Can You Build A PC On A Carpet?

Can You Build A PC On A Carpet?

Carpets tend to build up and transfer static energy- which is the last thing you want your PC to intake since the electrostatic discharge can damage your components.

What Surface Is Safe To Build Your PC?

The best placement for your PC is on a desk. It will ensure the proper airflow intake and will keep it safe from static energy.

Can High Levels Of Dust Harm The Computer?

As time passes, the dust will start to settle in the fan’s filter. This will make the fan work harder to draw more air and more current from the power supply.

Linus Tech Tips For Safe PC Handling

The most common way people keep themselves grounded when handling electronics is by touching the computer case or the plugged-in power supply.

What Are The Other Ways To Ensure Safe PC Handling?

It’s a safe practice to turn off the power supply while keeping it plugged in. Doing this will keep it completely grounded.

How To Build A PC?

Building a PC is easier said than done. It requires several steps and parts. So, don't rush! Wait for your PC part's arrival.