How To Use A Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

Things To Remember

Before moving towards carpet cleaning, remove all the furniture placed on the carpet and vacuum it to remove dust. Also, open all the doors and windows of the room you are going to clean for ventilation.

Remove All The Furniture Before Cleaning

Cleaning carpet with furniture placed on it is not a good idea to go with because you may either break the furniture or decorative pieces over it. Besides this, you will be unable to clean the corners behind furniture.

Clean The Carpet Thoroughly With A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner removes dry dust and other household filths like human and pet hairs, food remains, etc. from the carpet. So, it’s better to first vacuum for regular cleaning before going for a wet wash.

Choose A Carpet Cleaning Solution For Better Cleaning

You can choose any regular cleaner, but if you want deep cleaning for specific issues like removing stains of food and oil, removing pests and pet pee. etc., then you can use a solution available in a wide range of Hoover.

Set Up The Hoover Carpet Cleaner

For setup, you first have to add fresh water in one of the two compartments available in Hoover Carpet Cleaner.

Add Carpet Cleaning Solution

Depending on the model of Hoover carpet cleaner, you will find a cap either inside the water tank or in a separate solution compartment.

How To use Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

Place the water cleaner on top of the carpet and lean it in backward direction towards the handle.