How To Get Red Dye Out Of Carpet?

Blot The Stain Using Wet Towel

This is best remedy to loosen the color from its place and ensure that the color doesn’t get dry. Also, by using this method, you can easily wipe out excess color and make it ready for further treatment.

Try Nail Paint Remover

Nail paint remover contains acetone [( C 3 H 6 O ), also called propanone] in it. This acetone acts as a powerful solvent for both oil and latex-based paint.

Use Salt And Vacuum Cleaner

Salt is best known for grabbing the moisture from a cloth. That is why its use can make dye cleaning easy for you.

Use Detergent Or Dishwasher Liquid

Detergent or dishwasher liquid are cleaning agents made to sponge the stain from its place. But in cases like red color dye, you need something extra; that is where ammonia comes in.

Add Detergent Or Dishwasher Liquid In White Vinegar

The most significant advantage of using white vinegar is that it is not as harsh as ammonia on the skin and protects carpet fabric from discoloration.

Apply A Mixture Of Alcohol

The dry red color dye will take much more effort to clean than a fresh color in a liquid state. But you don’t have to worry about its drying because alcohol and white vinegar will work against those stubborn settled stains.