How To Get Latex Paint Out Of The Carpet?

In a burst of decorative enthusiasm, you have decided to splash new colors on the walls. The process is completed, and it looks fabulous, but as soon you look down, you realize that your carpet has also got a new color and new pattern with splashes of wall paint. Now, if you are surfing on “How to get latex paint out of the carpet,” then you are at the perfect place.

How To Get Latex Paint Out Of The Carpet

Yes! This guide will provide insight into how you can remove latex paint from the carpet without damaging it.

What Is Latex Paint?

Latex paint is similar to acrylic paints, but unlike acrylic paints, these are used to cover larger areas. They are also known as water-based paints.

According to the experts, Latex paints are less expensive and are best for interior and exterior paints.

Latex paints are made from a mixture of resins(binder), titanium dioxide (pigment), limestone (extenders), and water (thinner). All these constituents are mixed together until they form an emulsion.

How To Get Latex Paint Out Of The Carpet?

First things first, identifying the type of paint is crucial to understanding what steps and ingredients you’ll have to use to remove it.

There are generally two types: water-based and oil-based. As we know, water-based paints are also known as latex paints; let’s look at the process of cleaning them.

How To Remove The Latex Paint: When It Dried?

1. Carefully scrape off the dry paint using a utility knife or something with a sharp edge, like a card.

2. Use a dustpan to pick up the larger paint chips, and for the finest paint scrapes, use a vacuum to clean them.

3. Next, make a mixture of 8 (fl oz) of water with 0.5 (fl oz) dish soap in a spray bottle.

4. Spritz the mixture on the dry paint stain and leave it to soak for a while.

How To Remove The Latex Paint: When It Dried

5. Massage the spot gently using a soft brush and increasing the solution when needed.

6. Finally, vacuum the area.

How To Remove The Latex Paint: When The Paint Is Wet?

1. Firstly, use a paper towel to blot the top layer of the paint. Don’t scrub only blot it.

2. After blotting, splash some hot water over the area to make it damp.

3. Next, mix 8 (fl oz) lukewarm water and 0.50 (fl oz) of dish soap to make a gentle carpet cleaning solution.

4. Using a soft bristle brush, massage the stained area until a soapy lather comes on the carpet.

How To Remove The Latex Paint: When The Paint Is Wet

5. Keep scrubbing until you see the paint slowly disintegrate from the carpet. Use more mixture if needed.

6. Blot the lather using a clean rag or a paper towel.

7. Lastly, vacuum the spot and allow it to dry completely.

How To Get Oil-Based Paint Out Of Carpet?

Natural or synthetic oil forms the base of oil-based paints. It is the most durable type of paint for painting your house, and also, when it is spilled on the carpet.

How To Remove The Oil-Based Paint: When The Paint Is Wet?

1. Carefully pick up the messed-up paint with a paint scraper or butter knife.

2. Don’t scrub the bits of paint; otherwise, it will become more challenging to remove it.

3. Using a heavy-duty paper towel, begin blotting up the paint. Only stop when you don’t see the wet paint on the carpet.

4. Dab a clean white cloth with some turpentine or paint thinner and keep on blotting. The chemical reaction will help loosen the paint and dissolve the stain.

How To Remove The Oil-Based Paint: When The Paint Is Wet

5. Remember to ventilate the room with enough air when working with turpentine.

6. When the stain is removed, you’ll also need to remove the turpentine or paint thinner. So, make a mixture of 8 (fl oz) lukewarm water and 0.50 (fl oz) of dish soap.

7. Gently rub this solution on the stained area and then use a clean cloth to lift the moisture from the carpet.

8. Lastly, run a vacuum over the previously stained area.

How To Remove The Oil-Based Paint: When The Paint Is Dry?

1. Scarp off the top layer of the oil-based paint using a utility knife or a butter knife.

2. Use a strong needle to loosen up the pieces, and for small bits of paint, use a vacuum. For best results, you can use a steam cleaner to lift the paint.

How To Remove The Oil-Based Paint: When The Paint Is Dry

3. Dab a cloth with acetone or paint thinner and use it to blot the stained area.

4. Next, steam clean the area using a solution of dish soap and water.

5. If the paint is still visible on the top layer of the carpet, you can trim it easily using a razor or pair of scissors.

How To Get Acrylic Paint Out Of The Carpet Using Laundry Detergent And Water?

Acrylic paints are chemical-based. They are flexible and can be used on all kinds of surfaces. However, if you spill it on the carpet, you need to act fast, as they are lightfast and permanent once it’s dried. To remove acrylic paint from the carpet, watch the video:

How To Get Emulsion Paint Out Of The Carpet?

To get an emulsion paint out of the carpet, you need to follow just 5 simple steps:

1. Soak a clean cloth with a splash of rubbing alcohol.

2. Use the cloth to dab the affected area on the carpet softly.

How To Get Emulsion Paint Out Of The Carpet

3. Use a wet vacuum cleaner in order to clean the area around the stain.

4. Next, take a paper towel and soak it in glycerin. Use it to blot the stain.

5. Continue the process until all the emulsion is lifted.

How To Remove Paint From The Carpet Using Home Remedies?

If you are skeptical about using harmful chemicals on your soft, beloved carpet, then the best home remedy might be sitting in your bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

Yes! That’s what home remedies are. They can be easily found in your house. Below are the 3 home remedies you can easily find and use to remove paint from the carpet without the stress of ruining it:

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is the best home remedy you can use. In fact, it can be used to clean many greasy stains on the carpet, such as removing automotive grease.

It is best known for its unique set of qualities to remove the stain quickly without leaving any residue. This is because it evaporates quickly and doesn’t soak into the fibers of your carpet.

So, follow these steps to use rubbing alcohol on the carpet effectively:

1. Make the stained spot damp by using some warm water on the stain.

2. Then apply some rubbing alcohol to a clean white cloth, white paper towel, or a cotton ball.

Rubbing Alcohol

3. Next, dab the stained area using a cloth or paper towel.

4. Rinse the area with warm water and repeat the process if the stain is not completely removed.

2. Nail Polish Remover/ Acetone

Acetone is a strong solvent that cuts through grease, wax, resins, and other residuals. It can be used for both oil and latex-based paints and can be used to remove various types of surfaces including carpets and soft furnishings.

To use it follow the given steps:

1. Put some nail polish remover on a clean cloth and dab the stain with the cloth.

Nail Polish Remover/ Acetone

2. Keep proper ventilation in the area you are working, as long exposure to acetone can be harmful to human health.

3. Blot the stained area until the paint is completely removed.

4. Lastly, clean the area with a mild cleaning solution.

3. Using Turpentine

Turpentine will help you remove the paint easily. It works to separate the spills from the carpet fiber, allowing you to remove the paint without scrubbing the carpet.

1. Make the spot damp with some warm water.

2. Then apply turpentine to a clean cloth, white paper towel, or cotton ball.

3. Dab the spot softly with the turpentine-rinsed cloth or a paper towel.

4. Rinse it with warm water after the stain is completely removed.

5. Repeat the step if necessary.

How To Protect Your Carpet When Painting?

It is vital to protect your carpet before starting the painting process. This is because they are vulnerable to situations like these, and it is quite expensive to install a new carpet.

Even if you have professionals working on the process, it is best to be prepared and apply the following tips to protect your carpet:

1. Cover The Carpet

How To Protect Your Carpet When Painting

The most obvious and easiest method to protect your carpet is to cover it. This not only includes the carpet but also the other items in the room; at least try to keep the items away from the wall you are painting.

To effectively cover the carpet, you can drape polythene dust sheets over the region near wet paint. If you are tight on budget, then you can also use old sheets or thick curtains.

2. Cover The Trim

Cover The Trim

This is done in a similar way as the above method; just tape the polythene a little higher to protect the carpet as well as the trim.

Secure the painter’s tape smoothly where the trim meets the rest of the wall. This way, you can keep the paint away even when working on the edges. But the question arises how to paint trim with carpet? In this case, it will be difficult to save the carpet from damage.


Latex paint is also known as water-based paint and is quite easy to remove from the carpet. But still, you should not take the risk and protect your carpet by covering it.

It’s vital to cover the carpet while painting your house. Even when you hire a professional to do the job, it’s essential to take precautionary steps from your side.

However, removing latex paint from your carpet is not that easy and requires you to follow the appropriate steps, especially if you are using products like Fabuloso on the carpet. But, if you are thinking about, can you paint skirting boards with carpets down? Then remember that you need to be extra careful as it will require a lot of elbow grease to get that stain out of the carpet.

We hope this guide gave you complete information on how to get latex paint out of the carpet.


Will vinegar remove dried paint from the carpet?

Yes, vinegar can also be used to remove the dried paint from the carpet. Remember to dilute it with water and only use white vinegar for the purpose.

What is the best way to remove the latex paint from the carpet?

The best is to use a gentle solution on the stained area. Firstly, use a knife to scrape off the excess paint from the carpet. And when using the solution, remember not to rub the stain, only blot it.

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to remove latex paint?

Yes, if nothing works and you can still see the paint stains, then you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove it. Remember to follow the proper steps.

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