How To Get Oil Out Of The Carpet?

It’s inevitable! From wear and tear to spilling everything, your carpet goes through a lot. But when it comes to spilling oil on the carpet, it can surely test your physical strength because, Yes! they are challenging to remove without spoiling your carpet. So, how to get oil out of the carpet?

How To Get Oil Out Of The Carpet

A carpet transforms any house into a home with its vibrant color, warmth, and texture. However, it also has the superpower to absorb anything and everything from your pet’s pee, carpet beetles, dust, dust mites, you name it.

Certain incidents also happen where you accidentally spill any oil on the carpet, and in the name of cleaning it, you end up damaging your carpet.

In this guide, we’ll discuss safe and easy methods for getting oil out of the carpet without ruining it.

How To Get Oil Out Of The Carpet When It’s Fresh?

If you want to win the battle against any oil stain, then treat it before it gets dried out. Here are a few solutions you can use:

1. Using Powder

Using Powder

When removing any kind of stain, the most significant thing to remember is not to rub the stain too vigorously.

  • Start by sprinkling any powder like baking soda, baby powder, or talcum powder onto the oil stain. These materials are excellent at absorbing large amounts of grease.
  • Use a soft brush and rub the powder into the stain gently until the powder form lumps.
  • Then clean the residue using a clean, dry cloth or a paper towel.

2. Using Alcohol

Using Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or simply alcohol is also a great cleaning agent for removing any stain from your carpet.

  • Apply a small amount of high-proof alcohol on the damaged area.
  • Leave the solution for 10-15 minutes.
  • Next, wash the area with a clean sponge and water.

3. Using Vinegar and Dishwash Liquid

Using Vinegar and Dishwash Liquid

Another effective method to get rid of fresh oil stains from the carpet is to make your own solution.

  • Make a solution of hot water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid in a ratio of 25:2:1.
  • Spray the solution on the damaged area.
  • Clean it using a clean cloth or paper towel.

4. Using Carpet Cleaning Solution

Using Carpet Cleaning Solution

If you already have a carpet cleaning solution at home, then:

  • Apply the solution to the area.
  • Wait until it sets and dries.
  • Once the solution is dry, use the vacuum to clean it.

These methods are pretty painless. However, they do not guarantee success. Therefore when in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.

How To Get Oil Out Of The Carpet When It’s Old?

If you forgot to clean the oil stain, then the chances are it probably got dried up still, you don’t have to stress about it.

Listed are some methods you can use to get rid of dried oil stains.

1. Using Dishwash Liquid

Oils contain fat in large amounts, and dishwashing liquids are designed to remove fats.

  • Start by moisturizing the carpet with warm water.
  • Pour an average amount of dishwashing liquid on a sponge and treat the affected area.
Using Dishwash Liquid
  • Gently rub the area in a circular motion.
  • Rinse the carpet with a mixture of vinegar and warm water solution.
  • Wash the spot on the carpet using clean water.

2. Using Potato Starch

You can also use potato starch to get rid of oil stains on the carpet.

  • Make a paste of potato and water.
Using Potato Starch
  • Apply the mixture to the affected area.
  • Leave the mixture for a few minutes until it hardens.
  • Use a soft sponge to wipe the area.
soft sponge

3. Using Shaving Cream

  • Apply shaving cream on the affected area.
Using Shaving Cream
  • Leave the cream on the stain for 10-15 minutes and remove it using a damp towel.
  • Rinse the stain with water and apply more shaving cream.
  • Repeat the process until the stains are entirely removed.
  • Rinse the carpet with clean water, or you can also use a paper towel to remove the residue.

How To Remove Different Types Of Oil From The Carpet?

Different types of Oils

There are different oils we use that sometimes end up on the carpet and require different types of solutions—for example, massage oil, vegetable oil, black oil, olive oil and etc.

Let’s get on the ride to removing different types of oil using different types of solutions:

1. How To Get Cooking Oil Out Of The Carpet?

1. Removing Olive Oil

Removing Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most notorious oils that penetrate deep into the carpet within seconds and damage the carpet. However, there are a few solutions that work effectively for the purpose.

Material Required:

  • Clean Cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A Vacuum Cleaner

1. The very step is to blot away the oil from the carpet. Place the clean, dry cloth and, without rubbing it, dab the excess oil.

blot away the oil from the carpet

2. In a small bowl, mix 1/4 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of dish soap, and 1/2 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

3. Apply the solution using a clean cloth and dab the area gently until the stain is removed.

4. Once the stain is removed, rinse the area with rubbing alcohol. This will help you remove any residue, and it will also prevent the oil from seeping back into the carpet.

5. The last step requires you to vacuum the carpet thoroughly to ensure that all the residue is removed.

Removing Olive Oil- vacuum the carpet

2. Removing Vegetable Oil

Material Required:

  • Clean Cloth or Paper Towel
  • Carpet pre-spray
  • Baking Soda
  • Absorbent Powder
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Warm Water

1. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to blot away the oil.

2. Once the damaged area is blotted away, apply the carpet pre-spray. This will break down the oil and make it easier to be removed.

Carpet Pre-Spray

3. In a small bowl, make a mixture using 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 cup of warm water.

4. Apply the solution using a clean cloth until the stain is entirely removed. Then let the solution sot for 10-15 minutes.

5. Once the solution has done its job, blot the area again to soak up as much liquid as possible.

6. If, even after doing this process, you see any remaining oil, then sprinkle some absorbent powder like- cornstarch or talcum powder.

talcum powder

7. Let the powder sit for 30 minutes and then clean it using a vacuum.

2. How To Get Massage Oil Out Of The Carpet?

How To Get Massage Oil Out Of The Carpet

Materials Required:

  • Clean Cloth
  • Non-bleach Laundry Detergent
  • Warm Water

1. The very first step in removing any type of oil from the carpet is to dab it gently. Avoid rubbing the stain.

2. Next, make a solution using warm water and non-laundry detergent. Make sure the detergent is not too harsh on the carpet by testing it on a small area on the carpet.

non-laundry detergent

3. Use a clean cloth and apply the solution to the affected area. Then clean the area using warm water.

4. Repeat the process if necessary and allow the area to dry completely.

5. Lastly, vacuum the carpet both back and forth and side to side.

You can also use these methods to remove black oil, essential oil, castor oil, and even automotive grease and car oil.

How To Remove Oil From Upholstery?

How To Remove Oil From Upholstery

If you are a person who loves to watch series while munching on your favorite snack on the couch, then you also have spilling accidents more often. Right?

So the blazing question here is how to remove oil from the upholstery.

First things first, like your carpet is made from different materials, the couch is also made from different materials and has different textures.

So you need to understand the texture and material of the carpet before applying any solution to it.

Here are some methods that are safe to use on upholstery:

1. Powder And Vacuum

If the stain is caused by oily solids like butter or a slice of pizza, then:

  • Start by scraping out any oily solids from the couch using a dull knife or any old credit card.
Powder And Vacuum
  • Next, sprinkle the cornstarch or talcum powder on the stain. This will allow oils to get absorbed.
  • Using a brush with soft bristles, rub the area gently.
brush with soft bristles
  • Allow the powder to sit for 10-15 minutes, and then vacuum it properly.

2. Using Ammonia

The materials used in the couch are soft and delicate, and using carpet cleaning solutions without upholstery attachment can be dangerous for your beautiful couch.

Using Ammonia

Instead of using a carpet cleaning solution, you can make your own solution using ammonia.

  • Mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with a grease cutter in 2 cups of warm water in a bowl.
  • Add one tablespoon of household ammonia.

WARNING: Make sure that chlorine bleach is not an ingredient when mixing ammonia with another cleaning agent. Mixing ammonia with bleach will create a toxic gas.

  • Start the process by dipping the soft-bristle brush in the solution.
Brushing the carpet
  • Gently rub the damaged area.
  • Blot with a dry paper towel.
  • Rinse a clean cloth in water and clean any soapy residue from the carpet. Repeat these steps if the stain is not eradicated.
  • The last step requires you to avoid walking in the area to allow it to completely dry.

Mistakes To Avoid While Removing Oil From the Carpet

Mistakes To Avoid While Removing Oil From the Carpet

There’s no doubt that an oil stain is one of the most difficult stains to remove from the carpet without damaging the carpet. Here are a few mistakes to avoid that will help you effectively remove the stain.

1. Do not rub the stain, instead, blot it. Rubbing the stain will make the oil get deeply ingrained in the carpet and spread it.

2. Don’t ignore the satin. Many people often think that leaving the stain as it is will make it dry and eventually remove it, but this is not the case.

Treat the oil stain as soon as possible.


Oil stains are definitely challenging to be removed from the carpet. However, with your determination, the right tools, and the right methods, removing them gets pretty easy.

Always remember to test any solution before applying it entirely on the carpet. Blot the damaged area and do not rub it.


What removes grease and oil from the carpet?

Grease and oil on the carpet is a potent combination; however, it can be removed using baking soda and a solution of ammonia.

Do oil stains become permanent?

There’s one simple rule- The longer you wait, the more likely it is to get permanent. However, with most oil spills are very challenging to be removed and can get permanent.

Can car oil be removed from the carpet?

Yes, car oil can also be removed from the carpet using absorbent powder, dry-cleaning solvent, dishwashing soap, and white vinegar.

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