How To Get Dog Pee Smells & Stains Out Of Carpet?

As endearing as it may be, owning a pet is a full-time job, and you cannot run away from it.

Dogs keep creating messes all the time, and peeing on carpets is one such mess you would most likely face or have already as a dog owner. Sometimes, you can’t even tolerate the smell of the pets too.

How To Get Dog Pee Smells & Stains Out Of Carpet

Accidents happen; relax! In this guide, we will have a look at how to get Dog Pee Smells & Stains out of carpet?, how to get the smell off your carpets, along with other valuable tips. So let us get started!

How To Get Dog Pee & Pee stains Out Of Carpet?

How To Get Dog Pee Out Of Carpet

There are many ways using which you can get Dog pee and odor out of your carpet, like using pine-sol, but here are the best natural or DIY methods to get rid of Dog pee out of your carpets:

Cleaning Dog pee from your carpet using Vinegar

  1. Using a paper towel, blot the urine as much as possible first.
  2. Now mix one part water and one part white vinegar to create a natural cleaning solution. (undiluted vinegar can damage carpets)
  3. Now pour or spray this diluted vinegar solution on the pet urine stain and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Take a dry cloth and soak up the vinegar solution from the stain by applying pressure.
  5. Vinegar can effectively neutralize the pet odor, so repeat the process until the stain or smell vanishes.

Cleaning Dog pee from your carpet using Baking Soda

  1. If the pet urine stench is too much, then you can use baking soda to get rid of it.
  2. For this, again, blot the urine using a paper towel first.
  3. Apply one part white vinegar and one part water solution on the stain.
  4. After letting it sit for five minutes, blot the area.
  5. Repeat this step again, and now do not sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the diluted vinegar mixture on the urine stain.
  6. Let it sit till the mixture dries out, and now clean it up using a vacuum cleaner.

You can also use baking soda to remove automotive grease from the carpet. But being a pet parent, the main concern of using baking soda is that is it safe for dogs?

How To Get Dog Pee Out of Carpet Without Vinegar?

If you do not want to use vinegar to get rid of dog pee and stains, then you can try these alternative methods:

Cleaning Dog pee from your carpet using pet urine cleaner

Cleaning Dog pee from your carpet using pet urine cleaner
  1. After removing your Dog or cat from the carpet, grab a paper towel and blot as much urine as you can.
  2. Now apply the pet urine cleaner on the area and agitate using a towel. Let the solution sit on the area as mentioned in the cleaner’s instruction manual.
  3. After letting the solution sit for the suggested time, take warm water, pour it over the urine spot, and agitate with a towel. Keep repeating this step until the urine spot is completely removed from the carpet.
  4. Now let the spot dry out completely.

Cleaning Dog pee from your carpet using Dishwash Soap & Hydrogen Peroxide

Dishwash Soap & Hydrogen Peroxide
  1. Using a dry towel, plot the pet urine from the carpet first.
  2. Now mix one cup of water, one tablespoon of dish soap, and one cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Spray this mixture on the urine stain and let it stay on for twenty minutes.
  4. After twenty minutes, clean the mixture from the stain using a dry towel first and then follow up by cleaning the area with a cloth dipped in water.
  5. Let the spot air dry completely.

Cleaning Dog pee from your carpet using a carpet cleaning machine

Cleaning Dog pee from your carpet using a carpet cleaning machine
  1. Pre-treat and blot the pet urine from the carpet using a dry towel first.
  2. Now spray the area with your favorite pet stain cleaner.
  3. Now fill your carpet cleaning machine with water and your preferred cleaning formula.
  4. Turn the machine on and push it back and forth on the pet urine stain. Do two passes with the spray button pressed on and two passes with the button pressed off.
  5. Now empty the vacuum container and fill it with plain warm water.
  6. Turn on the machine again and push it back and forth for some time.
  7. Let the spot air dry completely.

Note: The same steps can also be used to get Dog or Cat poop out of your carpets.

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Carpets?

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Carpets

By using any of the above-mentioned steps, you can easily get rid of Dog or cat urine from your carpet. However, if the case is too bad and some smell still lingers, then here’s what you can do:

  • Add one part enzymatic cleaner and one part water in a spray bottle.
  • Mix the solution and spray a generous amount of it on the affected area.
  • Let it sit on the area for 35-60 minutes to let it work on the enzymes.
  • Now using a carpet cleaning machine, clean the area till the spot is cleaned.
  • Allow the carpet to dry up, and the smell will be gone.

How To Clean Old or Dry Pet Urine Stains From Carpets?

If you discovered pet urine on your carpet too late and if the dog urine stain has dried out, then there is no need to worry. You can repeat any of the above-mentioned methods to clean the stain.

You can use the DIY method if your carpet is very delicate and cannot stand harsh chemicals, or you can use pet urine cleaner.

Before you choose the method, make sure you do a patch test on the small part of the carpet first.

Cleaning Dog Pee From Bedding and Dog Crates

Cleaning Dog Pee From Bedding and Dog Crates

You know how to tackle dog pee stains and odors from your carpet, but what if they spoil their crate and bedding this time? Here’s how you can deal with this mess:

Cleaning Dog Pee From Dog Crates

  1. Remove the bedding from the crate and take it outside.
  2. Spray the crate using a garden hose or clean it in a bathtub using lots of water and pet-safe detergent.
  3. If your dog crate is composed of plastic, clean it using water first and spray enzymatic cleaner. This will prevent the plastic from having a reeking smell.

Cleaning Dog Pee From Bedding

If your Dog’s bedding is machine-washable, then read the instruction on the tag and clean the bedding accordingly.

You can use a pet-safe detergent, vinegar, enzymatic cleaner, or oxygen bleach to get clean it. If the bedding can’t be machine washed, then follow these steps:

  1. Remove and launder the slipcover, if any.
  2. Vacuum the bed and remove pet hair and dander out from it.
  3. Place the bed in a tub full of warm water mixed with mild detergent. You can also add enzyme solution, vinegar, etc., to eliminate the smell.
  4. Swish the bed in the tub and clean it properly.
  5. After this, empty the tub and refill it with clean cold water. Repeat the process again until required.
  6. For the last step, wash away any soap with plain water and squeeze the excess water. Now allow the bed to dry out outside.

How To Stop My Dog From Peeing On The Carpet?

How To Stop My Dog From Peeing On The Carpet

The reason why your Dog is peeing on your carpet can be because they just got to go.

Even if your Dog has a set potty routine, they might feel the need to pee anytime and might break the routine every once in a while.

Another reason why they might be peeing on your carpet is because of Marking. Dogs might leave a small quantity of pee on surfaces to claim them, and this is called Marking.

Here are tips on how you can stop your Dog from peeing on the carpet:

  • Block access: To prevent them from marking your carpet or any other area in your house, keep an eye on them and block access to their marked area.
  • Remove odors: If you do not clean the dog urine from the carpet, then it is very likely that they will keep peeing on it because pet odors attract dogs. So make sure you clean the area and remove the odor completely.
  • Train your Dog: Potty training your Dog may take time and patience. But keep at it and make sure you give them the required training to avoid such problems in the future.
  • Go to a vet: If, even in spite of giving your Dog potty training, your Dog continues to keep creating a mess, then consult your vet and get your Dog checked.

Wrapping Up

Who said owning a pet would be easy? Apart from cuddles and a lot of love, it also comes with messes that might not be very pleasant to deal with.

If your Dog has created a peeing mess on your carpets or in your home, then it would only take some effort to deal with the problem. For better results, you can use Awesome on the carpet to clean the mess.

In this guide on how to get dog pee smells & stains out of carpet? we shared many ways to tackle this problem along with some additional tips. We hope you found this useful.


How to get dog poop out of carpet?

You can use any of the methods mentioned above to clean dog poop out of your carpets.

You just have to clean the poop off from the carpet as the first step and remove the rest of the steps as it is.

How can I get dog pee smell out of my carpet?

To get dog pee smell out of your carpet simply mix one cup water with two teaspoons of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar.

Now apply this mixture on the stain, let it sit for five minutes and clean it off.

Is carpet shampooing a good idea to get rid of dog urine?

Carpet shampooing or steam cleaning might actually cause a reverse effect and reactivate the enzymes in the urine, making the smell even worse.

Professional extraction techniques or Odor neutralizers are best to deal with this issue instead.

How long can pet urine smell stay in carpets?

If treated immediately, the urine smell will dissipate in fifteen minutes, but in most cases, it goes away completely only after 1-2 weeks after cleaning.

On the other hand, if you do not treat the spot, then it might take up to five years for the smell to go away on its own.

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