How To Get Crayon Out Of Carpet?

Having a carpet brings the most appealing visual appearance to a room. The only and utmost problem with it is when you have children around you, and because of them, the carpet is getting stained by crayons. Sometimes, we try a lot to remove the colors of crayon, but it still seems to be visible on the carpet, and it will be there for many years until you actually find an idea to remove it. So “How To Get Crayon Our Of Carpet?”.

For this, people are following an ancient strategy of rinsing the carpet and washing it with detergent. This idea can help you in removing waxy parts of crayon and other dust from the carpet, but the color may still be visible on its place.

How To Get Crayon Out Of Carpet

So, what could be done to get rid of the crayon color completely? Is there any possible way that can be followed easily, or should we go for professional consultation and make them obliterate the crayon color? Would you agree if I told you that it can be removed easily at home and you don’t have to consult a professional?

Well, yes, it is possible, and there are so many ways in which it can be accomplished. Let’s look at these tricks individually to get you to your desired answer.

Use A Butter Knife Or Fork To Remove The Crayon Color

You must have thought about it so many times to scratch the pigmented part with a knife or scissors to remove the crayon color, but you must be afraid to cut the carpet with its sharpness. But butter knives or forks can give you your desired result without making any cuts or affecting any fiber of your carpet.

 Scratch The Region With A Butter Knife

The Region With A Butter Knife
  1. Scratch gently on the area where crayon color stains are present.
  2. If the crayon is soft and you cannot scratch it with ease, then take an ice cube and wrap it in a cloth or plastic bag.
  3. Place the ice cube on the pigmented region and rub gently until the crayon hardens.
  4. Scratch the crayoned region once again to pull out excess.
  5. Use a scrubber or vacuum cleaner to remove the separated crayon color spread on the carpet.

This idea will remove the crayon from your carpet but not the stain. For that, you have to go through one more step, as listed below, to get the desired results.

Use Detergent Or Dish Washer Soap/Liquid

Use Detergent Or Dish Washer SoapLiquid

After scratching the stained region with a butter knife and vacuuming it to remove excess, add an adequate amount of detergent or dishwashing soap or liquid to the colored region.

  1. Add 1 cup of lukewarm water in detergent or dishwashing liquid.
  2. Test a bit of solution on the hidden region to check whether it impacts the color of the carpet or not.
  3. Pour the solution into the stained region and rub it using a scrubber.
  4. Add clean water and wipe it off using a cotton cloth to remove the cleaning agent that you are using.
  5. Check whether the stain has gone from the region or not. If yes, then let the area dry for some time under the sun.

This 2 step method can eradicate any crayon color and will make your carpet look precisely the same as it was.

Use Vinegar For Crayon Removal

Use Vinegar For Crayon Removal

Children usually cause many kinds of stress, and one of them is playing with crayons on the carpet. But if you know the tricks to tackle this problem, then you don’t have to worry about colors. For this, you just need white vinegar ready with you in your home.

  1. Add 1 portion of white vinegar in 2 portions of water.
  2. Pour the mixture into the affected region after checking its effect in any hidden carpet area.
  3. Use clean water and a cloth to blot the region.
  4. If you can still see colors on the carpet, then repeat the steps again and again until it is immaculate.

Use A Carpet Cleaner On A Stained Region

To use this method, you just have to reach the retailer to buy a carpet cleaner. This cleaner is specially made to clean the stains from your carpet and make it look new and bright. This method also includes a 2 step formula from which you can easily eliminate crayon color stains.

Remove Crayon Using Loose Knife 

Remove Crayon Using Loose Knife 

As discussed above, a loose knife will help you remove crayon wax from the carpet. And for this, you can use a butter knife or any other loose knife, like a knife present behind a nail cutter, in your keychain, etc, for the same.

Spray Carpet Cleaner to remove crayon stain

Spray Carpet Cleaner to remove crayon stain

If you wish to obliterate the crayon from your carpet, then you can use a carpet cleaner for this purpose.

  1. Spray the carpet cleaner on the hidden part to check whether it causes any discoloration to your carpet or not.
  2. After assuring yourself of its use and effect, spray the carpet cleaner where the crayon color stain is present.
  3. Let the cleaner be there for some time, then wipe it off with a clean towel.
  4. Repeat the method if you still think the color has not been eradicated.

Use iron to remove crayon

Use iron to remove crayon

This is the most exciting method to go for and can be experimental for you. But before you decide to go with this, just check the quality of your carpet once and if it can bear the heat of iron or not.

  • Heat the iron at a minimum temperature and use it to press the corner part of your carpet.
  • Make sure that it is not too hot for your carpet.
  • Place a damp cloth above the stained area and press the iron on that region.
  • Once you do this, the crayon color will automatically accompany the press and stick to the cloth.
  • Now blot the area with a mixture of detergent or dish cleaner soap with water and apply it on the crayon-stained region.
  • Wipe it with a piece of cloth dipped in clean water to get the result.


Bright colors and the shine of the carpet matter a lot in the beauty of whole room. Getting it spoiled because of some crayon color is not worth having, so in such a situation, you can go for any of the options mentioned and make your carpet look new in the long run. Moreover, for better results on ‘how to get crayons out of carpet?’ you can also use Bissell Carpet Cleaning Homemade Solution.


Are crayon stains permanent?

No crayon stains are not permanent and can easily be removed by a loose knife or by pressing a hot iron on the colored region, followed by detergent cleaning. You can go for various solutions to get the result.

Can vinegar cause discoloration on the carpet?

If you are using white vinegar as your cleaning agent, then your worry is worth having because vinegar can cause discoloration depending on the carpet material and its quality.

Does toothpaste remove crayons?

Yes, toothpaste can be used for crayon removal from carpets. Brush the toothpaste in the crayon-colored region and then wipe it using clean water to get results.

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