Can You Vacuum Glass Off Carpet?

You might quickly grab your vacuum cleaners whenever it comes to cleaning filth out of the carpet, but can you vacuum glass off carpet? Especially when you are cleaning the carpet by hand.

Well, it’s an excellent question to ask because when it comes to broken glass pieces, it might be dangerous to deal with this cleaning method. So, is there any other method, or can we clean the glass with a vacuum cleaner by applying a different technique?

Can You Vacuum Glass Off Carpet

Let’s find out!

How Glass Get Into Your Carpet?

How Glass Get Into Your Carpet

It’s difficult to break a glass on the carpet, and this is because of the soft and fluffy texture of the rug, which does not allow anything to break so easily. So, how can broken glass get into your room’s rug?

Well, there could be many reasons, such as hitting of drinking glasses, lightbulbs, mirrors, bowls and coffee mugs, windows, etc., on the floor or countertop and scattering of the pieces all over the room, including the carpet.

These glass sprinters on the carpet will eventually pinch into your feet. So, it is very important to remove it as soon as you can.

Can You Vacuum Glass Off The Carpet?

Can You Vacuum Glass Off The Carpet

A vacuum cleaner can dust off any filths from your rug, but while considering broken glass pieces, it is more adequate to avoid a cleaner. This is because, even after your several efforts, there are still some chances of getting injured by the fine glass pieces whenever you walk over the rug barefoot.

Other than this, the big broken glass dregs can ruin the cleaner’s bag, carrying filth and the hoses dominating all suction activities.

That is why it is recommended to go for other alternatives that can effectively clean the whole carpet without causing any damage.

How To Clean Up Broken Glass From Carpet?

How To Clean Up Broken Glass From Carpet

Instead of a vacuum cleaner, you can use several other methods for cleaning. But before getting into this, let’s first discuss some initial steps you have to follow to avoid the chances of glass remaining in the room. For this,

  1. Clean the floor and corners of the rug by picking the big chunks of glass with your hands and then vacuum the floor to create a clean space.
  2. By this, you’ll create a space where you can safely walk and will know where you need to show caution.
  3. After this, closely examine the area to understand which part of the carpet needs cleaning, and for this, let the sunlight fall on your carpet. As due to its reflection, you will see tiny sparkling particles in different parts of the rug.
  4. Use the same handpicking method on the rug to remove more extensive glass segments.
  5. Once done, use a slice of potato, bread, or tape and press them over the region where you have removed the big chunks.
  6. By this, you can remove all small pieces thoroughly from the region.
  7. Now vacuum the carpet and surrounding well, and open the windows again to make sunlight fall.
  8. If you can still see sparkle in some regions, then your carpet is not clean yet. In that case, go for the pressing and vacuuming process again.

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner For Glass Removal?

There are many reasons why you should avoid using a vacuum cleaner on your rug. To understand that better, let’s first talk about some tips that will help you save your cleaner from broken chunks.

  1. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner with a flexible hose for suction, as the broken glass pieces can ruin the machine.
  2. With this, the beaters or rollers can cause the splinters to scatter even further or the glass pieces can become embedded in the roller.
  3. Also, never use a vacuum cleaner with a bag for shards cleaning because it may rip the bag’s interior.

Even after knowing this, if you still want to go for the vacuum cleaner option, then you can consider two options: a shop vacuum cleaner or a hose-free handheld vacuum. And to operate it on your rug,

Handpick Or Sweep Up The Large Pieces

Handpick Or Sweep Up The Large Pieces

Whether you have a low-piled or a high-piled carpet, the large chunks of broken glass will always be visible to the naked eye. So, it’s better to get rid of them first. For that,

  1. Use a broom or handpicking method to remove the large pieces of glass.
  2. Use a thick plastic bag to dispose of these pieces.

Use A Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum Or Hose-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Use A Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum Or Hose-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

These vacuum cleaners are designed in such a way that they can easily handle shards of glass without harming any part of the machine. To use it right,

  1. Switch on the cleaner and place it over the place having broken glass.
  2. But before that, be sure that you have placed all filters and the collection bag firmly in their place.
  3. Wear thick gloves and sturdy shoes since you will be working close to the fine glass pieces.
  4. Switch on the light while working to seize as much glass as possible.

Dispose Of The Collected Glass Pieces

It’s most appropriate to dump the collected glass chunks into the dustbin present outside your home so that it does not harm your children or pets while playing.

For that, when you are finished with cleaning, empty the collection bag carefully into a thick plastic trash bag and dispose of it in the bin.

Precautions You Need To Take While Cleaning

Broken glass is not easy to work with, and it’s normal to injure yourself with its sharpness. So, while sweeping it up, you should take some precautions. And for that,

  1. Wear thick shoes, gloves, and eye protection glasses for your safety. If you don’t have such glasses, you can use study spectacles or any other from which you can see clearly.
  2. Remove children and pets from the room having shards.
  3. Turn on all the lights present in the room to see the glass chunks clearly.

Final Cleaning

Wait, it’s not over yet! 

After sweeping all the shards out of your carpet, it’s time to clean all the equipment you have used for cleaning. For this,

  1. Rinse the broom and gloves you have used while cleaning.
  2. Clean the bottom of your shoes with the help of a cloth and pull out all the chunks neatly.
  3. Vacuum the whole carpet and floor thoroughly and use a wet mob for a final sweep.


It’s normal to have minor accidents while handling a glass, which includes breaking it while drinking water. But when it is not removed on time, then these chunks can injure you and rip your carpet off. And as a result, you either have to fix your carpet or completely replace it with a new one.

So, “Can You Vacuum Glass Off Carpet?” or do you have to check some other alternatives? To find this out, first go through the area and see the level of cleaning it will need.


How do you get glass pieces out of wet carpet?

To remove glass shards from a wet carpet, first use the handpicking method to remove the big chunks. After this, you can vacuum the carpet, especially focusing on the region where the glass pieces are present.

Can I remove glass pieces from the carpet with a carpet cleaner?

Carpet cleaners are made to clean the stains and other filths out of the carpet with wet and dry strokes. And if you use it on a rug containing broken glass, then it will become problematic to remove all the fine particles from it.

Instead, you can use a vacuum cleaner and a hand-picking method to remove all glass shards from your rug.

What is better, sweep or vacuum over broken glass on the carpet?

It’s better to use a sweeping and handpicking method to eradicate glass chunks rather than vacuuming, as the broken pieces can cause severe damage to the interior of the cleaner.

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