How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger?

In the quest to find a more spacious and inviting living space, many people ask, “How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger?” It’s a common challenge, especially in urban environments where living quarters can be compact. 

How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

This article explores creative and practical ways to visually expand your bedroom, transforming it into a retreat that feels both cozy and capacious. 

From clever use of color & light to strategic furniture placement, we’ll guide you through 15 or more innovative strategies to maximize your bedroom’s potential.

How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger?

1. Maximize Natural Light Inside Room

Maximize Natural Light Inside Room

To make a small bedroom feel more extensive, you really need to change its lighting and let the natural light inside. It can help you create an illusion of more space. You can also use this fantastic idea while selecting your master bedroom design

For this, you must maximize natural light by keeping windows unobstructed, using sheer curtains, strategically placing mirrors, and choosing a light color palette for walls and furnishings. 

2. Place Mirrors Strategically

Place Mirrors Strategically

To use mirrors smartly in a small bedroom in order to make your room look bigger, you can put a big mirror across from a window. It will help bring in more natural light inside your bedroom.

To save more space, you can use mirrored closet doors that serve a dual purpose, making the space feel larger.

You could also hang several small mirrors together on a wall for a stylish look that also makes the room seem more spacious. This easy trick can really change how big your bedroom feels.

3. Select Multi-Functional Furniture

Select Multi-Functional Furniture

When trying to make the most of a small bedroom, it’s smart to choose furniture that has more than one use. For example, a bed with a desk or storage drawers that doubles as a vanity can really help. 

This way, you can save space, keep things tidy, and make the room feel bigger and more open. 

4. Scale Down Furniture

Scale Down Furniture

In a small bedroom, opting for scaled-down furniture can make all the difference. But for this, you have to choose pieces that fit the size of your room, such as a smaller bed frame or a petite nightstand. It can help in creating a more spacious atmosphere. 

This strategy not only ensures that the room doesn’t feel overcrowded but also improves mobility and functionality. 

By carefully selecting scaled-down furniture, you can maintain comfort and style without sacrificing the perception of space, making your bedroom appear larger and more inviting.

5. Use Light Colors Curtains

Use Light Colors Curtains

Light-colored curtains let more light into the home. It makes a room feel bigger and brighter. If you also want to make your home feel more open, then use light-colored curtains, such as soft whites or pastels. 

Hang them high and wide onto the window area. Make sure that you select lightweight fabrics, as they can help with airflow and light, making the room more welcoming.

6. Use Floating Shelves

Use Floating Shelves

Usually, floating shelves boost the storage options, but if you have a small room and you want toto make it more open and spacious, then this wonderful storage option can store your home essentials without eating up floor space. 

These shelves make use of the wall space, which helps make the room look bigger and more open. They’re great for showing off things you love, like books, plants, or art, without making the room feel crowded. 

You can place these shelves above a desk or bed. It will not only give you extra storage but also add a stylish touch. 

7. Paint The Ceiling

Paint The Ceiling

Did you know that a light or bright color can really work when painting the ceiling of a small bedroom? It makes the room look taller and feel bigger.

You can paint the ceiling with a similar color as the wall. If you don’t want to do so, then you can also choose a shade lighter to make the space seem more unified and spacious. It’s a cool trick to make a tight space feel more like a cozy, welcoming spot.

8. Streamline Your Nightstand

Streamline Your Nightstand

To make your small bedroom appear larger, consider streamlining your nightstand. A cluttered nightstand can make the space feel cramped and disorganized. That is why opt for a sleek, minimalist design that holds only the essentials, such as a lamp, a book, and a small plant. 

You can select the vertical storage option or a floating shelf to maximize floor space. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom but also creates an illusion of more space.

9. Opt For Sliding Doors

Opt For Sliding Doors

Do you know how traditional doors need room to swing open? Sliding doors don’t have that problem since they move along the wall. 

This means you get more floor space for arranging your furniture any way you like without worrying about door clearance. Plus, if you choose sliding doors with mirrors, they reflect light, making your room feel brighter and bigger.

10. Choose The Right Rug Size

Choose The Right Rug Size

If you are selecting a rug that is too small for your bedroom, assuming that it will make your room look more spacious, then you are wrong. Because the rug that works best in a bedroom is one that goes beyond your bed’s edges, it helps the room come together and seem larger. 

If you want to fit the rug to the center, then place the rug just underneath the bed and leave the same amount of floor showing on all sides. 

11. Incorporate Transparent Elements

Incorporate Transparent Elements

The addition of transparent pieces, like glass tables or clear chairs, can make a small bedroom feel bigger. 

If you are incorporating such elements to make your room look more spacious and open, then start with sheer curtains. It will let in more light, enhancing the beauty and brightness of the room. 

Other than this, you can choose floating shelves, as they are great for decor without taking up floor space. 

12. Add Plants

Add Plants

Incorporating plants into your home not only purifies the air but also offers an additional benefit. They can give the impression of a more open and minimalist space.

If you are selecting this option to make your bedroom look spacious and big, then go for tall plants like snake plants or fiddle leaf figs to make the ceiling seem higher. Other than this, hang plants and use shelf plants to decorate without taking up floor space. 

13. Use Space-Saving Accessories

Use Space-Saving Accessories

Adding smart, space-saving accessories to your small bedroom can really open it up and make it feel welcoming. 

Think about getting furniture that does double duty, like ottomans with storage, shelves that mount to the wall, and boxes that slide under the bed to keep things tidy without cramping your style. 

A well-placed mirror can do wonders, too, bouncing light around to make the room seem airier. Go for mirrors with thin frames for a more streamlined look. Don’t forget about hanging organizers for your shoes and bits and bobs – they’re great for keeping floors clear. 

14. Declutter


We often keep too many things, making our rooms look smaller. If we regularly clean out by decluttering and keep only what we really need, our space feels bigger. 

This means tidying up everywhere, not just where we can see, but also in places like closets and drawers. Using smart ways to store things helps keep everything neat and cuts down on mess.

15. Under-Bed Storage

Under-Bed Storage

Using under-bed storage is a smart way to make your bedroom look bigger and tidier. 

You can choose beds with drawers or get slim storage bins to hide away things like off-season clothes or extra bedding. It helps keep your room clutter-free and your stuff clean and easy to grab. 

By adding under-bed storage, you can make your space work better while also keeping it looking neat and spacious.

16. Vertical Storage

Vertical Storage

If you’re dealing with a small bedroom, a smart move is to use vertical storage solutions. This means instead of spreading things out across the floor, you look up and use the walls. 

You could put up tall shelves, hang stuff on the wall, or even use hooks behind the door for extra hanging space. It’s not just about keeping things tidy, but this strategy also makes your room look bigger by drawing the eye upwards. 

17. Simplify Bedding

Simplify Bedding

To create an illusion of more space in a small bedroom, one effective strategy is to simplify bedding. For this, you have to opt for a clean, minimalistic look by choosing bedding in solid colors or subtle patterns.

You can select lighter hues and avoid overly busy or bulky bedding, as this can make the space feel cramped. 

Consider a bedspread that fits snugly to the bed rather than draping heavily to the floor, and use a select few pillows for a touch of comfort without overcrowding. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to redo your bedroom and wonder, “How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger?” then you can select a few options among smart and creative ones. 

You can start by choosing simpler bedding and using mirrors and colors smartly to make the space feel larger and more welcoming. 

Just a few smart tweaks can really change your small bedroom into a comfortable space that seems bigger than it really is.


What colors make a small bedroom appear larger?

The lighter colors are known to make a room feel more spacious and airy. That is why you should opt for soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens for your bedroom walls to make your room look larger and spacious. 

How can mirrors be used to enhance the size of a bedroom?

Mirrors can dramatically increase the perception of space in a small bedroom. When placed strategically, they reflect light and the view, effectively doubling the room’s visual size. Consider using a large mirror on one wall or a set of smaller mirrors to create the illusion of depth.

What type of furniture should I choose for a small bedroom?

For a small bedroom, choose furniture with slim profiles and legs that lift them off the floor and create a sense of lightness and space. You can also select multi-functional furniture, like beds with storage underneath or a desk that doubles. It can also help maximize your space without cluttering the room.

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