10 Best Carpet Colors For Your Bedroom

The color of the carpet can make a huge difference in the whole ambiance of a room. The right color can enhance comfort while giving a premium touch to a room’s aesthetic. At the same time, the wrong shade can spoil a room’s decor. We’ve got “10 Best Carpet Colors For Your Bedroom” to ensure you do not make a poor choice.

10 Best Carpet Colors For Your Bedroom

It is crucial to select a perfect carpet color for a bedroom because there are enormous factors you have to consider, such as:

  • Do you need a light color carpet or one in a darker shade?
  • Which carpet color & pattern will match the color of your home?
  • Will the carpet color affect the natural lighting of the room?

Looking at these factors, let’s determine which carpet color best suits your bedroom!

Dark vs. Light: Which Carpet Shade Is Best?

Dark vs. Light: Which Carpet Shade Is Best

A light carpet shade brightens the room while making an illusion of larger area, whereas a darker shade wall-to-wall brings cozy comfort and great insulation, especially in winters. It hides the stain patches driven by unwanted spills of cooking oil, food, coffee, wine, etc.

A light-shade rug is incapable of hiding stains! That is why you should avoid it lying in a high-foot traffic region such as a living room, hallways, entryways, dining areas, kids’ play zones, etc. You can lay it in your bedroom, but if you are planning to give an insulating touch to your master room, then a darker wall-to-wall is the best option to go with…

Confused? Well, yes, the answer could be both dark and light shade, but which one is perfect for “your living space” depends on a few points:

  1. Color of your room’s wall, furniture, and upholstery (For darker shade walls or furniture, choose a contrasting lighter shade)
  2. Fall of sunlight in your bedroom (If sunlight barely falls, buy a lighter shade rug)
  3. Amount of foot traffic your bedroom gets (In case of high-foot traffic, select a darker shade carpet)
  4. You tend to make room look larger or smaller (To make a room feel large, opt for a lighter shade rug)
  5. Presence of pets and kids at home (If there are any of these two notorious creatures, buy a darker shade carpet)

How To Choose Right Carpet Color For Bedroom?

How To Choose Right Carpet Color For Bedroom

The safest color options for bedroom carpets come in neutral shades. This is because many people find such shades to be relaxing and soothing. That’s what you need in your bedroom, right?

According to professionals, if the color of your bedroom wall is white, beige, or earth tones, choose a carpet that is at least 3 to 4 tones up. Also, select one with contrasting patterns that have a classic neutral shade. This will add extra texture to your room and prevent your space from looking dull and boring!!!

10 Best Carpet Colors For Your Bedroom

Soft Grey
A soft grey carpet color is a versatile choice that gives timeless styling without adding too much drama to your room. This color complements almost every room’s decor and does not show stain marks easily. A soft grey color enhances the beauty of a bedroom by adding a premium touch and bringing a sense of sophistication and tranquility to the bedroom.

Beige Color Carpet
If are you planning to give a complete renovation to your home but are not sure which carpet color you should buy that matches almost every wall, furniture, and upholstery tone, then a Beige color is the option for you. Beige is a neutral color choice that works well with almost all designs and color schemes. Fortunately, this amazing color option is available in almost all carpet types, textures, patterns, and piles. You just have to make sure that the beige carpet option you are choosing is durable and soft enough to lay in a bedroom.

Warm Taupe Carpet Color
You might have yet to hear about the Warm Taupe color option, but shockingly, this un-heard-of neutral shade is great for adding an elegant and luxurious touch to the depth of a room’s decor. Taupe is a blend of warm brown and grey shades. It’s combination fall between these two color options. Taupe is one of the most favored options for people who want to lay a neutral shade rug but still don’t want the stains to pop up.
Pastel Color Carpet
Pastel colors bring a calming and soothing vibe to a room’s aesthetic and make it look bigger. It brings an ideal balance between the color of furniture and wall and the wall-to-wall. If you are planning to opt for one pastel shade, consider lavender, peach, mint green, pink, and baby blue. You can also choose some contrasting patterns on such carpet, but remember that the pattern’s color does not get odd on your room’s decor.
Soft Green Carpet
A soft green carpeting adds a positive and refreshing vibe to the bedroom. It changes the aura of a bedroom by bringing the outdoor nature’s color inside the home. Such a color is great for relaxation and comfort, but it may add the sense of boredom and stagnation. Hence, choose a green wall-to-wall only when your room has lighter shade furniture and the wall is in light green tint.

White & Cream Color Carpet
If you want to buy a traditional carpet color option without playing much with your current room shade and decor, then White & Cream Colors are two fantastic options for you. These two carpet colors brighten the room and make it look bigger and spacious. However, they get dirty easily and show stains even after cleaning, so avoid these popular options if you have notorious pets and kids at home.

Warm Brown Carpet Color
A warm brown color add richness to a room. It brings great warmth and coziness and enhances the beauty of a room. If you bedroom is spacious and has small furniture then this earthy hue can do wonders in adding some depth in room. The biggest advantage of this color option is its non-fading nature. Also, a brown wall-to-wall does not pop up stain marks like a cream or white color.
Patterned Carpets
If you are planning to rug up your kid’s bedroom, then you can choose a patterned carpet with subtle colors and patterns. You can choose some big or small patterns or go with a stripped carpet design. It will help mask up the stains or spills that your kids may give while playing. You can choose some bold, symmetrical designs or opt for some floral patterns. But before choosing one, ensure that the pattern matches your room’s color and decor and lasts for several years.

Bold Accents Carpet
If you want to lay a carpet that stands out, then opt for one with bold accents. You can go for some bolder color tones, such as emerald, purple, and electric blue, that give a royal touch and elegance to your living space. A bold color wall-to-wall will absorb more heat and light and maintain the warmth of a room. Hence, you can confidently use it if your bedroom does not lack natural sunlight and is colder in winter.

Charcoal Grey Carpet
To add a trendy premium touch to your bedroom, you can choose a charcoal grey carpet with little striped patterns or a plain. This color will warm up the frigid winters and add a little darkness in the summer. Also, the charcoal grey carpet will hide the stains and last for longer. But, if your room is already dark and has colorful furniture over it, then the charcoal grey color carpet will make your room messy.

10 Best Carpet Colors For Your Bedroom | Wrapping Up

Several carpet color options can enhance the beauty of your room, but a few can add a premium touch while maintaining for a long. You can check out the “10 Best Carpet Colors For Your Bedroom” and find one that suits your room’s aesthetic and decor. Before selecting any of them, make sure your chosen color does not make your room look mismanaged.

And if you have children or pets then it is more than important to choose the very best carpet according to your kids and pets.

10 Best Carpet Colors For Your Bedroom | FAQs

Can a carpet be lighter than a wall?

Technically, you should choose a darker shade carpet for a light color wall, but if your wall is grey, then you can balance it out with a white or cream color wall-to-wall.

Which carpet color can make a bedroom look bigger?

If you want to unroll a carpet in your bedroom without making it look congested, then choose a neutral shade rug such as cream, beige, white, warm grey, pink, light blue, etc.

Which carpet color does not stain easily?

Dark color carpets, such as brown, green, lavender, etc., do not show stains easily. However they can make a room appear darker and smaller. Hence choose them only when you are going to rug-up a large room having natural sunlight.

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