17 Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas 2024

The best Boho bathroom decor ideas stem from a free-spirited nature and not from calculated design.

Bohemian decor is all about embracing your own uniqueness and character and incorporating that into your house. But if you simply can’t put together your ideas and need inspiration to decorate your bathroom for a lovely bohemian vibe, then this guide is just for you!

From simple, budget-friendly ways to more eccentric decor, these 17 boho bathroom decor ideas will elevate the vibe of your bathroom completely.

17 Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas

17 Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Add Plants

Add Plants
Add Plants  everywhere

Greenery breathes life into any space, and the boho style is no exception. Consider adding spider plants, string of pearls, and petite succulents to infuse your space with lush greenery and a touch of bohemian charm.

If your bathroom lacks natural light, then don’t hesitate to use artificial plants to achieve the same effect. Remember the more plants you can add to your bathroom, the better.

2. Add a Rug

Add a Rug

Layer a beige jute rug or a colorful kilim runner over your bathroom floor for a pop of pattern and warmth.

You can also add rugs with rich hues and intricate designs to complement your boho decor. However, avoid decorating your bathroom with standard rugs, wool rugs, and so on.

3. Opt For Wooden Flooring

Opt For Wooden Flooring

For a peaceful boho look, opt for light wood flooring or a material that can give a similar appearance.

This hack will transform your bathroom completely. To finish it off, you can mix and match cabinets and other decor items, and voila! You have a bohemian bathroom.

4. Mix-and-Match Tiles

Mix-and-Match Textiles

To create a bohemian bathroom, you do not necessarily need to have standard tiles. You can play around, mix and match different textures and colors to achieve an eccentric look for your bathroom.

You can also add Moroccan, Turkish, or geometric patterns to add visual interest and global flair to your boho bathroom.

5. Add Wooden Shelves

Add Wooden Shelves

Adding wooden shelves is a simple and cost-effective way to decorate your bathroom walls for a boho look.

By adding wooden shelves in warm tones, you can add a touch of warmth and character to your bathroom. The best part is that you can use them not only to decorate your bathroom with plants but also to store your towels and other toiletries.

6. Bohemian Artwork

Bohemian Artwork

Adorn your bathroom walls with bohemian artwork such as rattan lamps, wicker baskets, abstract paintings, or tapestries featuring botanical motifs.

These boho decor pieces add visual interest to the space, and the best part is that they don’t cost that much.

So, if you are looking to decorate your bathroom for a boho look on a budget, then this could be perfect for you.

7. Decorate With Macrame Planters

Decorate with macrame planters

Add a bohemian flair to your bathroom with macramé accents such as wall hangings and plant hangers. You can even add a macramé shower curtain if that’s feasible for you.

The intricate knots of macrame design lend a cozy, handmade feel and are perfect for decorating your bathroom, especially if you are on a budget.

8. Earthy Color Palette

Earthy Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette for bathrooms is very important, especially if you want a boho look.

So stick to a warm, earthy color palette inspired by nature, including shades of terracotta, ochre, sage green, and deep indigo. These hues will help in evoking a sense of serenity and harmony in your boho bathroom.

9. Add Vintage Vanity

Add Vintage Vanity

Give your bathroom a nostalgic vibe with a vintage-inspired vanity or washstand.

Look for distressed finishes, ornate details, and mismatched hardware to achieve that perfectly imperfect boho look.

If you have a good budget, then this can be a really useful hack for you to achieve a boho bathroom decor.

10. Use Textured or Vintage Wash Basins

Use Textured or Vintage Wash Basins

If you don’t have enough space or budget for a vintage vanity then you can use your existing vanity and replace your wash basins instead.

For boho decor, look for textured or vintage-style wash basins as shown in the picture above. You can balance this out by adding modern design faucets.

11. Add an Eccentric Bathtub

Add An Eccentric Bathtub

This is a slightly expensive boho decor idea, but adding an eccentric bathtub, such as the one shown in the image above with a wooden cover, or opting for a vintage bathtub, could be a great way to add a bohemian feel to your bathroom.

This design looks stunning when paired with plants and other boho decor elements.

12. Add a Boho Wallpaper

Add Boho Wallpaper

Make a bold statement in your bathroom with boho-inspired wallpaper featuring botanical prints, tribal motifs, or geometric designs.

Use it to create an accent wall or cover the entire space for a maximalist effect. You can play around the way you like depending on wether you want a minimalist boho look or maximalist look.

13. Add an Oriental Rug

Add an Oriental Rug

If you have a closed shower area, then you can decorate your bathroom for a bohemian look using a small oriental rug, as shown in the image.

Oriental rugs come in various colors and patterns and are a budget-friendly way to make a significant change to your bathroom’s look. This hack is also perfect for people with small bathrooms.

14. Decorate With Bold Colors

Decorate With Bold Colors

If you are giving a complete makeover to your bathroom, then you can create a bohemian decor by adding patterned tiles of bold colors.

If you are a minimalist, then you can go for neutral colors and smaller print, and if your choice is bold, then think of adding bold patterns by incorporating tiles and by adding contrasting color vanity.

15. Opt For Exposed Brick Pattern

Opt For Exposed Brick Pattern

For a boho-inspired decor, consider incorporating an exposed brick pattern. The raw texture of exposed bricks will add a rustic charm and earthiness to your space, enhancing the bohemian vibe.

Whether it’s on a feature wall or as a backdrop for eclectic artwork, the exposed brick pattern is a great way to decorate your bathroom for a bohemian look.

16. Decorate With Wicker Baskets

Decorate With Wicker Basket

Another budget-friendly way to add boho decor to your bathroom is by using wicker baskets. These versatile accents add a touch of natural texture and warmth to any space.

You can use them for storage, as planters for trailing vines, or simply as decorative elements scattered throughout your boho bathroom.

17. Let Natural Light In

Let natural light in

Natural light is a cornerstone of boho decor and is something that you just can’t miss for the ultimate bohemian vibe.

If possible, think of adding windows to your bathroom. And if you already have them, then maximize the light coming in by keeping windows unobstructed and using lightweight curtains or sheer fabrics to filter sunlight gently.

Wrap Up

There are so many boho bathroom decor ideas that you can try to add a bohemian vibe to your dull bathroom.

Be it opting for budget-friendly options such as plants, macrame, wicker decor, etc. or opting for more expensive renovations such as adding textured or bold tiles, free standing bathtub, etc.

There is everything for everyone, and based on your preference and budget, you can decide to decorate your bathroom.


Can I incorporate boho decor into a small bathroom?

Absolutely! In fact, boho decor thrives in small spaces.

For this, opt for multifunctional furniture, such as a storage ottoman or ladder shelf, to maximize storage without overcrowding.

Additionally, utilize vertical space with hanging plants with macrame, and artwork for boho vibes without sacrificing floor space.

How can I balance bold patterns and colors in a boho bathroom?

The key to balancing bold patterns and colors in a boho bathroom is by layering and cohesion.

Start with a neutral base and layer in pops of color and pattern through textiles, artwork, and accessories.

And stick to a cohesive color palette inspired by nature to ensure evenness in the space.

Is it necessary to stick to a specific theme when decorating a boho bathroom?

Not at all! One of the hallmarks of boho decor is its eclectic and free-spirited nature.

Feel free to mix and match styles, textures, and influences to create a space that reflects your personality and interests.

The key is to embrace individuality and create a space that feels curated and lived-in rather than overly coordinated.

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