Can You Change Skirting After Carpet?

Is It Safe To Change Skirting With Carpet On?

Honestly, it’s not a plain sail to save a carpet from wear & tear, especially on an occasion like skirting installation. So, for your carpet’s safety, it’s better first to understand the complete build-in method and then make some initial arrangements.

Is It Possible To Change Skirting After Carpet?

It’s not an impossible task to fulfill if you take care of a few precautions, such as, – Cover your carpet – Ensure that the gripper fits well – Not placing equipment on the carpet.

What Tools Are Required To Change Skirting?

Tools required to change skirting board are: – Hammer – Silicone Gun – Skirting Board – Screws – Drill, etc.

What Arrangements Do You Need To Make Before Replacement?

You can’t directly jump into installation, right? Before that, you need to measure the region you are fitting out and then cut the board as per its outcome.

How To Remove The Existing Skirting Board?

Use a wide jointing knife and snap it to the edge of the skirting to remove the board from the region.

How To Install The Skirting Board?

After ensuring that you have every tool and cut ready with you, mask up your hands and fix each cut in its place with the help of adhesive or nails.