How To Clean A Bearded Dragon Carpet?

What Is Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragons or Beardies are small or medium-sized reptiles equipped with armor of spiny reptilian scales.

What Is Bearded Dragon Carpet?

This carpet can build a natural environment that provides a more comfortable surface for your dragon to walk and lay on.

Is It Important To Clean Bearded Dragon Carpet?

When reptiles defecate, they release a liquid that runs through the carpet and glass floor underneath; this liquid is what you know as ‘biofilm.’

Clean A Bearded Dragon Carpet

Things You’ll Need:  – Bucket – Rag or Sponge – Disinfectant, etc.

Clean A Bearded Dragon Carpet

Make Initial Preparation: Shake the carpet’s dirt in the garage, and wipe off all the dry debris from the bearded dragon carpet with a paper towel.

Clean A Bearded Dragon Carpet

Clean The Carpet: Pour the solution evenly on the reptile carpet and scrub out the dirt patches, grime, molds, and mildew from the fibers.