17 Ways To Decorate Home When You Have No Money

Decorating your home does not always mean you have to spend a fortune, if you think well enough you will find plenty of ways to decorate home when you have no money.

All you need is a little creativity and effort to transform your space into a stylish haven, even when you’re tight on funds.

There are DIYs, simple decor hacks, storage hacks, etc. that you can utilize to achieve this. Keep on reading as we share with you 17 ways in which you can decorate your home with no money.

17 Ways To Decorate Home When You Have No Money

17 Ways To Decorate Home When You Have No Money?

1. Embrace DIY Projects

Embrace DIY Projects

One of the most cost-effective ways to decorate your home is to do it yourself. There’s a plethora of things that you can do be it painting, creating your own wall art, painting old furniture, etc without breaking the bank.

Websites like Pinterest and YouTube are goldmines for inspiration and tutorials. Consider repurposing items you already have or picking up inexpensive supplies from your local thrift store or craft store.

2. Shop Secondhand To Decorate Home

Shop Secondhand to Decorate Home

Thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces are treasure troves for unique and affordable home decor.

With a little patience, you can find everything from vintage furniture to decorative items that add character and charm to your space that too without spending too much.

Remember, a little elbow grease can go a long way in transforming a secondhand find into a stunning piece for your home.

3. Go Green With Plants

Go Green With Plants

One of the cheapest ways to decorate the home is by adding plants. Small plants like succulents are usually inexpensive and easy to care for.

You can also propagate plants from cuttings or ask friends and family for clippings from their plants. This would allow you to decorate your home without practically spending any money.

Also, to take this decor up a notch you can use decorative containers, or DIY planters.

4. Use Creative Lighting to Decorate Home

Use Creative Lighting to Decorate Home

Lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room. Consider rearranging lamps to brighten up dim corners or create a cozy reading nook.

You can also make your own lampshades or decorate existing ones to add a personal touch to your lighting fixtures.

Also, you can add string lights to add a warm and welcoming glow to any room and the best part is they are usually quite affordable.

5. Display Personal Items

Display Personal Items

Your home should reflect who you are. By displaying personal items such as photos, heirlooms, or collections you can make your space feel more personal and inviting.

You can achieve this by creating a gallery wall with family photos or your own artwork to add visual interest to a room without spending too much.

In fact, you can even use old frames or buy new ones, or you can simply get print out of photos and hang them on a string together with a paperclip to add a personal touch.

6. Rearrange Existing Furniture

Rearrange Existing Layout

Sometimes, all a room needs is a fresh layout to feel new again.

Experiment with different furniture arrangements to find a setup that makes the space feel larger or more inviting.

Repurposing furniture from one room to another can also give your home a fresh look without spending a dime.

7. Decorate with Books

Decorate with Books

If you are a book hoarder then you can utilize them to decorate your spend without spending any money.

Books can add color, height, and interest to any room. For this, you can arrange them on coffee tables, use them to elevate other decor items, or create a visually appealing bookshelf display by organizing them by color or size.

If you do not have a full-sized bookshelf, then you can even arrange your books using bookends on any table top. There are so many ways in which you can play around with this.

8. DIY Wall Murals or Decals

DIY Wall Murals or Decals

If you are an artist then you can decorate your home by painting a wall mural or art decal without spending any money.

For this, you can utilize your existing paint colors and create geometric patterns or whimsical designs on your walls.

This hack can add a dynamic element to any room without the commitment of wallpaper and can be utilized to decorate the accent wall of your living room especially.

9. Sew Your Own Textiles

Sew Your Own Textiles

If you have a sewing machine, then you can create custom curtains, pillow covers, and even duvet covers to decorate your home without spending.

Fabric stores often have sales, and you can select the exact patterns and colors you want. But if you do not want to spend anything at all then you can utilize whatever old piece of clothing, lace, etc, that you have in your home.

10. Utilize Mirrors

Utilize Mirrors

Believe it or not but mirrors are a great way to decorate your home in multiple ways. Mirrors can bring in more natural light into the house making it look more vibrant if placed correctly.

When placed strategically, mirrors can also help in make a space look bigger.

If you have big mirrors in your house already then you can use them for this purpose. You can also DIY and add some decor elements to the mirror to make it look more funky.

11. Update Old Fixtures

Update Old Fixtures

A fresh coat of paint or new hardware can breathe new life into old furniture or cabinets. Updating handles, knobs, and pulls is a simple and cheap way to change the entire look of a room.

To elevate the look of your home even further you can paint your old fixtures with trendy colors such as sage, terracotta, navy blue, etc.

For this budget-friendly decor, you can utilize existing paint and even if you don’t have paint, your only expense would be of this.

12. Use Paper

Use Paper

To decorate your home is the cheapest way, you can utilise papers. Their are so many paper crafts that you can make for this be it a door wreath, fun garland, origami objects, etc.

You can use Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas. You can even watch videos on YouTube to learn how you can make different DIY projects using paper.

13. DIY Storage Solutions

DIY Storage Solutions

Use boxes, crates, or jars to create custom storage solutions. Decorate them with paint, fabric, or paper to make them both functional and stylish.

This hack is not only cheap and affordable, but it is also functional, allowing you to create more space for the things in your house.

And the best part is if you have kids, then you can even utilize DIY storage to store their toys without letting your guests see the fuss.

14. Use Found Objects

Use Found Objects

Who says you can only decorate your home by utilizing existing items? Look around you and you will find inspiration and many objects that you can turn into a decorative piece of art.

For this, look for interesting sticks, stones, or even leaves that can be used as decor. Display them in a vase or create a nature-inspired centerpiece. You can even paint stones and add some design to display it in your home.

15. Declutter & organize

Declutter & organize

Sometimes all you need to do is just declutter your house with things that you don’t need as nothing looks more uninviting than a cluttered house.

Throw away the items that no longer serve you and arrange the rest of the things purposefully. This may seem like something that won’t bring too much change, but you will realise what a massive difference it can make when you declutter & organize your home.

16. DIY Crocery Wall Art

DIY Crocery Wall Art

Another way to decorate your home without spending anything or too much is by creating a crockery wall art.

For this, you can utilise existing crockery plates or you can even use disposable plates and create the design of your choice. If you are an expert then you can use paint and if you are a beginner then you can start drawing designs on paper plate with a pencil and then you can trace it and color it with sketch pens.

Once you are done, you can simply hang this stunning crockery wall art that you have made to add an interesting element in your home.

17 Design Macrame Wall Art

Design Macrame Wall Art

Macrame is a trending wall art decoration that you can either purchase or make yourself. And to create this you only need to spend on macrame thread which does not cost a lot.

There are all kinds of designs for which you can find online tutorials on YouTube. You can watch a few videos before you purchase the macrame thread.

As a beginner, you should choose a simple macrame design, and if you are already familiar with this DIY, then you can create some complex and stunning pieces.

Wrap Up

Decorating your home on a budget or without spending much is possible. All you need for this is to think outside the box and look for ideas.

Also, home decoration without spending anything can be easy for someone who has an artistic side or are confident in their ability to undertake DIY projects.

Thankfully we have shared 17 different ways to decorate a home when you have no money in this guide which includes ideas for both newbies and skilled artists.


How can I make my home look elegant on a tight budget?

Creating an elegant home on a budget is all about focusing on simple, high-impact changes.

Start by choosing a neutral color palette, as it can make spaces feel more sophisticated and cohesive. Invest in a few key pieces that look more expensive than they are — think large mirrors, statement lighting, or an elegant rug.

Use throw pillows and curtains in luxurious fabrics to add texture and depth. Finally, keep your space clean and clutter-free; a tidy home naturally looks more elegant.

Are there any tips for finding good deals on home decor?

Absolutely! Here are a few strategies to score great deals:

  • Use Online Marketplaces
  • Shop off season
  • Sign Up for Newsletters
  • Go to thrift stores
  • Go to garage sales
  • DIY

How can I decorate a small space to make it look bigger?

Decorating a small space to appear larger involves a few clever tricks.

  • First, use light colors for walls, floors, and large furniture pieces as they make a space feel more open and airy.
  • Incorporate mirrors strategically to reflect light and give the illusion of more space.
  • Choose multi-functional furniture, like ottomans with storage or a sofa bed, to maximize utility without clutter.
  • Keep the floor as clear as possible by using floating shelves and wall-mounted storage.
  • Lastly, ensure your window treatments are hung high and wide to let in as much natural light as possible and to draw the eye upwards, making the ceilings seem higher.

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