How Much Do Carpet Remnants Cost?

What Are Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants are just leftover pieces of a carpet or the end of a carpet roll. In other words, carpets that are smaller than 12’x20′ are often called remnants.

What Can You Use Carpet Remnants For?

The best use of carpet remnants is to use them as hallway runners or area rugs. This is because carpet remnants are way cheaper than ready-made rugs and have more custom-size capabilities.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Carpet Remnants?

The most obvious and biggest drawback of carpet remnants is the lack of choice. If you are looking for the same style of carpet remnant as your current carpet, then it might be very difficult for you to find the best match.

Advantages Of Buying Carpet Remnants

The biggest advantage of carpet remnants is that they cost way less than buying an actual carpet.

How Much Do Carpet Remnants Cost?

The cost of carpet remnants depends on the size and fabric that you need. For example, the price of a square foot of carpet is ideally $1 – $12 a square foot, but since remnants are sold at a lower price, you might have to pay less.

Where To Buy Carpet Remnants From?

You can buy carpet remnants from anyone in the carpet business, be it carpet manufacturers, local carpet stores, stores specializing in the sale of remnants, online sellers, big box carpet retailers, and more.

Tips For Buying Carpet Remnants

Before you hit the markets, make sure you measure the area in your house to find out what size of carpet remnant you need.