Where Can I Dump A Carpet For Free?

Dumping carpets in landfills can be extremely toxic for the environment as carpets are composed of tiny complex fibers. And getting rid of them in other ways might cost you a lot. As such, you might be wondering where can I dump a carpet for free.

There are plenty of ways to dump carpets for free and for a fee, too! The method you choose will entirely depend on the size and condition of your carpet, along with your local state laws.

So, let us look at the different ways in which you can dump carpet for free!

Where Can I Dump A Carpet For Free

How To Remove a Carpet Myself?

Getting a carpet removed professionally can cost you money. To avoid additional expense, you can remove your old, rugged carpet yourself by following these steps:

What will you need?

ToolsSafety Supplies
Utility knifeGloves
HammerDust mask or Respirator
Pry barKnee pads
Floor scraperSafety glasses
Duct tape

Step-by-step guide to remove carpet yourself:

1. Clear the room of obstacles

Clear the room of obstacles to dump a carpet

Start by removing the furniture and other standing decor items from the room to clear the space and remove the carpet easily.

If your carpet was installed under a shoe molding, then you can use a crowbar to pry up the molding.

2. Put On Your Safety Gear

Put On Your Safety Gear

Wear gloves, a face mask, safety glasses and knee pads before you start removing your old carpet from the floors. Carpets are full of dust, so wearing a mask will protect you from allergens.

And carpets are often kept in place with a variety of nails and staplers, toxic carpet glue, so wearing protective gloves will keep your hands safe.

3. Start Pulling Carpet Away From Tack Strips

Start Pulling Carpet Away

Grab the carpet from a piler and start pulling it from a corner. If the carpet comes off easily, then keep pulling the carpet from every wall and roll toward the center.

If the carpet does not come off easily, then make a cut on one of the edges of the carpet with a utility knife and then grab it to start pulling it out.

4. Get Rid of the Carpet Pad

Get Rid of the Carpet Pad

Once you have removed the carpet entirely, it’s time to get rid of the carpet padding. You can also reuse the carpet padding based on the signs and symptoms of the carpet padding. Start by pulling the padding from one corner and freeing it from the tack strips.

If the padding is glued down to the floor, then use a floor scraper to remove it. Cut the padding into strips and keep folding it to be able to dispose of it properly. You can do the same with the carpet as well.

5. Remove Tack Strips

Remove Tack Strips

Can you reuse carpet tack strips? Of course, you can if they are in good condition. But if not, then you will need to get rid of the tack strips as well.

For this, you can use a pry bar and apply pressure gently underneath the tack strips to remove them.

6. Remove the Carpet Staples

Remove the Carpet Staples

For your new flooring to lay even, it is quite important to get rid of the staples.

Since this process can be very time-consuming, you can use a heavy-duty, long-handled floor scraper to get the job done quickly.

Once the staples and nails are removed, sweep them up using a broom and dispose of them safely.

7. Repeat the Process & Clean Up

Repeat the Process & Clean Up

Repeat the same process for getting rid of carpet from the stairs and other parts of the house once you have removed your carpet, padding, and everything else.

Clean up the mess left behind using a vacuum cleaner, and voila, you have now removed the carpet yourself.

Why Should You Remove Carpet Yourself?

Carpet removal is no joke, especially when it is glued down to the floors or if you have a large area to deal with. So why should you remove the carpet yourself?

As mentioned earlier, getting rid of the carpet professionally can cost you a lot of money.

Carpet removal ideally costs $1.50 per square foot, including labor, disposal, and clean-off. For stairs, the cost of carpet removal is usually around $2 to $3 per stair.

And if you have a large house, then expenses could add up really fast, which is why you can instead remove the carpet yourself and save some money.

How To Dispose Of Old Carpet?

How To Dispose Of Old Carpet

Carpets contain complex fibers and harmful chemicals, especially when they are old. That is why they do not dispose easily into landfills. Instead, they can be a big reason to eject harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), biological contamination, and allergens.

So, if you are planning to throw your old carpet into bins with your other garbage waste, then it’s not a good idea. However, the waste pickup service will itself reject the carpet dumbing due to its toxicity. That is why you have to bring the garbage to its desired drop-off facility.

Else, you can use a few other dumping methods, such as:

Recycle The Old Carpet To Disposal / Recycle Center

Recycle The Old Carpet To Disposal / Recycle Center

There are carpet recycling centers all across the USA. You can contact one of your nearby centers by finding it in the carpet recycle directory or Earth911 directory.

Other than this, you can also contact your local government services by visiting its official website. However, in most cases, this will be a paid service, but they will give you a complete brief about where you can drop off your old carpet. Rest, it’s their responsibility to recycle it!

You Can Ask Your New Installer About Disposal

You Can Ask Your New Installer About Disposal

If you are disposing of your old carpet, then it means that you are getting a new wall-to-wall for your home. In such a case, you can ask the new installation service about the recycling service present in their contract.

Sometimes, the installer itself carries a recycling service! In such a case, he will take care of your carpet disposal by adding some additional fees to the installation cost.

Take Advantage Of Private Carpet Recycling Programs

Take Advantage Of Private Carpet Recycling Programs

There are several private carpet recycling programs running all across the country, such as Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), a non-profit organization created to increase the incentives for carpet recycling to encourage people to recycle the carpet rather than dumping it to increase landfills.

According to some recent estimates, around 5 billion pounds of carpet waste are thrown into landfills each year. Which makes approx. 4% of total U.S. landfills!

Only 5% of the total number of carpets are recycled; the rest are disposed into landfills or incinerated. That is why it is necessary to take the help of such privately run programs to make yourself count as a carpet recycling initiator.

Where Can I Dump A Carpet For Free?

Wondering where can I dump a carpet for free?

Not only removing carpet can be costly, but also getting rid of it. But worry not! Here are some ways in which you can dump carpet for free:

1. Ask Your Local Recycling Centers

Ask Your Local Recycling Centers

A lot of recycling centers accept carpets for free. Additionally, these centers have the machines and resources to dispose of carpets responsibly or to make good use of them.

To check recycling centers in your area, you can check your local government’s website, or you can access online directories to locate these facilities near you.

2. Donate to NGO’s

If your carpet is in decent condition, you can donate it to NGOs or your local charity organization instead of throwing it off.

Many of these organizations accept carpets in decent condition to use in their housing projects. Donating old carpets is an excellent way to get rid of trash and simultaneously help those in need.

3. Sell It

Where Can I Dump A Carpet For Free- Sell It

Yes, you heard it right! Instead of paying for disposing of your old carpet, you can sell it and earn a few bucks, but only if your carpet is in good condition.

You would be surprised to know how many people are willing to buy your carpet, especially if it has some special quality in it.

Use platforms like Craiglist or eBay or take it to a garage sale or thrift store to sell it off. Cleaning your carpet to eliminate pet pee smell or stains could make it easier for you to sell the carpet.

4. Reuse Your Carpet

There are plenty of ways to reuse and recycle a carpet, so get creative and try to reuse your carpet altogether.

  • For example, use your old carpet to turn it into cat scratchers or to cover your pet’s furniture.
  • Use it as insulation by covering spaces like attics, basements, small spaces, your dog’s house, etc.
  • Cut the carpet into large rectangular pieces to turn them into door mats or kneeling pads for the garden.
  • Use it as a weed suppressant in your garden.

5. Dispose of It In a Dumpster

Dispose of It In a Dumpster

If you have a large carpet, then it might be impossible to dispose of it in your nearest dumpster or trash can.

And additionally, your neighbors might raise an objection against it. So what you can do instead is you can cut your carpets into strips and, roll them into tubes and throw them into the dumpster little by little.

Sure, this is not the ideal way, but if nothing works, this should do the job for free.

6. Wait For Bulk Trash Pickup

There are bulk trash pickup days in many areas, so you can wait for it or schedule the same, and this should cost you little to no money.

So, look when your town does bulk trash pickup and make sure you roll your carpet so that it takes as little space as possible.

More Ways to A Dump Carpet

There are many other ways to dump carpet, and while these ways can cost you a little, they are quite convenient methods:

1. Contact Your Carpet Retailer

Contact Your Carpet Retailer

One of the most convenient ways to dispose of carpet is to ask the retailer who is selling you your new carpet. Most carpet stores provide some or the other kind of service for varying costs.

Some retailers might just take away the scrapes and leftovers of the newly-installed carpet and wouldn’t accept to take away your old one. In contrast, some would be willing to take your old carpet with them for an additional cost.

2. Ask Your Carpet Installers

If the shop you purchased your carpet from does not provide a disposal service, then your carpet installer might do the same but for an additional charge.

The carpet installer might charge $1 per meter square for carpet and padding, and it should cost around $15-$20 for them to get the job done.

If your installer does not provide this service, then you can check alternatives in your area. Also, do not forget to check if they have a trash carrier’s license, as it is compulsory in most areas to have one.

3. Contact Waste Facilities

Where Can I Dump A Carpet For Free - Contact Waste Facilities

If the above solution does not work for you, then you can contact your local waste authority and can coordinate a drop-off accordingly.

Many municipalities offer free dumps a few times a year, so it might be worth it to ask what options you have. And they might charge a small flat fee in case it is urgent for you to dump off your carpet.

4. Hire a Junk Removal Company

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of removing and disposing of your carpet, then it might be a great idea for you to hire a junk removal company to do the job.

There are many options, such as 1-800-got-junk, Junkluggers, etc. This might also be a good idea if you have other trash items that you want to get rid of.

However, you must note that this option is the most expensive one and will cost you a minimum of $100 and above.

Tips To Dump Carpet Easily

Here are some handy tips for you to dump your carpet without much hassle:

  1. Measure the dimensions of your carpet to determine if it will fit in your vehicle or the dumpster or if you need to arrange transportation.
  2. Plan ahead by contacting NGOs, recycling centers, or waste management centers to know their time of operations.
  3. If you are a creative person, then try to recycle your old carpet to make use of it.
  4. Learn about your local rules and regulations to dump carpets and to avoid any legal troubles later.
  5. Roll your carpet and secure it properly using duct tape or something to make sure it can fit into the dumpster or junk removal vehicle easily.

Wrap Up

Getting rid of carpet junk is quite challenging, right from removing it from the floors to disposing it off.

However, as far as disposing of carpet is concerned, you can do the same yourself and save some money. Additionally, you can save even more by dumping your carpet for free.

For those who wanted to find out where can I dump a carpet for free? We have listed multiple ways in which you can do the same,

We hope this was useful to you.


Can I throw carpet in general waste?

You should avoid throwing carpets a general waste as many landfills do not accept such waste. However, since the local state laws regarding waste disposal vary, it might be worth it for you to find out what the best step you can take by visiting your local government’s website.

Can carpet padding be recycled?

A lot of companies accept both the carpet and the padding as both can be recycled separately. So make sure to double-check that the recycling company you choose accepts both the carpet and the padding..

What happens to recycled carpet?

Recycled carpets are typically turned into plastic resin that can be used in a variety of industries for different purposes, including gardening, automotive, construction, etc.

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