4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet For Bedrooms

Is Carpet The Best Flooring Option For Bedroom?

A carpet will bring along a cozy adobe and change the whole ambiance of your room. It will add a premium touch to your room decor and give a safe playing and resting zone for your kids and pets.

How To Select The Best Carpet Type For Bedroom?

If you plan to lay a carpet in your bedroom, then be considerate about its type and color because the wrong carpet option can ruin the whole aesthetic of your room and make it look messy.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet For Bedrooms

If you have pets and kids who like to play, run, stroll, and relax on the floor, then there is nothing safer than a carpet. This is because the amazing soft flooring like carpet prohibits the chances of injuries even if your little ones fall over it.

How Much Does A Carpet Cost For A Bedroom?

If you want to lay a carpet in a 10X12 bedroom, then it will cost you between $500 to $800, but if your bedroom is 12X12, then you have to pay around $1000 for this installation.

How Long Does The Bedroom Carpet Last?

Usually, a carpet laid in a bedroom lasts for 10 to 15 years, but this lifespan can be increased if you take proper care of your wall-to-wall with regular vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning.

How Often Should You Vacuum A Carpet Laid In The Bedroom?

You should vacuum your bedroom carpet at least once a week and two to three times a week in seasons where the carpet traps pollen more frequently.