How To Keep A Carpet Runner From Moving On The Carpet?

A carpet runner indeed looks beautiful and adds a final touch to your living space, but the problem starts when they start piling up on the carpet, increasing the tripping accidents. So, how to keep a carpet runner from moving on the carpet?

How To Keep A Carpet Runner From Moving On The Carpet

A runner that was filling your house with character and comfort can soon become a hassle when you have to bend every time to straighten the runner on the carpet.

However, there are a few effective and efficient methods that can help you prevent the carpet runner from moving on the carpet. But before that, let’s first understand what a carpet runner is and why they move on the carpet.

What Is A Carpet Runner?

What Is A Carpet Runner

Carpet runners are area rugs that are long in length. They are mostly used in areas where walkways are straight and lengthy.

These provide protection in specific areas where there are heavy foot traffic or heavy load levels.

Carpet runners are often confused with area rugs which are smaller in comparison. A rug is simply a fabric covering a partial area in the house, like a living room area or bedroom.

On the other hand, a carpet runner is a long, narrow carpet that can be used in hallways or stairs.

Why Do Runners Move On The Carpet?

Carpet runners move because of the foot impact on the carpet. They follow the carpet pile’s movement.

The process goes like this- When you walk, your footsteps move the carpet pile, and this movement is transferred to the carpet runner compelling it to move too.

Moreover, the more mushy or plushier your carpet is, the more the carpet runner will tend to move. This happens because the long fibers of the carpet will have less grip on the carpet runner.

How To Keep A Carpet Runner From Moving On Carpet?

How To Keep A Carpet Runner From Moving On Carpet

If you are in love with your beautiful runner, but it keeps causing you to trip over it- well, let’s be honest! That’s a toxic relationship, as the end result is extremely dangerous.

However, instead of throwing your love, you can still keep it by using these methods. These are some simple methods that are also used by professionals and will help you prevent both your hassle and hazard.

1. Rug Gripper

Using a rug gripper is an excellent solution to use on carpeted stairs. This method works when you want to apply any adhesive or silicone caulking. It works well on low-pile carpets.

Rug grippers are just like carpet padding. These are placed beneath the runner and use a rubber layer underneath the runner which creates a hold on the carpet.

These are also very safe to use on carpets as it has rubber at the bottom and plastic at the top, so it won’t leave any residue on the carpet.

2. Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Using double-sided carpet or rug tape is one of the most cost-effective, time-saving, easy installation, and less damaging methods. These rug tapes can also be used to stick rugs on carpets.

It is a good adhesive solution that works well even when you plan to move your runner around the house. To use it, simply apply it in a grid pattern on the carpet and then apply it on the edges of the runner. This will ensure a more secure hold on the carpet.

Note: Using a double-sided carpet or rug tape might damage the carpet fibers as the tape has a strong adhesive that can rip off the carpet fibers when removing them.

3. Rug Pads

You can also use non-slip rug pads to prevent the carpet runner from moving on the carpet. Look for a high-quality rug pad that is made from natural materials.

An ideal rug pad will have natural rubber floor grips. Also, when buying a carpet pad, always look for pads that are made from natural materials instead of plastic material.

It will protect your carpet from discoloration or damage from high foot traffic.

4. Silicone Caulk

Silicone caulking can also be done on carpet runners to prevent them from slipping on the carpet. These come in squeezable tubes, which then is installed in the caulking gun to apply to the carpet.

To apply this, you just have to simply apply dost or strips in a specific pattern at the base of the carpet runner. You can place the carpet runner after the silicone is dry.

5. Anchor It With Furniture

How To Keep A Carpet Runner From Moving On the Carpet- Anchor It With Furniture

One of the simplest methods to use is to anchor the carpet runner with the furniture. This method also ensures the quality of the carpet.

You have to pin the carpet runner underneath the furniture near it. Remember not to hide the beautiful part of the carpet.

6. Velcro (Hook And Loop Fastener)

The next effective method is to use velcro underneath the carpet runner. You can buy it in strips and attach it to the runner on the carpet.

However, this method is not as safe as the other methods. It can ultimately damage your carpet when you” try to remove it.

7. Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Gun

Using a hot glue gun is not as effective as silicone caulking but is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to use silicone caulking.

Simply heat the hot glue gun and apply the glue on the back of the carpet runner when it’s dry. However, remember to test the hot glue gun method because the heated glue might burn your carpet runner.


The carpet runner moves in the direction of your walk. The soft your carpet, the more the carpet runner will move.

The most straightforward solution to piling carpet runner is to remove it, but then what about the aesthetic look it gives to your house?

Well! there’s no need to do this. All you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned effective methods to prevent moving your carpet runner from the carpet.

We hope this article answers all your questions on how to keep a carpet runner from moving on the carpet.


Do I need tack strips on stairs?

No, you don’t need tack strips on stairs. Tack strips are thin pieces of wood with thousand of sharp nails used in the installation of carpet.

How to secure runner to the floor?

One of the most cost-friendly methods is to use Double-sided carpet or rug tape. These have powerful adhesives which tightly secure the carpet runner to the floor or any other surface.

What are the disdavantges of stair runner?

There are only two disadvantages of the stair runner that is it is expensive, and it might be a daunting task to clean it.

How can I remove double-sided tape from the carpet runner?

First, use a heat gun or hair dryer on the places where you’ve attached the tape. This process will soften the adhesive. The next step is to pull off the rug tape from the runner.

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