you can curl or cram it up against the wall or cut it.