Can You Paint Carpet? | Save Money With This Hack!

Carpets are an important but expensive investment for a home, and since they bear the regular wear and tear, spills, sunlight, and whatnot, they tend to lose their shine and end up looking like rags.

Can You Paint Carpet

So if you are wondering, can you paint the carpet? And if there is a way to revamp your carpet without splurging a lot of money, then read this guide till the end!

Can You Paint the Carpet?

Yes, you can paint a carpet to give it a makeover and save money. Using simple materials like upholstery paint, gloves, painter’s tape, and stencils, you can create geometric patterns, stripes, unique designs, or even paint the entire carpet in a single color.

Paint Carpet

Can you Spray Paint the Carpet?

Yes, you can spray paint a carpet, but it is not recommended. Spray painting can alter the texture and feel of the carpet, leading to discomfort. Moreover, the paint may not adhere well to the fibers, resulting in peeling and flaking. Additionally, it can release toxic fumes and make cleaning difficult. It’s better to consider other options like using area rugs or replacing the carpet if you want a different color or design.

Prepping The Workspace Before Painting Carpet

1. The first step is to choose the appropriate paint for painting your carpet. You shouldn’t use oil-based or acrylic paint as it might make your carpet look clumpy. Go for an upholstery paint instead.

Spray paint for carpet

2. Now vacuum your carpet properly to get rid of dirt and debris and to avoid making the paint look odd or clumpy. If there are stains on your carpet, then you can treat them with a mixture of white vinegar and water.


3. Now move the carpet outside in an open area so that you can save your floors and walls from the spray paint. And if you do not have outdoor space, then cover and tape the floors and walls with paper to avoid any spills on the floor.

Spray paint carpet

4. The next step is to check if the spray paint is working properly. For this, shake the spray paint, take a piece of cardboard, and spray paint on it to see if it is producing paint evenly.

How To Paint Carpet?

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to paint carpet:

  1. Safety First: Wear a mask and gloves before starting the painting process to protect yourself from fumes and chemicals.
  2. Prepare the Spray Paint: Shake the can for 30 seconds or as instructed on the label without removing the cap.
  3. Position and Spray: Hold the paint can 6 to 8 inches away from the carpet surface (as recommended in the instruction manual) and start spraying from one edge to the other. Maintaining a consistent distance will result in an even layer of paint.
  4. Spray in One Line: Avoid wiggly or random motions, and make sure to spray the paint in one continuous line for a uniform appearance.
  5. Check for Consistency: Before moving on to the next section, ensure that you are satisfied with the color to maintain consistency throughout the carpet.
  6. Allow Sufficient Drying Time: Once you have painted the entire carpet, let it air dry for up to 72 hours. To check if it’s fully dried, gently press your finger on one of the corners.
  7. Use and Enjoy: After 72 hours of complete drying, you can now arrange furniture and use the painted carpet without any issues.

How To Create Designs on Carpet?

If you have a boring rug or a carpet, here are some ideas for adding a design to it.

1. Using a Stencil

Using a Stencil

Stencils are one of the easiest ways to create a complicated design on your carpet. Here’s how you can paint your carpet using a stencil:

  • Purchase a stencil from a stationary or craft store of your choice. You can use one or more designs, but we suggest using only one type of stencil if you are doing this for the first time and are not confident about this whole DIY situation.
  • The next step in painting your carpet is to to map out where you want to use the stencil design. For this, use a light-colored removable marker and make marks on your carpet or rug to know where you want to keep the stencil each time.
  • Once you have marked the areas, the next step is to start painting the carpet. Hold the stencil firmly on the carpet and spray the paint at least 4 inches away from it. Repeat the step for each marked area, and there you have your designer carpet.

2. Use Painter’s Tape

Use a Painter's Tape

If you are interested in creating a geometric pattern on your carpet instead, then you can do so by using painter’s tape:

  • Take painter’s tape and stick it onto your carpet in the pattern of your choice. You can create triangles, squares, zig-zag lines, or any geometric pattern of your choice.
  • Now take spray paint and spray the color around the tape on uncovered areas.
  • Now let the paint air dry for 2-3 hours or as per the time mentioned on the paint can.
  • Once the paint dries completely, peel off the tape, and voila, you will have a patterned carpet design.

Additional Tips

  • Once you have sprayed paint on your DIY patterns, take a rag and blot paint puddles so that excess paint doesn’t fall off when you remove the stencil or tape.
  • If you intend to add another color of paint, only do so once the previous color has dried. For example, if you add red over blue color before letting it dry, you will end up with purple areas.
  • To erase any mistakes or excess color, use paint thinner.
  • Lastly, allow the carpet to dry out completely before walking on it.

DIY Carpet Paint Tutorial

Mistakes to Avoid While Spray Painting Carpet

Here are some common mistakes to avoid while spray painting your carpet or rug.

  1. While choosing a color, remember you can only paint a color darker than your carpet’s current color. For example, you can paint your white carpet brown but not vice versa.
  2. Cover the areas of the carpet that you do not want to paint fully.
  3. Always spray the paint in a constant motion to avoid uneven coloring.
  4. Keep a Paint thinner handy to clean any mess-ups immediately.

However, if you ever end up spoiling the carpet either with acrylic paint or any paint you are using use these tips to clean the acrylic paint stain from the carpet.

Wrapping Up

Revamping your lifeless carpet is not that difficult to do whether you are a pro at DIY or just a beginner. There are many different ways to paint your carpet, as we shared in the guide above.

You can choose the method that you feel the most comfortable with and do a full-on carpet makeover without spending much.

We hope this guide was helpful to you.

Can You Paint Carpet? FAQ

Which paint is best to use on carpet?

Spray upholstery paints are best for painting your carpets. Although you can use a paintbrush to apply the upholstery paint on the carpet, that way, you will not achieve even coloring unless you are a pro. We recommend using spray paint to achieve even layering..

Can I paint carpet with a wall paint?

You can use regular interior latex paint, but the finish might not be as smooth as it will be with upholstery paint, and the design might end up looking clumpy. We recommend you use upholstery paint.

Can I change the color of my carpet?

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that, yes, you can change the color of your carpet.

However, the color you choose should always be darker than the existing color for obvious reasons. For example, you can paint your white carpet red, but not vice versa.

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