How To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet?

Cats are known for their clean and organized nature. Unlike other pets, cats are most conscious about the places where they live, eat and sleep. But still, they can develop some unusual habits that you may not have taught them, such as peeing anywhere in the room. The biggest problem with such occurrences is that if they grow this habit of peeing primarily on the carpet, then the smell is going to last for a long until it is treated. So, “How To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet?”

How To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet

The smell of cat pee is unbearable and spreads throughout the room quickly. It’s hard to get rid of that smell, and it’s even harder to remove it from the carpet altogether. 

That is why, to stop its occurrence completely, let’s first look into the possible reasons why your cat is behaving in such a manner.  

Reason Why Your Cat Is Peeing Outside His Litter Box

Reason Why Your Cat Is Peeing Outside His Litter Box

Cats usually don’t throw urine (wee) or feces (poo) anywhere outside their litter box. That is why whenever a cat owner encounters such a problem, they try to ignore it. 

However, its ignorance can become problematic if cats are habitual to throw pee out of the litter.

In such cases, owners need to check the cat’s health condition and find out if they are frightened of any incident or animals. 

Have A Close Look At Cats Routine To Know The Reason

Have A Close Look At Cats Routine To Know The Reason

Sometimes, pets really surprise their owners by developing untaught habits. But this could be due to any reason that you might not understand.

Please take a close look at your cat’s behavior and their daily routine. Check whether something is wrong with their food or if they are eating more or less. If yes, then it is the right time for you to visit your vet.

Ways To Find Out If Your Cat Is Ill 

If your cat has been behaving unusually for a while now and you are wondering about its reason, then it could be an indication of the commencement of a medical emergency. 

Before consulting the vet regarding this, try to find out if your cat has any of the conditions listed below. After this, give your vet a clear idea about what you are facing and also inform if the cat has any of these symptoms. 

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Mood Swings 
  3. Puking
  4. Drowsy all-day
  5. Smelling and Bad breathing
  6. Sudden weight loss or gain
  7. Rapid hair loss 
  8. Tachypnea (rapid breathing) or dyspnea (shortness of breathing)
  9. Injured or skin irritation
  10. Improper use of litter box
  11. Constricted or dilated pupils or sudden discharge from eyes or nose 
  12. Hiding and showing no interest in playing
  13. Making different noises throughout the day
  14. Sudden changes in appetite

Why Do Cats Like To Urinate On Carpet?

Why Do Cats Like To Urinate On Carpet To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet?

Cats prefer anything that is soft and comfortable for urinating, and sometimes, they find this comfort on carpets.

This is not because they like carpets but because they know that anything that is soft and spongy will soak all of their urine, and they don’t have to cover it. That is why cats generally prefer to wee on carpets, beds, couches, or cushions.

How To Find That Your Cat Is Going To Pee On The Carpet?

How To Find That Your Cat Is Going To Pee On The Carpet

Cats spend 50% of their time grooming themselves and have a particular routine to follow. Generally, they are habitual to peeing 4 to 5 times a day, and that too into their litter box. But they may suddenly throw up while playing in the room, especially on the carpet.

If you are eager to find the indication of the cat going to pee, then you will be glad to know that there are a few common signs you can notice on every cat, such as cats generally chooses some common spots like corners or doors, windows, or carpet. Notice your cat’s unusual urinating place because when they will feel the sensation, they will lead to the same place again.

Other weeing signs include scratching or pawing the ground, squatting, vocalizing, and showing restlessness. Also, if your cat is going to pee, their tail will be upright and tremble, and their pee will first be sprayed in the backward direction. By this, you will easily discover when your cat will pee on the carpet, and you will also be able to prevent your cat from scratching the carpet.

How To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet?

Once your cat develops a habit of peeing on a particular area (especially on carpets), it will become their habit to return to the same place again. This is mainly because of the smell that cats get in that place, and it encourages them to use the same place repeatedly.

If you wish to break this routine of your cat and want them to start peeing again in their litter box, then you have to clean the peed area of the carpet thoroughly.

With this, keep your cat far from that peed region to break their habit. With all these measures, also try to keep an eye on your cat’s health by getting her examined by a vet.

Take Your Cat To A Veterinarian

Take Your Vat To A Veterinarian To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet?

Cats may suffer from any disease, such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), High-Rise Syndrome, Heartworm, Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC), Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV), Upper Respiratory Infections, Arthritis, Rabies, and Kidney Disease. Due to this, your cat may develop a habit of urinating outside the litter.

As soon as you find changes in your cat’s behavior or peeing habits, consult your veterinarian and briefly describe what problems your cat is experiencing. 

The vet will check whether your pet has an appropriate body weight and muscle condition or not. In case of some issues, he will provide diagnosis and treatment for the best outcome for your cat’s recovery.

Try To Reduce The Stress Of Your Cat

Try To Reduce The Stress Of Your Cat To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet?

Cats usually dig a space for weeing or feces and then cover them to hide. If you have provided a litter box to them for the same, and if your cat is not using it, then perhaps they are stressed or scared of any dog or cat roaming in your neighborhood. In such cases:

  1. Calm your cat down and accompany them to ensure their security. 
  2. Play with the cat in your garden or a park to calm it down.
  3. If you find out any other animal is bullying your cat, scold them in front of the cat. By doing this, you can make your cat feel secure and will eventually reduce their stress. 
  4. Also, the animals around your cat will stop bullying you because of your fear.
  5. Consider the cat’s past medical conditions.

Suppose your cat has a bad medical history. In that case, you should be considerate about it, especially when you find any abnormal situation like a cat peeing on the carpet, bed, or pillow.

Cats that are ill will show changes in their behavior; for example, you will notice some changes in their appearance, energy level, appetite, use of litter box, sociability, breathing, discharges from the eyes or nose, etc.

If any case similar to the above-mentioned issues occurs, then you should notably consider your cat’s past medical problems without neglecting it.

Keep A Check On The Cat’s Litter Box

Keep A Check On The Cat's Litter Box To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet?

If your cat is neglecting its litter box when feels a urinating sensation, then it is your duty to inspect the reasons. There can be multiple reasons for it, as discussed above, but there could be one more reason, and that is “the litter box” itself.

Check Whether The Cat Has Any Trouble Getting Close To The Box

Check Whether The Cat Has Any Trouble Getting Close To The Box

Cats generally like to place their litter box in a wall of silence to avoid continuous traffic and noise and to enjoy their privacy peacefully. 

But sometimes their litter box is placed in an area far from their play region or has a lot of disturbances. In such cases, cats usually avoid boxes and pee in random areas like on the carpet. To avoid this, place the litter box near the hallway, garden, or bathroom at your cat’s convenience.

Provide More Small Boxes In You Cat’s Peeing Locations

Provide More Small Boxes In You Cat's Peeing Locations

It is often seen that the cats are peeing on carpet or bed because the number of litter boxes provided is not enough for them. To ensure that they only pee in their boxes, follow these steps.

  1. Look over where your cat generally goes for peeing.
  2. Place a litter box on or close to that place.
  3. Clean the region where you cat pee more often to avoid its continuation.
  4. Make your cat learn to pee only inside the litter box.
  5. Clean those litter boxes, as cats don’t use dirty boxes.

Cats are clean and organized themselves, so there is no chance that they will use a grubby litter box for peeing. Taking it into consideration,

  1. Create a habit of cleaning the box at least twice a day to remove any clumps or waste.
  2. Wash the litter box and clean its edges.
  3. Empty the litter box entirely in a week and clean it.
  4. Fill it with some fresh litter. 

Cats may suffer from various health issues over time due to the continuous use of dirty litter boxes, such as bladder stones, kidney infections, urinary tract infections, etc. Hence, it is very important to clean the litter timely for cats’ health.

Check Why Litter Box Is Causing Discomfort To Your Cat

Check Why Litter Box Is Causing Discomfort To Your Cat

Cats hesitate to get close to a litter box if it is associated with some bad memories. These memories can be related to painful urine elimination during a dire medical condition or something bad that upsets the cat while using the litter. Cats usually associate those experiences and hesitate to get close to such a box. 

Cats mostly prefer litter with a soft and sandy texture. If your cat is digging in the litter to make a spot to pee, it might like the box. If your cat is perching near the box but not inside it, then probably it is not liking the litter box.

Teach your cat to pee inside the box to avoid their unusual urination.

Teach your cat to pee inside the box to avoid their unusual urination

If your cat has developed a habit of defecating outside the litter box, then it is the right time for you to do something. Follow these steps to teach them to use litter boxes and not on the carpet.

  1. Get a clean & comfortable litter box
  2. Place it in a region free from noise
  3. Check whether your cat likes a covered or uncovered litter box.
  4. Show your cat the locations of every litter box.
  5. Place them inside the litter whenever they want to pee.

How To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet? | Conclusion: 

To get cats to stop peeing on the carpet, you first have to make them realize that the place they have chosen to defecate is not correct. Make them learn to pee only inside litter and not on the carpet. Clean the carpet nicely so that your cat doesn’t get the smell of pee from that place. 

How To Get Cats To Stop Peeing On Carpet? | FAQ:

Why does my cat like to pee on the carpet?

Cats like soft regions to pee, and if they frequently choose carpet for that softness, they may have urinary bladder problems. To ensure that they are all right, take your cat to a vet for regular checkups. Also, check if the litter box is comfortable for your pet or not. If not, then work on its comfort, or else just replace it with a new one.

What kind of smells cats don't like while peeing?

Cats don’t like certain smells and don’t like to get closer to places with the same odor. This can be the smell of vinegar, mustard, peppermint, or any citrus fruit. 

Is it harmful to us if your cat pees on the carpet?

Cat’s pee contains several bacteria like Escherichia coli, Enterococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp., and Streptococcus spp., which can cause respiratory infections, skin irritation, etc. With this, ammonia present in a cat’s urine can be irritating to the lungs and eyes.

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