Empire Carpet Reviews

History Of Empire Carpet 

Empire Today LLC was founded by Seymour Cohen in 1959. It was initially launched in Chicago as a private business focusing on plastic covers. Sooner, it was expanded as a flooring business with a line of carpet products.

All About Empire Carpet

Empire Today is currently operating in more than 75 metropolitan areas of the USA with the slogan “Empire today, carpeting tomorrow.” They are offering free in-house estimates for their customers who are willing to redo their flooring.

Empire Carpet Reviews

Empire Today LLC provides 24/7 service support and an instant feedback facility to assist with the issues raised by their customers.

How Expensive Is Empire Carpet?

As per a customer review, a 600 sq ft empire carpet costs around $3400, including the installation and padding charges as a whole.

How Durable Is Empire Carpet?

On the official website of Empire Carpet, its product has been given an A+ rating in durability. It is best known to withstand any difficult wear & tear and heavy foot traffic.