How To Keep Cats From Scratching Carpet?

Why Do Cat Scratch Carpets?

There are several benefits of cat scratching, such as they dig their claws to show their emotion (like stress or excitement) and drive your attention.

How To Find The Amount Of Scratching Cats Does Is Normal?

A healthy cat scratches around 1 minute per day, and this is mainly to drive the attention of their owners towards them. If your cat is scratching to the extent that pulls off the carpet’s fabric, then it is a sign that something is not good.

Are Cat Claws Harmful To Carpets?

If your cat has developed a habit of scratching the carpet recklessly, then it can affect the carpet’s fabric because the cat’s claws can tear a portion of the carpet, which can create difficulties for you to repair.

Can We Reduce Cat’s Obsession With Scratching Carpets?

Sometimes, scratching also becomes part of a cat’s regular routine, but this notorious behavior of excessive scratching troubles their owners. That is why it becomes important to tackle this with a solution.

How To Keep Cats From Scratching Carpets?

If you want to save your carpets from your cat’s claws and meanwhile don’t want to destroy your cat’s happiness, then you just have to supervise a few steps including citrus spray and post placement.