Absorbent Powder Cleaning – Process, Cost, Benefits

What Is Absorbent Powder Cleaning?

The absorbent powder is a type of disinfection granule used to clean carpets. These granules have been designed using scientific principles to quickly absorb and hold any liquid that they come into touch with.

Time Required For Absorbent Powder Cleaning

The time required for absorbent powder carpet cleaning is significantly less than traditional steam cleaning. This is because the powder absorbs and holds liquid, so there’s no need to wait for your carpets to dry after they have been cleaned.

Cost Of Absorbent Powder Cleaning

Some carpet cleaning services may charge on an hourly basis, so it’s important to ask the company ahead of time how they charge and what their rates are before you commit. Typically, you should expect to pay an hourly rate of around $25-$50.

Benefits Of Absorbent Powder Cleaning

Steam cleaning typically takes hours to complete, while using an absorbent powder will take only 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be cleaned.

What Happens During The Absorbent Powder Cleaning Process?

The first step of an absorbent powder cleaning session is pre-treatment. This is where the technician will use a commercial stain remover to treat any stains that might be on the carpet.