How To Get Silly Putty Out Of Carpet?

Use Ice To Remove The Silly Putty

Using ice will harden those stretchy putty and eventually make it easy for you to break it down to remove it.

Use Loose Knife 

With a loose knife, you can break or scratch the silly putty. By this, the putty will loosen out of carpet fibers and be removed easily.

Apply Nail Polish Remover On Silly Putty

Nail Polish contains acetone and ethyl acetate, which are strong solvents that draw nail polish from any surface.

Clean The Carpet With Detergent Or Liquid Dishwasher

Add detergent or liquid dishwasher into water and soak a cotton ball in the prepared mixture and apply it on a hidden part of the carpet.

Use Vinegar To Remove Silly Putty

Vinegar is made of about 5% acetic acid, which helps it to break the structure of any dirt or oil. The only problem with this idea is that this acid agent can harm a few fabrics.