How To Remove Carpet From Hardwood Floors?

A hardwood flooring elevates the beauty of a room and increases the home value. So, if you already have this glamorous flooring under your rug and you want to reveal it by removing your old wall-to-wall, then you should find out “How To Remove Carpet From Hardwood Floors?”

Because if you know the professional carpet removal process, then you can accomplish the whole task as a DIY project without spending several dollars.

How To Remove Carpet From Hardwood Floors

Let’s get into and find a professional guide on how to achieve carpet removal neatly without damaging your under-flooring!

Tools You’ll Need While Removing Carpet

Tools You'll Need While Removing Carpet

Removing a carpet seems to be simple, but it is a bit heavy and laborious task if you don’t have the right tools in advance. Make sure that you collect all the required equipment and tools before you start the installation process. If you don’t know how to use any of the tools, then first go through its using guide.

Here are some tools that you’ll need during the carpet removal process:

  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Pliers
  • Vacuum
  • Hammer
  • Knee pads
  • Duct tape
  • Utility knife
  • Flat pry bar
  • Sharp-bladed floor scraper

Clean The Area Before Starting The Carpet Removal Process

Clean The Area Before Starting The Carpet Removal Process

This is the first yet most useful step because it can ensure that you are not going to mess up the area during the carpet removal process. To accomplish this, you can use a mop or a vacuum cleaner and glide it all over your wall-to-wall.

Remember to clean up the corners and region covered under furniture so that the filth over it does not get over the padding and floor during the removal process. To give such perfect cleaning:

  • Start by removing all the furniture and shift it to another room.
  • If any of the furniture is heavy and you can’t carry it to shift, then you can simply glide it from one corner of the room to another while cleaning.
  • Clean the carpet with a vacuum or mop, and use a brush or scrubber to pull out the entangled hair from the carpet.
  • If you are sensitive to dust, then you can wear a face mask before starting this cleaning process.

How To Remove Carpet From Hardwood Floors?

How To Remove Carpet From Hardwood Floors

Carpet removal includes a number of steps. Although all the removal steps are simple, but to save your hardwood flooring, you have to be attentive while going through each step.

The carpet removal project may take a few hours, depending on your pace of work. You can be slower than professionals! So, don’t think about that to accelerate your work speed, especially if you are new to this project. Because, like that, you will mess up all the room and the flooring.

Also, wear gloves and a safety mask so that you do not harm yourself while using a utility knife or hammer.

For a perfect carpet removal, let’s see what are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Detach The Carpet From The Tack Strip

Detach The Carpet From The Tack Strip

The tack strips are used underneath the carpet fabric to create a crisp edge and secure the carpet to its place. They hold the carpet without giving any visible staples. Hence, to rip out the carpet, you first have to detach the track strip completely. For this,

  • Grab the carpet from the corner and pull up the track strip with a pair of pliers.
  • If the track strip does not pull out easily, then you can use a utility knife to cut a 4 to 6-inch square of carpet from the corner.
  • Now, remove the carpet piece by pulling it up and then detach the secured area of the corner.

Step 2: Cut The Carpet Into Pieces

Cut The Carpet Into Pieces

A perfectly cut carpet piece is easier to handle than a whole rug because you can easily carry the carpet pieces to another room and recycle them without getting the burden of handling. To cut the accurate pieces,

  • Use a utility knife and cut out 3 feet of carpet at a time.
  • Now, pull back the cut-out portion and roll it up. To secure the roll, you can use duct tape.
  • Remove the roll to another room before proceeding with another cut.
  • If you find any transition between your carpet, then cut the carpet of that area carefully, leaving the transition in its place.

Step 3: Remove the Carpet Padding

Remove the Carpet Paddings

To remove carpet padding, you have to follow the same steps as you have applied in the case of carpet removal, i.e., cutting 3 feet of area at a time with a utility knife and rolling it up before going for another cut.

Padding is much lighter than a carpet, so it is a bit easier to handle while removing. Also, you can roll up several padding cut-out pieces altogether to reduce the area of work and time.

If your padding is glued, then you can use a floor scraper to scrape out the chunks that remain after your padding removal process. Other than this, if your carpet padding is stapled on the hardwood flooring, then you can use vise-grip pliers, a painter’s 5-in-1 tool, and a small, flat-blade screwdriver for removal.

Note: If your carpet was attached to track strips, then after removing the whole carpet and padding, check if there is any strip remaining on the floor.

If there are a few, use the same track strip removal method as discussed above. But this time, be more attentive to not damage the exposed hardwood flooring.

Step 4: Restore The Hardwood Floor

Restore The Hardwood Floor

Once the hardwood flooring is exposed, first check it to ensure that there is no damage or cracks on it. If there is any, first use the wood fillers to mend the scratch or dent on the hardwood.

You can apply this wood filler with a putty knife or flush directly from the tube. Once the filler is dry, sand up the filling to give a final touch.

Wrap Up:

If you want to give a makeover to your flooring and for that planning to expose the hardwood flooring covered under the carpet, then you may think: “How To Remove Carpet From Hardwood Floors?” especially without damaging the hardwood under it.

You can go through a professional DIY carpet removal method and use the tools that are safe for your hardwood floor. After completing the removal process, remember to fix the hardwood floor if there are any cracks or damages.


What is the best tool to remove the carpet?

To remove a carpet, you’ll need a number of tools, such as a plier, a utility knife, a flat pry bar, etc. Because there is no single-handed tool that can do the whole removal project all alone.

Is it safe to remove a carpet as a DIY project?

Yes, you can remove the carpet as a DIY project. The only thing you have to make sure of is to collect all the required tools in advance and not hurry while using them on the carpet. Because like that, you can harm yourself or damage the flooring underneath it.

Why is it hard to pull up carpet?

Carpet removal is not as difficult a task as it seems. So, if you are finding it troublesome to pull up the carpet to remove, then maybe you are using the wrong technique. Cut a small piece of carpet at a time and then pull it to remove. Like this, you can rip out the whole carpet without creating a mess.

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