Drying Wet Carpet Baking Soda?

Why Is It Important To Dry A Carpet?

If you don’t point out the signs of moisture in your carpet on time, then it will become home to several pests and larvae, such as carpet beetles, lice, and fleas.

Which Carpet Area Is Most Likely To Trap Moisture?

A carpet lying in a basement or near the bathroom area is more likely to trap moisture than others.

Is Baking Soda Good For Carpet?

Baking soda is the most versatile ingredient that can eliminate tough stains on carpets containing dirt, grease, and grout present between tiles.

Drying Wet Carpet Baking Soda

If you are using this all-purpose cleaner for your carpet drying, you should first assure yourself that it is safe for your rug.

Other Methods To Dry Carpet

Use Steam Cleaner: Steam cleaners are the most effective solution for carpets that have trapped moisture for a long and are now showing persistent staining.

Other Methods To Dry Carpet

Ventilate Your Room: If you have just cleared a spill on your carpet with a liquid cleaning solution, then ventilate your room by opening doors and windows.

Other Methods To Dry Carpet

Sun Dry Your Carpet: By drying a carpet under the sun, you can ensure complete moisture evaporation even from the baking. With this, you can also make sure that the rug has no bacteria or allergens left after the completion of the dry process.

Other Methods To Dry Carpet

Assess The Furniture: Sometimes, furniture and other household fixes also trap moisture. That is why you should inspect the legs and surface of each piece of furniture that is in direct contact with your rug.