How To Kill Fleas In Carpet? | 7 Easy Ways!

Owing a pet is a great feeling, but there are problems that come with having them, and the biggest of them is Fleas.

How To Kill Fleas In Carpet

Fleas love to attach themselves to the skin of pets so that they can feed off their blood. And as your pet walks around the house, they sprinkle these on your carpets. So how to kill fleas in carpet?

In this guide, we have shared seven effective methods using which you can get rid of fleas from your carpet and house. Let’s begin!

Signs of Fleas in Your Carpet

Signs of Fleas in Your Carpet

Flea infestation is common in households with pets, and getting rid of these annoying little creatures is not that easy.

Although fleas can spread throughout your house, you can most commonly spot them in your carpets, upholstery, blankets, and furniture.

So if you see fleas bouncing around and are not sure of the intensity of their infestation, then you should probably check one of these spots, and you should also examine your pet’s fur.

The worst part is that fleas bite both pets and humans and leave red nasty, itching spots on the human skin.

So if your house is infested by fleas, then below we have shared some effective ways to deal with them.

How Long Can Fleas Live On Carpet?

How Long Can Fleas Live On Carpet

In most cases, the fleas live on the carpet for two to three months, but if you do not intervene in their presence, then they can lodge for endless periods. By this time, they may hatch eggs and feed on your and your pet’s blood.

The best method to save yourself and your pet is to save your carpet from their infestation! To get rid of them or avoid their infestation, you must build a habit of vacuuming the carpet regularly. Because a vacuum cleaner will eliminate all the eggs, larvae, and pupae of carpet fleas from your rug and restore it to a safe and pristine condition.

After completing the whole sweeping process with a vacuum cleaner, make sure to dump the filth of the vacuum bag outside your home and then move for further flea elimination treatment.

How Long Can Fleas Live In Carpet Without A Host?

How Long Can Fleas Live In Carpet Without A Host

Without a host, the carpet fleas can live for two weeks, and during this time, the female fleas cannot reproduce. However, they still have enough occasions to find a host, and as soon as they find one, the flea starts reproducing rapidly in a short time.

On the other hand, the flea larvae can survive for 45 to 50 days as they do not depend on blood to feed. After these larvae enter the pupae stage, they survive for 100 days without the host.

Hence, it’s only the adult flea that cannot live longer without a host. Besides, both larvae and pupae can survive and become a threat to you and your carpet.

How To Kill Fleas In Carpet?

Here are 7 effective ways to kill fleas in carpet:

What you’ll need?

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Steam cleaner
  • Broom
  • Hot water and soap
  • Replacement vacuum bag (for bag vacuums)
  • Bleach
  • Flea powder
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Garbage bags or containers that seal tightly

How much time will it take? 

30-60 minutes. Depending on the severity of the flea infestation, you might need to do the treatment for a few weeks.



1. Carpet Vacuuming

  1. Fleas can be removed using a vacuum cleaner, especially if their infestation is not much. Simply vacuum your carpets from corner to corner so that the eggs, larvae, and fleas lingering in the carpet get sucked in.
  2. Apart from your carpet, you would need to vacuum your entire house, including the furniture, bedding, curtains, upholstery, etc. Make sure you clean each and every corner thoroughly.
  3. After vacuuming your house, please throw away the vacuum bag and do not just empty it and use it again.
  4. Lastly, clean your pet’s bedding in your washing machine using the hottest setting.
  5. Repeat as needed. You might have to keep vacuuming for one-two weeks, depending on the intensity of the infestation.

2. Steam Cleaning or Shampooing Carpets

Steam Cleaning or Shampooing Carpets

Steam cleaning carpets is another great way to kill fleas, as fleas cannot stand a temperature above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

And if you have a carpet shampooing machine or know from where you can rent one, then even that works great.

The combination of soap and heat works great not only for killing fleas in the carpet but also on the hardwood floor, upholstery, countertops, furniture, etc.

3. Flea Powder

Flea Powder

If vacuuming your carpet is not working out for the infestation in your house, then you should consider using a flea powder.

Here’s how to use flea powder to kill fleas in carpet:

  1. Put on gloves and sprinkle a generous amount of flea powder onto your carpet.
  2. Using a brush or broom, spread the powder evenly onto the carpet.
  3. Leave the flea powder for at least one hour or as per the time mentioned on the flea powder pack to see the best result.
  4. After letting it sit for the required time, clean the carpet using a vacuum machine.
  5. Repeat the process for a few days or until the fleas are gone completely.

4. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is an abrasive that is composed of organisms called diatoms. These diatoms are vicious for pests, including fleas, ants, bed bugs, etc.

Once the fleas come in contact with this powder, it will soak up the moisture from the flea’s body and cause it to dry up completely and die.

Here’s how to use Diatomaceous Earth to kill carpet fleas:

  1. Wear gloves and put on a mask.
  2. Now sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on the carpet by creating a thin and even layer.
  3. Using a broom, spread the powder deep into the fibers of the carpet.
  4. Leave the powder on the carpet for 24-48 hours.
  5. After the time is over, clean up, the carpet using a vacuum cleaner.

Things to keep in mind while using Diatomaceous Earth

  • To avoid possible irritation on the skin or lungs, make sure to wear a mask and gloves while using this powder.
  • Keep your kids and pets away from the carpet sprinkled with Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Instead of using a filter-grade Diatomaceous Earth, use a food-grade Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Diatomaceous Earth does not kill flea eggs, so you might have to repeat this process until the eggs hatch to get rid of them completely.

5. Boric Acid

Boric Acid

Boric acid works just as Diatomaceous Earth and kills the fleas by drying them up. Here’s how to use Boric acid to kill fleas from carpet:

  1. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly first.
  2. Put on goggles, gloves, and a mask, as Boric acid may cause skin or lung irritation.
  3. Now sprinkle Boric acid uniformly across the entire surface of the carpet.
  4. Let the Boric acid sit on the carpet for at least an hour, and keep your pets and kids away from the carpet.
  5. After one hour, vacuum away the carpet again and throw away the vacuum bag, and do not keep using the same bag.
  6. Repeat the process as needed.

6. Vinegar Spray

Vinegar Spray

If you are looking for a natural remedy to prevent fleas in your carpet, then here’s what you can do:

  1. Mix one part water with one part white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray this mix onto the carpet thoroughly. You should also spray this mix onto other areas, such as your pet’s bedding, your upholstery, furniture, curtains, cushions, and other similar items.
  3. The acidic nature of vinegar will help in killing adult fleas. However, this might not kill the eggs.
  4. You can combine this method with any other method and use it to prevent the infestation of fleas in the future.

7. Lemon Spray

Lemon Spray

Here’s how you can make and use a lemon spray to keep fleas at bay naturally:

  • In a pot, pour two cups of water and add thin slices of two-three lemons.
  • Put the pot on the gas and let the water with lemon slices come to a boil.
  • Put off the gas, take off the stove, and let the lemon sit in the water overnight.
  • Next day, remove the lemon slices and fill the lemon water into a spray bottle.
  • Spray your carpet, upholstery, furniture and other items with this spray.
  • Fleas do not like the acidic nature of lemons, and this will help in preventing flea infestation in the future.

Tips to Prevent Flea in Your Pet

Tips to Prevent Flea in Your Pet

Getting rid of fleas from carpets is extremely important as they are the primary source of dangerous tapeworms. Using the methods mentioned above, you can surely get rid of fleas from carpets.

However, it does not guarantee protection from future infestations, obviously. So if you want to prevent future flea infestations, then here’s what you can do:

  • Check your pet: Fleas enter houses most commonly through. So if you see your pet scratching itself frequently, examine its fur and see if it has fleas. Use a treatment recommended by your vet to get rid of fleas in your pet.
  • Bathe your pet: Using flea shampoo for dogs, bathe your dog properly. The shampoo and water will help in killing the fleas. However, if you have a cat, then bathing them might be a problem as they do not like water and might get aggressive.
  • Use a flea medication: Talk to your vet and ask them to give a flea medication for your dog or cat. This is a great way to ensure your pet remains safe from fleas.
  • Get a flea collar: If your dog or cat likes to go out frequently and play with another dog, then you should put a flea collar on them. A flea collar contains a chemical that keeps fleas at bay, so using it would be a good way to keep them safe.
  • Use essential oils: By using a few drops of essential oils, such as eucalyptus, lavender, bergamot, lemon, etc., in water, you can create a natural flea repellant. Essential oil spray is safe for pets and kids and is a remedy to prevent fleas from getting into your home.

Wrapping Up

Fleas multiply rapidly and can be annoying to deal with. However, using the methods shared above, you can get rid of fleas from your carpet and from your house.

Also, makes sure you follow the tips shared to prevent fleas from entering your house again in the future.

We hope this guide on how to kill fleas in carpet was useful.


For how long can fleas live in carpet?

Fleas may live in carpets for two-three months on average. And if they have a host and are left unattended, then they might live in your carpet without end.

Flea needs blood to survive, and without it, it will die in a few days.

Can fleas survive the cleaning of carpet?

Carpet shampoo contains chemicals that are harmful to fleas, and this, combined with hot water, can be deadly for fleas. So no, fleas cannot survive cleaning of the carpet.

Why are there fleas in my carpet?

Fleas lay approximately 50 eggs daily in the fur of your pet. As your pet moves around the house, the eggs fall off into the carpet and other upholsteries.

Once these eggs hatch, they embed into the bottom layer of the carpet, and it becomes difficult to remove them.

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