Do Scales Work On Carpets?

Do Scales Work On Carpets?

There are scales available in the market that are made especially for bathroom carpets, but finding them is a challenging task in itself.

What Are The Problems Of Using Scale On Carpet?

One of the primary factors is that, most often, carpets are soft and mushy, and this results in uneven surfaces for the scales.

How To Find A Carpet-Friendly Scale?

When buying a scale, look for the product description and make sure that they specifically mention the word ‘Feet.’

How To Use Bathroom Scales On The Carpet?

To get the best results, look for the spot with lesser padding or less plush, or simply choose a low pile carpet area.

What Are The Best Alternative Weighing Solutions?

Cut a spare plywood base in the exact size of the scale and place the scale on top of the plywood. This will create an even surface for the scale, giving accurate results.