Can You Put A Rug On The Carpet?

Carpets are the best flooring options in the market. But if you have an urge for more or want to hide that little stubborn stain on the carpet, then layering a rug over it is the best option. However, the thought of can you put a rug on the carpet is really a debate in the carpet industry.

Can You Put A Rug On The Carpet

Rugs are smaller than carpets. This means that they don’t cover the entire area of your room and also free-floating. But is a rug safe to put on a carpet? What factors to consider while buying a rug? How will you clean the rug over the carpet?

Keep on reading to find all the answers to these questions.

Is It Safe To Lay A Rug Over The Carpet?

The very, very short answer to this question is: Yes, it is completely safe to lay a rug over the carpet.

Rugs can be layered on the carpet to achieve multiple results without spending much money. At the same time, some people might be against it, but remember, a large squat of designers adore the idea of putting the rug over the carpet. Therefore, you will have some loud and proud supporters.

Moreover, placing a rug over the carpet is an excellent way to give definition to any place you are placing it.

According to Nadia Watts, the founder of Nadia Watts Interior Design, As long as the rug doesn’t create a tripping hazard, placing a layered rug over a low-profile carpet is a great option.

What Are The Reasons To Lay Area Rug Over The Carpet?

Can Hide Floor Damage

There are tons of reasons to lay a rug over the carpet. Here are a few:

1. Gives A Design Element

By laying the rug over the carpet, you can give a unique look to your house that is not anywhere. Moreover, if you want to add some intensity to your living room, then you can also experiment by laying many rugs over the carpet, and the nicest thing of all, rugs can be easily removed.

Rugs are not permanent over the carpet until and unless you use rug tape over the carpet to secure it.

2. Replace The Carpet Without Removing It

If you have a nasty old carpet, then the cost of replacing the carpet will make a hole in your pocket. Even replacing it with hardwood can be a little pricey.

For this reason, replacing is not a viable solution, but you can always use rugs to cover the old carpet while saving some money.

3. Can Hide Floor Damage

Rugs are small and can be easily moved. This makes the rug a perfect solution to hide a stubborn stain on the carpet.

Even if you have accidentally put a hole in the carpet, it is pretty easy to put and an area rug and give it a new look.

4. Add Extra Coziness

Multiple layers of rugs over the carpet not only look cozy, but they also feel cozy. While most types of carpet are already soft, such as wool, layering a rug over it will make it extra relaxing.

It will also give warmth and add bonus coziness in winter, and there is nothing as lovely and soothing as putting your bare foot on the soft fibers of the rug.

5. Extend The Life of Your Carpet

Yes, rugs are an excellent solution to extend the life of your carpet. Installing a carpet is no doubt an expensive job, and it also has a time limit for its use.

So, in case you want to preserve and extend the life of the carpet, then place a rug over the areas of high-foot traffic. This way, all the dust and dirt will be absorbed by the rug and not the carpet.

Factors To Consider While Laying A Rug Over The Carpet

Factors To Consider While Laying An Area Rug

Now that we know that placing rugs over the carpet comes with more benefits than disadvantages let’s move on to some tips.

These tips will help you layer the rug over the carpet like a pro:

1. Textured Approach

If you are going for a layered rug look, then the key is the texture. Consider the texture of the carpet and choose a rug contrast to it.

For instance, if you have a low-pile carpet, then think about adding a thick, plush rug over the carpet. On the other hand, if your carpet is plush, then opt for a shorter pile or woven rug.

A low-pile rug and carpet will work fine, but a contrast will create a more exciting look.

2. Color Consideration

The next element is to play with the colors. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with the color of the carpet, but you can work on the color of the rug.

Therefore, go for a rug that compliments the color of the carpet. You can also opt for a monochrome look that adds a rug that is the same color but one or two shades darker.

Moreover, don’t forget the color of the rest of the room. The sofas, walls, and curtains all play a part in the rug selection.

3. Elements Of Design

If your carpet is plain, then your rug has patterns, but if your carpet has patterns, then the rug should be neutral. All the colors in your pattern will help tie the room together.

So, always remember that less is more when it comes to patterns in the rugs. You should have one pattern at a time; otherwise, it will become overwhelming to see different patterns.

4. Consider Size

You also need to select the appropriate size of the rug. If you put the wrong size of rug over the carpet, then it will look unanchored, and people might wonder what this piece is doing on the carpet.

Consider the scale of the room and the space chosen. If required, a couple of smaller rugs side by side will work to fill out a larger space.

How Do I Clean Area Rug Over The Carpet?

You can clean the rug over the carpet in the same way you clean the rug over a hardwood. Also, it is essential to maintain the rugs to keep them in good shape, and it will also extend their life.

All you need to do is vacuum the rug routinely and give it a good steam cleaning when required.

What Are The Solutions To Keep Your Rug In Place Over The Carpet?

Use Double-Sided Tapes

Area rugs tend to move with your foot movement, which can ultimately lead to a tripping hazard. To avoid rug to wrinkle over the carpet, here are a few methods:

1. Anchor It With Furniture

You can anchor the rug using your furniture. For instance, use a sofa to weigh down one section of the rug

You can also aim for all four corners of the rug according to your room arrangement. So, make your furniture work for you.

2. Use Double-Sided Carpet Tapes/ Rug Tapes

If you have kids at home, then using rug tape underneath the rugs is vital.

Installing rug tape on the carpet is a pretty easy process to follow. You just have to clean the desired location, measure the tape, stick the tape on the backside of the rug, and place the rug on the carpet, and BANG! Your non-slip rug is ready.

What Are Some Best Places To Put Rug On The Carpet?

What Are Some Best Places To Put Rug On The Carpet

Now that we know that you can put the rug anywhere over the carpet. However, putting the rug over some places in your home makes more sense in the process.

Also, it’s important to make sure your rug placement looks purposeful and not random. But you are always free to experiment with the placement of the rug.

Here are a few best places to put your rug over the carpet:

1. Living Rooms

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then the best place to put your rug over the carpet is in the living room.

A fireplace draws the eye, but more than that, it gives a cozy and relaxing vibe, and what would be more cozy than putting a soft, cushiony rug over the carpet near the fireplace?

However, if you don’t have a fireplace in your living room, then a rug will give aesthetic and coziness to the room.

The extra softness of the rug over the carpet will create a sense of comfort and warmth.

2. Home Offices

The second best place where you can lay the rug over the carpet is your home office. Imagine the soft fibers of the rug rushing under your feet while you are working.

Look at the already reduced stress just by thinking about it. Moreover, it will also give a new look to your home office. However, the very common question people have in this context is: Do office chair ruin the carpet or rug?

3. Dining Rooms

Layring the rug over the carpet in a dining room will give more definition to the space. A rug placement will make the space more inviting, especially in winter.

Besides, it is much easier to clean rugs when you spill or drop something in a dining space. Your carpet can’t take too many food accidents before it is ruined completely.

4. Bedrooms

It’s always a debate as to whether to put the carpet or the rug in the bedroom. But if you have had carpet in your bedroom for years, then it is time to give it a new life to your bedroom.

Another natural location to place the rug over the carpet is at the foot of your bed. This is similar to placing the rug in the middle of the living room: it softens the entire room and spices it up!


Rugs are a great option to put over the carpet to prevent it from potential wear and tear. They are also an inexpensive and easy way to conceal the carpet damages such as small holes or stubborn stains.

Besides these benefits, a rug over the carpet also adds bonus coziness in the room, and if in your bedroom, it will help you wake up every morning with a fresh feeling with its popping colors.

However, to style your home like a pro, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks. We hope this guide has cleared your predicament of ‘Can you put a rug on the carpet?’


How do you keep a rug placed on carpet?

As mentioned above, you can use double-sided rug tape. This will help you prevent the tripping accident.

What is the rule for rug placement?

As a general rule, you must allow at least 3 inches of rug behind the front legs of your furniture.

Do you need to put something under the rug?

One of the main reasons to have an area rug is to improve the underfoot experience. However, a rug without a rug pad is more prone to bunching, knotting, and sliding.

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