Does Rug Tape Work On Carpet?

Rugs on the carpet or even on hardwoods can be very dangerous in some instances. They become wrinkly and make you stumble. Now, the perfect solution for this is using rug tape but does rug tape work on carpet?

That will be totally a different case if you want to do the extra work of bending over to fix the rug every time you stumble; if that’s the case, then don’t worry, we can still be friends.

Does Rug Tape Work On Carpet

However, over time it will become very annoying, and you’ll need a permanent solution to fix it.

If you are here to find the permanent solution for that sucker, then you are at the right place!

Before you stumble again on the rug, let’s begin the guide to understand how rugs work and do they work on the carpet.

What Is A Rug Tape?

What Is A Rug Tape

The rug tape is a powerful adhesive tape that you can use to secure rugs on the floor. It is a double-sided adhesive.

There are so many types of rug tapes available in the market, and the most common ones are made of silicone, rubber, or adhesive-like glue.

What Are The Different Types Of Rug Tape?

What Are The Different Types Of Rug Tape

There are various types of rug tapes available in the market according to the materials they are made from.

For example, rug tapes are also made from silicone and are considered the best kind of rug tape because they do the most minor damage to rugs, carpets, and flooring.

Therefore to avoid damaging your carpets and floors, make sure you select the rug tape that is compatible and safe to use.

Now, let’s understand the different types of rug tapes.

1. Rug Tapes For Hardwood Floors

As we know that rug tape is a strong adhesive, and it holds the power to ruin your delicate hardwood floor.

People often experience discolored stains on the hardwood because of the adhesive reacting with the wood flooring, especially the hardwoods which are exposed to the sun.

To avoid this, you can also use the double-sided rug stopper, which can be easily washed and reused. You can also use or reuse carpet tack strip to hold your carpet in place.

Rug tapes are best used for floorings like wood, laminated floors, tiles, and carpet. They are easy to install and provide a low risk of damage with long-term durability.

2. Heavy-Duty Rug Tape

Heavy-duty rug tapes are like duct tape but a lot safer. These are used for heavy-duty grips and can also be used in place of duct tape.

In addition to its strength, heavy-duty rug tapes can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Just like rug tapes for hardwoods, heavy-duty tapes are also versatile to use on hardwoods, laminated floors, stone flooring, tiles, and carpet.

They are easy to install and are the least risky to damage the floor or carpet.

However, heavy-duty rug tape goes on the expensive side.

3. Rug Tapes For Laminate Floors

A laminated floor is more sensitive and delicate than any other type of flooring.

This means that using the wrong rug tape on a laminated floor can ultimately damage the flooring.

So, when buying rug tape for laminated floors, choose the one which provides a sturdy grip but is also gentle on the floor and leaves no residue on your laminated floor.

4. Rug Tapes For Carpet

The best kind of rug tape for your carpet is the ones that are made from silicone.

These types of rug tapes are more durable as compared to rubber and also leave no residue on the floor.

Silicone is also easy to remove from the floor or the carpet without ribbing off the fibers of the carpet.

What Are The Benefits And Downsides Of Using Rug Tape?

What Are The Benefits And Downsides Of Using Rug Tape

The first question people often get is- do I really need rug tape?

Well, you don’t! if you have robust rug pads underneath the rugs or if you don’t have rugs at your home.

Using rug tape comes with many benefits, but as nothing is perfect in this world, and everything has flaws, rug tape also comes with benefits and downsides.

Let’s discuss the downsides and benefits of using rug tapes.

Benefits Of Using Rug Tapes

1. Eliminates Stumbling

If you have kids at home, then using rug tape underneath the rugs is vital. This is because rugs get bunched up or slide out of position with foot traffic and result in hazardous slipping accidents.

To avoid situations like these, you can either use rug pads or rug tapes that is suitable for your floor.

2. Ease Of Installation

Installing rug tape on the carpet is a pretty easy process to follow.

You just have to clean the desired location, measure the tape, stick the tape on the backside of the rug and place the rug on the carpet, and BANG! your non-slip rug is ready.

3. Easily Removed

Rug tapes are pretty easy to remove. Just in case you decide to change the location of your rug, you can just lift it and place it in the new location.

Some rug tapes are also made for several uses. This eliminates the hassle of installing a new rug tape every time you lift the rug.

Downsides Of Using Rug Tapes

Downsides Of Using Rug Tapes

1. Can Damage The Carpet

Some rug tapes, like Polyethylene Resinvare harsh adhesives, which can completely ruin your carpet.

This happens because the adhesive material disintegrates during the course of time and reacts with the rug. This leads to ripping up of the carpet when removing the tape.

2. Can Damage The Floor

Even when using double-sided rug tape, the harsh adhesive of the tape can ruin the floors like laminate or vinyl.

It can leave residue and may end up scratching the floor.

How To Prepare Floor Or Carpet For Rug Tape?

How To Prepare Floor Or Carpet For Rug Tape

Here are some pre-steps to do before directly using the rug tape on the carpet:

1. Clean & Dry

Clean the underside of the rug and the floor where the rug will be placed. If the rug is placed on the carpet, then clean and vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any debris or dirt from the carpet.

Also, make sure that the carpet or the floor is dry to prevent moisture from hindering the process.

2. Choose The Right Tape

Choosing the suitable tape is a very crucial step in the process. As we discussed that there are many different types of rug tapes available in the market.

Therefore choose the one which is compatible with your flooring or the carpet.

3. Measure The Rug Tape

The next step is to measure the tape and cut it according to the rug. Cut the rug tape to fit the edges of the rug.

4. Placement Test

The rug tape is a strong adhesive once placed on the carpet, it will be a little challenging to reposition your rug. So, before removing the protective layer from the rug tape, position the rug in the desired location.

5. Apply The Tape

Once you are sure about the positioning of the rug on the floor or on the carpet, remove the backing from the tape and place it on the location.

6. Press The Rug

After you have successfully placed the rug in the desired location, press the rug firmly. This will ensure a strong bond between the rug and the carpet.

How To Prevent Rugs From Slipping On The Carpet?

How To Prevent Rugs From Slipping On The Carpet

Here are 3 ways through which you can prevent your rug from slipping on the carpet:

1. Non-Slipping Pads

If you are in doubt of using rug tapes you can also use non-slipping rug pads. These are also effective in preventing the rug from slipping both on the carpet and the floor.

It offers the extra cushioning providing a more comfortable and padded feel.

2. Using Furniture

You can also use the furniture to anchor the rug at one place. It is the best and easiet solution to prevent rug from moving.

However, you must remember not to hide the beauty of the rug beneath the large furniture.

3. Silicone Caulking

Silicone caulking is another way of preventing your rug from slipping. However, it is recommended to use silicone caulking only on inexpensive carpets.

To start the process- begin by applying it to the edges of your rug. Then by using a utty knife flatten these beads so the dried caulk won’t feel like a hard strip when walking over your rug.

Leave the caulk to air dry (usually for at least 24 hours). Once dry, put your rug on top of the carpet and let the rubbery strips grip your mat.

What To Consider While Buying Rug Tape?

What To Consider While Buying Rug Tape

As we discussed above that, choosing a suitable rug tape is very crucial. Here are a few qualities you must look for while buying rug tape:

1. Strong Adhesive

The main purpose of using rug tape is to prevent the rug or carpet runner from moving on the carpet. So buy a rug tape that has strong adhesive and is durable.

This will help ensure that the rug and the carpet are bonded with each other.

2. Residue- Free

The major problem with rug tapes is that they leave residue on the floor or on the carpet. This makes your carpet look bad and also damages the floor.

So, if you don’t want to ruin the vibrant and delicate carpet, then buy a rug tape that doesn’t leave any residue.

3. Floor Compatibility

If you are looking to stick the rug to the floor, then first know what type of flooring you have in your home and then buy the suitable rug tape.

There are many types of rug tape available in the market that is made to use on different types of floors.


Rug tapes are very useful in preventing hazardous slipping accidents. It is also easy to install them underneath the rug. As it doesn’t leave any residue, it is handy when you are a renter and looking for a solution to cover your ugly carpet in the rental unit.

However, rug tapes also comes with its flaws if you don’t use the right rug tape that is compatible with your floor or carpet.

So when buying one select the one which is suitable and have the above-mentioned qualities.


What Rug Tape Works Best On The Carpet?

Rug tapes which are made from silicone, work best to use on carpets. You can use  XFasten Double-Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs and Carpets. If this tape is not available then make sure to use a strong carpet tape.

How To Tape Down A Carpet?

To use the rug tape on the rug, follow the above-mentioned instructions.

Does Rug Tape Work On Carpet?

Yes, rug tape works on the carpet. However, use double-sided rug tapes. These are specially made to be used on area rugs and carpets.

Will Rug Tape Stick To Concrete?

Concrete blocks don’t bond with rug tapes, but there are some rug tapes that are specially made to stick on concrete.

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