Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On The Couch?

Regularly vacuuming the carpet is essential to keep your home safe from germs but what about the couch?

Can you use carpet cleaner on the couch, or is there any separate product that you should use to clean your couch?

Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On The Couch

Believe it or not, along with carpet, your couch also plays a significant role in setting the aesthetics of your sweet home.

But if they are stained and look dirty, then it might become an awkward situation for you when having a party at home.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s move on to understand whether you can use carpet cleaner on the couch or not.

What Are Carpet Cleaners And How It Works?

What Are Carpet Cleaners And How It Works

Carpet cleaners are cleaners that are designed to clean carpets and upholstery. They are super easy to use as you just have to mix the solution in water.

Most carpet cleaners are enzyme-based, helping you to break down organic matter and clean rigid stains like bbq sauce.

These enzyme-based cleaners are safe to use on fabrics. However, you should always patch-test a small area before using it.

When using a carpet cleaner on the couch, be sure to use the low-pressure and hold the nozzle of the product about 12 inches away from the couch.

Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On Couch?

Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On Couch

Carpet cleaners are not the same as upholstery cleaners. They both are made from different chemicals that are better suited for different fabrics.

Carpet cleaner contains more coarse chemicals that are suitable for cleaning the rigid dirt and dust from the carpet.

On the contrary, upholstery cleaners are made to clean gentle and delicate fabrics like silk and velvet.

However, there are carpet cleaners available in the market which comes with an upholstery attachment.

Therefore, in short, Yes, you can use a carpet cleaner to clean your couch, but only those that come with the upholstery attachment.

Step-By-Step Guide To Use Carpet Cleaner On Couch

Although using a carpet cleaner on your couch is safe, there are a few steps you must do before starting the process of cleaning.

1. Check The Labels

The first and foremost thing to do is to check the labels on your couch.

Different couch comes with different labels based on their materials.

Here are some labels that indicate a letter that tells you how to clean your couch:

Letter On LabelHow To Clean?Solution 
WWater-based cleanerShampoo, dishwashing liquid, and water
SSolvent-based cleaner, thus dry cleaning onlyRubbing alcohol and dry-cleaning solvents
WSWater and solvent-based cleaner, thus dry clean or steam cleanShampoo, dishwashing liquid, and water or rubbing alcohol
XNo liquid

2. Vacuum The Sofa

Vacuum The Sofa

The next step involves thoroughly cleaning your sofa using a vacuum cleaner.

  • To start this process, remove all the pillows from the couch, and set the suction power a little lower.
  • Move the vacuum in forward and backward motion capturing every inch of dust and dirt hidden on the couch.
  • If the pillows are non-removable, then you must ensure that you get a hold of every corner of the couch, as these are the spots where hair and food crumbs get stuck.

3. Choose The Cleaning Solution

Before applying a carpet cleaning solution to the couch, choose a solution that will be safe to use and compatible with your couch.

For example, if your couch has stains, then use a spot cleaner. There are different types of spot cleaners available in the market on the basis of the spots like pet stains, food stains, and others.

Moreover, you must ensure that the letter WS or W is on the couch as well as on the cleaning solution too.

4. Do A Patch Test

Before applying any cleaning solution, always do the patch test on your couch.

This will ensure the least damage to your couch if something goes wrong.

Also, always do this patch test on areas that are out of the eye’s view, like areas that are facing the wall.

5. Using The Carpet Cleaner

Using The Carpet Cleaner

The final step is to add the solution to the cleaner and attach the upholstery head.

By using slow strokes, pull the attachment towards you. Start from one side and continue to the other.

This will ensure capturing most of the dust and dirt. Also, if required, you can use a little more time on the areas where you have used the spot-cleaning solution.

After you have completed the process once, repeat it once again with no water or shampoo. This will suck away the excess moisture from the cushions and the couch, preventing building mold.

Let the couch dry completely by either exposing it to the sun or a fan to make it dry quickly.

How To Use Carpet Cleaner On Different Couch Materials?

How To Use Carpet Cleaner On Different Couch Materials- Leather

There are different materials that your couch is made from.

However, not all materials can be tested with the same carpet cleaner as some carpet cleaners can be friendly while others might be harsh on your couch material.

1. Leather

If your couch is made from leather material, then it’s best to use a solution of white vinegar and water.

  • Make a mixture of white vinegar and water and
  • Spray it on the couch.
  • Wipe it with a clean cloth

you can also use carpet cleaner but ensure that it is a white vinegar and water solution.

2. Suede

These materials are the trickiest ones to clean. Using steam and water to clean a couch made from suede is the worst mistake you can make.

However, you can use a vacuum, and if using a carpet cleaner, then do remember to do a patch test first.

3. Microfiber

Cleaning these materials vary on the couch’s color and style. While some can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner, others will require steam cleaning.

You can also use rubbing alcohol if your couch got stains.

4. Polyester Sofa

Polyester sofas are the safest to clean.

However, they also come with different labels that you should check before start cleaning the couch.

For example, Most polyester sofas come with W or W/S labels which means they are safe to clean using carpet cleaners.

What Not To Use On The Couch?

What Not To Use On The Couch

The couch comes with materials that need soft and delicate cleaners, and simply using a carpet cleaner will only damage it.

  1. Do not use any carpet cleaner that doesn’t come with an upholstery attachment.
  2. Secondly, do not go against the labels given on your couch. For example, if your couch has a label with S or X, then it’s better to call an expert in the business.
  3. Also, if you don’t have any idea about using a carpet cleaner neither on the carpet nor on the couch, then reach out to professional carpet cleaners.
  4. If your couch is very old or you brought it secondhand, then either reach out to a professional or do a patch test before using any carpet cleaner.

Tips To Keep Your Couch Clean

Tips To Keep Your Couch Clean

Here are a few tips you can use to keep your couch clean:

1. Vacuum Regularly

Regularly Vacuuming is essential not only for your carpet but also for the couch. This will ensure little to no build of dust or dirt, or bacteria on the couch.

2. Treating Spots Immediately

The best way to keep your carpet clean from spots is to treat the spots as soon as possible.

This will make it easier for you to keep the couch spot free.

3. Avoid Eating On The Couch

We understand the pleasant feeling of lying on your couch and munching on your favorite snack while binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix.

However, this binge-watching can result in accidental spills of your food or drinks and ultimately result in stains.

To avoid situations like these, you can always place a coaster or a napkin under your glass.

4. Pets

If you have pets, then the chances of damaging the carpet fiber get even higher.

You can place a cover or a blanket on their favorite or usual spot on the couch. This will protect the couch from their fur and nails.


So, can you use carpet cleaner on the couch? Fortunately, the answer is yes, but you should use only those carpet cleaners that come with an upholstery attachment. Carpet cleaners are designed for various uses like cleaning the stains on the carpet or cleaning the stains from the car seat.

However, always remember to check the labels and know the fiber of your couch, and use the solutions accordingly.


How long does a couch takes to completely dry?

The dry time of a couch is similar to that of a carpet. It takes 6-8 hours to completely dry.

How to deep clean the couch?

The most effective tool to deep clean your carpet is steam cleaning. However, you must check the label of the couch and ensure that steam cleaning is compatible with your couch.

How can I clean my without using carpet cleaner?

You can make a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the spots on the couch that you want to clean.

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