25 Best DIY Easter Decoration Ideas 2024

Need some easter decor ideas for the last minute? Don’t worry, we got you! In this guide, we have listed the 25 best DIY easter decoration ideas that are not only easy to make but also extremely cute!

DIY Easter decorations are a great way to add a personal touch to your home, and they can be a fun activity for the whole family, especially if you want to involve your kid in this festival.

So here are 25 of the best DIY Easter decoration ideas to inspire you this season.

25 Best DIY Easter Decoration Ideas

25 Best DIY Easter Decoration Ideas

1. Easter Egg Garland

easter egg garland

Cut out egg shapes from colorful paper or cardstock and string them together to create a festive garland that can be hung across the mantle or around the windows. To add some texture, you can use glitter, sequins, or paint.

2. Carrot or Egg Wreath

Carrot or Egg Wreath

Carrot Wreath looks really cute and is a super easy DIY easter decor to make. For this, you can use orange and green paper or felt or even twigs to create a carrot-shaped wreath.

You can add some bunny ears, bow, or egg cuttings to make it look even cuter. If you are more artistic, then do not be afraid to incorporate ribbon into the design.

3. Easter Egg Bunnies

Easter Egg Bunnies

Another great last-minute DIY easter decor idea is to create a bunny on an egg using a marker and paper cuttings.

For this, simply create a bunny face on the egg with a marker and then stick paper cuttings that look like ears onto the egg. For a cute appearance, you can put these bunny eggs out on a cupcake cover.

4. Eggshell Candles

eggshell candles

Fill cleaned eggshells with melted wax and a wick to create unique Easter-themed candles. You can even put a small candle into the egg shell directly.

To make this look even cuter, you can decorate the eggshells with paint, markers, flowers, etc.

5. Floral Centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece

Use fresh flowers and greenery to create a beautiful Easter centerpiece for your dining table. You can use pastel colors such as pink, yellow, and purple to give it a spring feel.

To fill out empty spaces, you can add colorful easter eggs designs as well. This simple easter decor not only looks beautiful but adds that perfect spring feel to a space.

6. Easter Basket

easter basket

The good old classic easter basket can never go out of style when it comes to easter decoration.

You can personalize a plain basket with ribbon, paint, or stickers to create a unique Easter basket for your kids. You can add some Easter grass and egg designs and fill it with goodies for your friends and family.

7. Bunny Planters

bunny planters

You can create cute little bunny planters using small cardboard boxes, cans, or even plastic bottles. For this, you simply need to color the object of your choice in white and create a cute face using a marker.

You can also add bunny ears made of paper cuttings and fill the container with plants. This cute easter DIY is perfect on the porch or even on a side table inside the house.

8. Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree

To make an Easter Egg Tree, find a small tree or a tree branch, then paint it white or any other color of your choice. Next, decorate it with colorful Easter eggs, ribbons, and other ornaments.

You can hang the eggs on the branches using ribbons or hooks. This DIY tree decor not only looks beautiful and festive, with a touch of springtime, but is also a perfect addition to your Easter decorations.

9. Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath

If you want a design that can be used both for easter and spring then you can create a spring wreath. For this, take pastel flowers and greenery to create a beautiful spring wreath for your front door. You can add some bunny or egg-shaped ornaments to make it more Easter-themed.

10. Pom Pom Bunnies

Pom Pom Bunnies

You can create a bunny using a pom pom and paper cuttings for easter decoration on the porch or a table inside the house. These pom pom bunnies look super cute; they are super easy to make, and even your kids can make them.

11. Bunny Ears Napkin Rings

Bunny Ears Napkin Rings

This is another simple yet classic way to decorate your dinner table on Easter.

For this, create bunny ears from felt and attach them to napkin rings for a fun Easter table setting. You can also add a cotton tail or a painted egg inside it to make it more playful.

12. Easter Egg Bouquet

Easter Egg Bouquet

Use a vase and colorful plastic eggs to create a festive Easter egg bouquet. You can add some grass or flowers to make it more attractive or you can choose warm yellow colors to add a spring feel to your decor.

13. Bunny Pillow Covers

Bunny Pillow Covers

Use fabric paint or iron-on transfers to create cute bunny designs on plain pillow covers. You can also add some pom poms or fringe to make it more festive. Or you can create a carrot design or egg design and mix it to match your pillow covers. This easy easter DIY is perfect for decorating your bedroom or living room.

14. Easter Bunny Mason Jars

easter mason jar

Turn plain mason jars into cute Easter Bunny jars by painting them and adding bunny faces. You can use them as a vase or to hold Easter treats for your kids. These easter bunny jars are super easy to make and they look really cute.

15. Easter Egg Piñata

Easter Egg Piñata

Create an Easter egg piñata using papier-mâché and fill it with treats for the kids. To make an Easter egg piñata, cover a blown up balloon with colorful tissue paper using a flour and water paste. Once dry, fill it with Easter treats and add a string to hang it up.

16. Tiered Easter Egg Display

Tiered Easter Egg Display

If you have a tiered serving stand in your kitchen, then you can utilize it to create a stunning Easter egg display.

For this, you simply need plenty of eggs decorated with cute easter designs and arrange them on the tiered serving stand. You can also add bunny-shaped chocolate to make it look cuter.

17. Easter Egg Topiary

Easter Egg Topiary

If you are looking to decorate your dining table or center table, then you can create an Easter egg topiary. You can make this using foam balls and decorated eggs for a unique Easter decoration. You can even add some flowers or ribbon to make it more attractive.

18. Bunny Footprints

Bunny Footprints

You can add cute little bunny footprints around leading up to your front door for a unique easter DIY decor. To create this, you can use chalk, washable paint, or even bunny footprint cuttings. You can also add some carrots or eggs to make it more Easter-themed.

19. Easter Themed Goodie Bag

Easter Themed Goodie Bag

To make an Easter goodie bag filled with candy, you can start by getting small paper or plastic bags and filling them with your favorite Easter-themed candies such as jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and marshmallow bunnies.

You can also add some Easter-themed stickers or small toys to make it more fun. Tie the bags with colorful ribbons and you’re all set!

20. Easter Twig Bunnies

Easter Twig Bunnies

If you want to create something fun and simple with your kids this easter, then try out these unique easter twig bunnies.

To create them, you simply need to find twigs and cover them with a colorful wool thread. Finish it up by adding eyes made out of paper, and voila, you are done.

21. Bunny Cupcake Toppers

Bunny Cupcake Toppers

This is another easy yet cute easter DIY idea. To create a bunny cupcake topper, you either cut out the bunny and carrot printouts or draw them yourself.

Now, stick these designs on toothpicks to create bunny cupcake toppers for your Easter desserts. You can also add some sprinkles or candy to make it more festive.

22. Easter Chocolates

Easter Chocolates

If you are looking to decorate your dining table for easter, then how about making some easter chocolates?

To make Easter bunny and egg-shaped chocolates, melt chocolate in a double boiler or microwave, pour it into bunny and egg-shaped molds, and add any desired fillings or decorations.

Allow the chocolates to cool and harden in the fridge before removing them from the molds and serving.

23. Easter Bunny Garland

Easter Bunny Garland for DIY Easter Decoration

If you are looking for a DIY easter decor idea to decorate your door or the walls in your house, then making a bunny garland might be a great idea for you.

To make this, use felt, fabric, or paper cuttings to create a cute bunny garland for your home. You can also add some pom poms or tassels to make it more playful.

24. Egg Carton Flowers

egg carton flower for DIY Easter Decoration

If you are looking for a unique Easter decoration, then you can turn egg cartons into colorful flowers.

You can also use them as a centerpiece by sticking them on sticks and placing them in a vase, or you can use them to decorate a wreath.

25. Paper Plate Wall Decor

Paper Plate Wall Decor

Those who are looking to make easter DIY decor at the last minute can create beautiful paper plate wall decor.

For this, you can paint the paper plates with colors and designs of your choice. Once done, you can arrange them on the wall of your house. This would also work as an adorable easter photo backdrop.

Wrap Up: Best DIY Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter is a wonderful time to add some color and cheer to your home with creative decor ideas. From the traditional Easter egg hunt to DIY crafts and unique egg carton flowers, there are countless options to choose from.

Most of the 25 best DIY easter decoration ideas shared in this guide require very few materials and can be made even last minute. We hope you found this blog useful.


What are some easy DIY Easter ideas for beginners?

Some easy DIY Easter ideas for beginners include decorating Easter eggs with paint or markers, creating a bunny wreath using a foam ring and paper plates, and making a carrot garland with orange construction paper and string.

What are some unique DIY Easter ideas for adults?

Some unique DIY Easter ideas for adults include creating floral arrangements using spring flowers, making a birdhouse out of an old teapot, and designing a terrarium with succulents and Easter-themed trinkets

How can I involve my kids in DIY Easter projects?

You can involve your kids in DIY Easter projects by creating fun and kid-friendly crafts such as decorating Easter eggs with stickers, making bunny ears using construction paper and pipe cleaners, and creating Easter-themed finger puppets using felt and glue.

You can also organize an Easter egg hunt and have your kids decorate the eggs before hiding them.

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