How Much Carpet Is Required For Stairs?

What Type Of Carpet Is Best For Stairs?

Stairs are the most high-traffic area in your home, so when choosing a carpet, look for a thicker carpet which can also help with absorbing the sound.

Carpet Required For Stairs According To Types Of Stairs

Box Stairs: A box stair is typically in the shape of a box, meaning it is closed by both sides by walls. These are approximately 3′ to 4′ wide.

Carpet Required For Stairs According To Types Of Stairs

Pie Stairs: A pie-shaped stair will require 4′ (or the width of the stairs) x 30″ of carpet for each pie-shaped stair.

Carpet Required For Stairs According To Types Of Stairs

Open Or Floating Or Cap Stairs: These stairs don’t have any risers. So, the carpet is required to be wrapped all around the thread.

How To Measure The Carpet For Stairs?

To determine how much carpet is needed for the stairs, you must measure the width of the broadloom and then calculate it on the basis of the dimension and the number of stairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Carpet On Stairs?

The cost to install carpet on the stairs depends on factors like the size of the stairs, the shape of the stairs, the material of the carpet, and the number of stairs.

How Long Does It Takes To Carpet The Stairs?

If you are thinking of doing it yourself (DIY), then you should expect from 6 to 10 minutes per step. For 10 steps, you can expect carpeting to take 20 minutes to 100 minutes.

Do You Need Carpet Padding On Stairs?

We highly recommend installing the carpet on the stairs using padding. The reason behind this is that using padding will help you with less noise of footsteps when walking down or up the stairs.