Can You Use Awesome On The Carpet?

What Is Awesome Cleaner?

The Awesome Cleaner is manufactured with a blend of Floro-surfactants and Encapsulated Polymers.

Is It Safe To Use Awesome Cleaner?

LA’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner is a  non-toxic cleaner, a naturally mild soap that has been created to clean various surfaces

Can You Use Totally Awesome On The Carpet?

It is recommended to use Awesome as a spotter and not a carpet cleaner. Also, you must carefully read all the instructions given on the label of the product as the elements used in manufacturing the product are very strong

How To Use Awesome Carpet Spot And Stain Remover?

Totally Awesome is a powerful cleaner. This makes it important to dilute the liquid with water. You may have to adjust the quantity to be used according to the varying cleaning problems.

Items Cleaned Using Awesome

LA’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean the following items: 1. Walls 2. Woodwork 3. Window frames, etc.