Can You Use Fabuloso On Carpet?

What Is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner with a multi-action formula, and due to its neutral pH, you can use this formula on any hard surface, such as hardwood, plywood, marble, ceramic, etc.

Can You Use Fabuloso On The Carpet?

The answer to this is not plain sailing because we have only discussed about its use on hard floors. But you will be glad to know this multi-purpose cleaner can be used on different surfaces.

Different Types Of Fabuloso 

– Fabuloso® Original Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Lavender Scent – Fabuloso® Original, Refreshing Lemon Scent – Fabuloso® Original, Passion of Fruits Scent

What Makes Fabuloso Good For A Carpet Cleaner?

Fabuloso comprises numerous cleaning chemicals that aid in ridding dirt surfaces. On the same line, two primary ingredients in Fabuloso are citric acid and sodium chloride. These potent cleaning agents help in making your carpet free from filths and grime.

How To Use Fabuloso On Carpet?

Cleaning Small Stains: - Test Fabuloso in the hidden part of your carpet and leave it for 5 minutes. - Blot the tested region with a damp cloth and check if it has given any discoloration or stiffness

How To Use Fabuloso On Carpet?

Cleaning Whole Carpet: The manufacturers of the product advise not to use Fabuloso as a single solution, instead you can use it by making a solution, consisting, 1/2 cup Fabuloso, 2 big tsp detergent, etc.