15 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger 2024

Space is a luxury, but not all of us have the luxury of vast spaces in our homes. Fortunately, there are several tricks to give the illusion of more space, even in the smallest of rooms. So, here are 15 ways to make a room look bigger.

15 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger 2024

Whether you’re dealing with a compact apartment or a small room within a larger home, the quest to make spaces feel more open and airy is universal.

In this guide, we’ll explore diverse strategies to create the illusion of more space, making your room not only look bigger but also feel more inviting and comfortable.

15 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger

1. Light Colors

20 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger- Light Colors

Opting for light colors when decorating a room is a clever tactic to make the space appear larger and more inviting.

Painting your walls and floor in light hues helps reflect natural light, making the room feel airy and more open. Soft blue, green, or white tones can significantly expand the perceived space.

2. Declutter The Space

20 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger- Declutter The Space

Decluttering is an effective strategy to maximize the perception of space in any room. A tidy room feels larger.

Keep surfaces clean, minimize knick-knacks, and ensure everything has its designated place. This might also mean parting with items you no longer need or use. The key is to be intentional about what we choose to display and ensure that every item has a designated spot.

3. Place Mirrors

Place Mirrors

Mirrors have the unique ability to reflect light, both natural and artificial, which can brighten a room and create the illusion of depth.

You can place the mirror across from windows or in well-lit areas. This is particularly effective in smaller rooms or areas with limited natural light. Additionally, mirrors can serve as stylish decor, adding elegance and a sense of sophistication to the room’s aesthetic.

4. Furniture With Legs

Furniture With Legs

This design choice introduces a sense of lightness and openness by creating a visual gap between the furniture and the floor. The effect is a room that feels less crowded and more airy, as the eye can easily travel across the space without obstruction.

It also adds a stylish, modern touch but also allows for additional light to flow through the room, further amplifying its open feel.

5. Go For Large Decorative Pieces

Go For Large Decorative Pieces

This is an ingenious strategy to create the illusion of a larger space. Instead of cluttering the area with numerous small items, which can make the room feel cramped and disorganized, opt for fewer, larger pieces. This approach draws the eye, creating focal points that command attention, while the open space around these pieces gives the room a more expansive feel.

6. Use Lucite Items

Use Lucite Items

These materials are prized for their ability to let light pass through, creating an airy and open feeling. Lucite, known for its durability and resistance to weathering, is an excellent choice for contemporary spaces, offering the beauty of glass without the fragility.

7. Keep Windows Unobstructed

Keep Windows Unobstructed

Keeping windows unobstructed is crucial in making a small room appear larger. By allowing natural light to flood the space, it not only brightens the room but also creates an illusion of depth and openness.

Additionally, a clear view through windows can extend the room’s boundaries to the outdoors, further amplifying the sense of spaciousness. This simple yet effective strategy can transform cramped spaces into airy and more inviting environments.

8. Keep Pathways Clear

15 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger-Keep Pathways Clear

An unobstructed path not only makes the room more navigable but also enhances the visual space, making the room appear larger. This can be achieved by thoughtfully arranging furniture to ensure there’s ample room to move around.

9. Coordinating Wall And Furniture Colors

Coordinating Wall And Furniture Colors

Coordinating wall and furniture colors is a clever technique to make a small room appear larger. By selecting furniture that matches or is in harmony with the wall color, you create a seamless look that blurs the boundaries between the furniture and the walls.

10. Keep The Upholstery Plain

15 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger- Keep The Upholstery Plain

Solid colors, especially in lighter shades, create a sense of calm and continuity, which helps to expand the space visually. Unlike busy patterns or bold prints that can overwhelm the eyes and make a room feel cluttered, plain upholstery keeps the focus on the room’s overall openness.

11. Light Fabrics

Light Fabrics

Choosing light fabrics for curtains and upholstery is a simple yet effective way to make a small room look more spacious. Lighter fabrics not only reflect natural light but also add a breezy and airy feel to the space, enhancing the perception of openness.

12. Use Rugs To Define Areas

15 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger- Use Rugs To Define Areas

In a small, open-plan space, use rugs to define different areas. This can help organize the space without the need for physical barriers, which can make the space feel smaller.

By strategically placing rugs, you can visually separate different sections within the room, such as a sitting area from a workspace, without the need for physical dividers that can make the space feel cramped. Opt for rugs with light colors and simple patterns to enhance the sense of openness.

13. Emphasize Vertical Space

Emphasizing vertical space is a transformative strategy in making a small room appear larger and more open. You can emphasize the vertical space by hanging artwork or decorative items at a higher level. This creates an illusion of higher ceilings and a more expansive area.

14. White Out The Space

White Out The Space

White walls are a timeless strategy for making any room appear more spacious and inviting. By painting walls white, they reflect more light, which in turn amplifies the sense of openness and airiness in a space. White walls act as a blank canvas, making the room feel larger and brighter, regardless of its actual size.

15. Keep It Simple

15 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger- Keep It Simple

By choosing minimalist furniture, maintaining a decluttered space, and sticking to a neutral color palette, you can create an illusion of expansiveness. Opting for sleek and functional pieces not only saves physical space but also reduces visual clutter, allowing the room to feel open and airy.


So overall, transforming a small room into a space that feels open, airy, and inviting is all about smart design choices. From the strategic placement of mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of more space, to opting for light colors on walls and ceilings to enhance the sense of openness.

You can use these 15 ways to make a room look bigger and transform your cramped space into a welcoming, expansive environment, proving that with the right design approaches, even the smallest room can feel larger and more inviting. However, if you are thinking of transforming your bathroom space then the process starts with a pleasing bathroom color palette.


Why are light colors recommended for walls and ceilings?

Light colors reflect more light than dark colors, making spaces feel open and airy. Painting walls and ceilings in light shades help create a sense of expansiveness.

How do window treatments impact a room's size?

Heavy, dark curtains can absorb light and make a room feel smaller. Light, airy window treatments allow more light to enter, enhancing the room’s sense of space.

What is the effect of using multi-functional furniture in a small room?

Multi-functional furniture saves space by serving dual purposes, such as seating that doubles as storage, effectively making the room feel less cluttered and more spacious.

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